Mobile phones Impacts, challenges, and predictions

Mobile phones are becoming the basic necessity of the people now a days. Everyone uses mobile phone no matter which age group they belong to. There are many ways in which mobile phone has affected our lives. We cannot deny the importance of a cell phone especially the latest 5G mobile phones. Let us see in what ways the mobile phones have impacted our society.


There is no doubt that the mobile phones have a major impact on our lives. The major thing is that it boosted the productivity. We can have more things done in less time. You can stay in contact with the people around the world no matter where you are. It has made communication so easy that one cannot even imagine. You can boost your business on your phone, while also stay in touch with your business partners on video meetings. In addition to this, mobile phone companies generate a huge amount of revenue for a country or state. It has also made people more tech savvy. More demand in the mobile phones and mobile phone parts, leads to the increase in more jobs for people. Mobile phone companies have played a major role in boosting the economy. Mobile technology revolutionized the meaning of technology on so many levels.


With the constant increase in technology at a rapid speed, there are also some challenges which are faced by the society. The main challenge is of course the security issue. There is always a threat of your data getting leaked and taken advantage of, by the hackers. You provide your login info and your personal data to so many apps on the daily basis. Most of these companies share or sell the clients data for numerous marketing reasons. Many of the non-licensed apps demand access to your phone, which leaves your phone in a quite vulnerable place. In addition to this there are plenty of health related challenges as well, which are faced due to the mobile phone usage. It causes eye diseases and other fatal diseases as well. Even though the

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