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Watch 41mm (Wifi)

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  • Up to 14-Day Battery Life
  • Watch VOOC Flash Charging
  • Workout and Health Tracking

OPPO Watch Series Keep Up. Keep in Touch.

VOOC is a fast charging technology developed by OPPO Electronics, first introduced in 2014. Fast charging without overheating, VOOC is designed to ensure you’re never without power so you can do

Pick Up, Any Time. Standalone LTE Connectivity¹

Can't bring your phone along? No problem. OPPO Watch can keep you connected through an eSIM. Whether you're running, swimming, or in a meeting, you’ll never miss an important call again.

Beauty on Vivid Display.

Epic screens aren't just for flagship phones anymore. OPPO Watch is dressed to impress, with a dual-curved flexible AMOLED screen, crisp image quality, and colors that pop. A 3D curved back design keeps your watch looking good from different angles. For a personal twist, fill the background with a picture of your choice.

It Tells the Time, and Maximizes Your Time.

Load up on time-saving features with Wear OS by Google™. Track your health and fitness, check the weather, and stay up-to-date with smart info management tools². Instead of wondering where the time went, you'll wonder how you got so much done.

Charge It in Minutes, Use It for Days. Up to 14-Day Battery Life

To make the most of its battery, OPPO Watch uses two endurance modes – powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 3100 and Ambiq Micro's Apollo3 Wireless SoC. Whether you’re commuting or vacationing, your watch won’t leave you hanging. In addition, with Watch VOOC Flash Charging, just a 15-minute charge can power a whole day of use.

Make Every Step Count.

OPPO Watch helps you get a strong sense of your workouts with real-time fitness tracking from Google Fit. In addition, it provides 5-Min Workout class series and real-time guidance in daily routine exercise modes to make it easier for you to get up and get moving.

Follow Your Heart's Every Beat⁷.

Your heart keeps pumping around the clock – doesn't it deserve a bit of attention? OPPO Watch never misses a beat, thanks to its rear optical heartbeat sensors. To take a closer look at how your heart's doing, just generate a health report with the HeyTap Health app.