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Amazing phone!

I've had this phone for a month and it's amazing!
Oppo X2 Lite 5G

This phone is amazing, l absolutely love it. I can't fault it on anything. Much much better than my Samsung galaxy 9+.
This phone is friggin' awesome!

I've had this phone for maybe a year and a half tops now, and I haven't once looked back. I had the choice of well known brands like Samsung and Apple, but I've sworn against Apple, and I fancied a change from Samsung. The helpful lady at the store pointed me towards the up 'n' coming Oppo Reno 2, spoke about it's incredible camera, its cute little pop up front facing camera, (fantastic if you're concerned about the hackability of phone hardware, i.e the camera,) and she talked about it's sexy design, and boy she wasn't wrong- this thing is gorgeous. This is the first smartphone that I've had where I haven't smashed any part of it after many, many drops. It works pretty much just as fast as it did when I got it, which, again, given my past experience with smartphones, is amazing. The android UI is easy as pie to use, and...yeah I need to reiterate how good this camera is actually. I was able to take a photo of the night sky, and literally see more stars on the photo than I could with my own eyes. The camera is just, out of this world. I'm so chuffed to have a camera of this quality in my pocket wherever I go. Oh! And the battery life is fantastic. A stark difference to any other smartphone I've ever had, again. It will last for two days with pretty regular usage, and the charger cable and plug that comes with the phone is so fast! Even now I come back to my phone whilst it's been on charge, and am surprised by how fast it charges. There really isn't that much that I can fault it on, and they're tiny things. One is that dust and grit can get stuck in the pop-out camera- so it's good to try and remember to use it every once in a while just to wipe it clean. The other is that I can't seem to send a scheduled text message- so that it sends at a certain time. I thought it was sort of common place on phones now, but I really can't figure out a way to do it- although I might just be being fickle! Anyways, like I said, fantastic phone- I just had to come back and write it a review. Would heartily recommend to anyone- they could honestly charge a lot more for this thing.
Enco W51

Having had a few cheap sets of Bluetooth earbuds, I decided to buy these after buying a find X2 pro. These earbuds are excellent, very good sound quality which is day and night compared to the cheap ones you can buy. Very easy pairing with an oppo phone. Build quality is excellent. I would highly recommend these.
X2 Pro 5G

This is the best ever choice, Its really good with the charging and the look and feel. Extremely satisfied with the product quality.
Extremely satisfied

This place is best with vouchers, shipping, product and customer support. Thumbs Up guys Very happy with the product quality.
oppo a72

what a phone a 72 is its fantastic best buy ive ever done cant fault it at all
mel h
I thought it would be way more expensive for the specs

I am writing this review on my brand new oppo Reno 2z I had a Samsung device and I'm so happy I switched to oppo this phone is amazing it's fast, has amazing camera quality, display is beautiful and crisp all round the best budget smartphone I have seen love it
Not looked back

Came from a note 9 and thought I'd miss the stylus but was really excited to see what this phone could do. Cameras are night and day more advanced, not talked about enough is the 512 storage as standard. Charging is *omg* good. So much so I have totally changed the way I charge my phone. I don't like using other chargers as it feels like I am depriving my phone of the good stuff, like putting inferior petrol in a supercar. It also hides the *not the biggest* battery which could be an issue but if the phones getting low after an early start or intense day, literally 15 mins gets you another half days usage. So I don't miss wireless charging at all. Not one bit. Screen is incredible, buttery smooth and fast, great colours and it makes others say "wow what is that?" when showing them content. A few little software niggles at first had me doubting my choice but now they've all been ironed out with smooth updates and the bog coloros11 launch imminent. My only gripe is the use of 3rd party launchers is a little hampered, not a deal breaker, the standard launcher is good it just has one or two quirks or missing features like most standard launchers. Nearly 6 months in, I find myself wanting for nearly nothing, and still haven't seen a new phone where I have thought... I am outdated or I want that. All in all pretty much perfect for the power user and it's nice to be a little individual.
Feels amazing

I went for this because I don't like big bulky phones. This is so slim and feels great. It has a textures glass back which doesn't scratch or get any marks on it so it always look super clean. Camera is awesome, battery is great and it is really snappy. Very happy with my purchase.
Amazingly smooth and the charging speed is just WOW!

Never had an OPPO before but was recommended by a friend. I looked up the specs and it sounded too good to be true. The camera is stunning, the charging speed is out of the world. I never thought you'd be able to charge a phone in about half an hour. The screen is super smooth and bright even when outside. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a top of the line phone.
Camera is incredible. Space black design is gorgeous!

So thrilled with my purchase - the design of the space black version is super cool and feels very premium. Already had 2 of my family now wanting one too!
Samuel S
Unbelievably fast!

Super happy with my purchase - the charger is unbelievably fast and works well with my Find X2
Tony Nacho
Pleasantly surprised!!

A was given this handset by my employer to replace our I Phones and must say I wasn't happy. I have always been an I Phone user and wasn't looking forward to learning a new system. How shocked was I, when I found it easier than expected to get on with? The size is great, what first looked like a big phone fits surprisingly well in the hand. The battery great and the charging is so fast. It has an amazing Camera set up, very easy to use, and when I looked at the price? well, I was pretty blown away. My upgrade is due on my own phone and I have been looking at the Reno 4 Pro. My only disappointment is the color options and case choices. However, you have a convert
Autumn Southey
Real power house

Having not heard of Oppo before, I was skeptical when the guy instore suggested this device for me in my local store. However, after doing a little research I thought I would give it a go and I have to admit to being very impressed. The most important thing for me on a device is Battery and this device has not let me down. I must confess to being a little worried in the first few days as although it charged faster than any device I have ever had, it run down fairly quickly. However, after about a week that sorted itself out and I have never had a problem since. As I said the Charging speed is incredible, the response from the touch screen is razor-sharp and multitasking it handles with ease. I use the camera mainly for close up shots of jewelry due to my work, but the macro mode is great for detail. All in all, I have to say I have been very pleased with my experience
Worth reviewing

I never write reviews for anything but wanted to thank OPPO in the only way I knew how! This phone is class, I've spent too much time on Samsung's paying over the odds for a camera that is no match to this phone. Thank you so much for OPPO for helping me get more for my money than I would have elswhere!
Debbie G
The camera is impressive

I don't think the camera is shouted about enough! It's great for a phone for under £200. I've shared a few photo's on facebook of the photo's I've taken and when I've said it's an OPPO and it's under £200 they are shocked. I think about 2 of my friends have bought the Find X2 models for the 5G. I'll be looking at them when I can upgrade
Marley W
Cheap great camera

I just call and text, I take pics on my walks and listen to the radio on the weekend for football. This phone is loud so I can hear it on speaker across my kitchen. Love the pics it takes and people have already complimented the colour.
James C

Bought this device for my Nan, she loves the size of the keyboard and that it has an earphone jack to plug her old wired earphones in.
Love how light it is

I always choose my phone on design, I like having a big screen because I can see the keyboard better but this often comes with a heavier phone. Not in the case of the X2 Neo, its so light and fits in my pocket! I had a small problem understanding Android as I'm an Apple user for everything else but I used the live chat on the OPPO website and they ironed out my thinking. So much easier!
Chris Buck
Speed way quicker than my old Samsung

I spent a lot of time considering what phone to buy this time around, I made the mistake of buying a lower end Samsung last time. However, this time I thought I would opt for a higher spec, this lead to me to compare the new Samsung with the X2 Pro and realised the spec is a hell of a lot better and it's cheaper overall!
Tom Hopkins

This watch is beautiful in design and works really well. The software runs very smooth and the 1GB ram governs the watches responsiveness (not the CPU, even though it does have a pretty good Qualcomm® Snapdragon Wear™ 3100.) Overall it is a very good product and i hope Oppo continues to create more beautiful and interesting devices and watches.
Wow what a phone

I changed from IPhone to Android, and wow what a phone. So fast and the screen and sound is amazing. The camera is brilliant, but I think the software needs adjusting in places. The battery lasts all day and even if you need a quick boost a quick 10 minute charge is all you need. 32 minutes and the battery is fully charge. Looking forward to coloros11 in December. It has been a bit of a learning curve coming from having iPhone all my life but so glad I swapped
Great phone for the price

The spec of this phone outweighs the cost easily. 128GB memory is more than enough for me, but it does have a memory card slot also. The screen is large and bright, watching movies on the bus and train is great....plus it has an earphone jack. Lots of cameras, mainly the 16mp front camera is best for me as I make a lot of video calls. Perfect phone for my needs.
Can't beat it for price

Simply put, brilliant phone. Got recommended to me by a friend and haven't been disappointed. Screen is large and love having 2 speakers to watch Netflix on, means its louder than other phones. 64GB memory is perfect, having a memory card slot is nice to have as well. Feels more expensive than it is, nice weight to it. The battery lasts for days too. Really happy with it.
It has some premium phone features for a budget priced phone.

Had this phone for 3 weeks now after moving from my Sony Xperia phone. - This phone has lots of storage 128gb. 4 Cameras including 48MP. Dual Sim and a large clear viewing screen. When setting this phone up, it had an update to Android 10 with Color OS 7.1. The video is capable of 4k recording. It has some premium phone features for a budget priced phone. The phone is very responsive, photos and videos are clear. Overall the phone is very stylish and easy to use. It is a Chinese made phone and is not restricted to any of the Google apps. The Color OS 7.1 gives the Android 10 some extra added features. I am very pleased with this phone and its performance. 5***** from me.
Friendly Alien
My previous phone was an iPhone

My previous phone was an iPhone. and I am amazed by this phone. The build quality is great, camera/ screen/ battery life are all amazing- especially the pop up camera!!! wow!!! I am also very happy with the UI- gives me quite a lot of freedom to organise my Homescreen, apps, and widget the way I like it.
First time seeing the phone I thought, it didnt have a selfie camera

First time seeing the phone I thought, it didnt have a selfie camera. But the way the camera is hidden is very ingenious and innovative, never seen that in any other phone before. This just proves that OPPO is thinking ahead.
I have always been an Iphone user and I have to admit that the camera...

I have always been an Iphone user and I have to admit that the camera is just outstanding, it is a thing of beauty.
I have always been an iPhone user and quite honestly I was apprehensive to even change

I have always been an iPhone user and quite honestly I was apprehensive to even change. However, after a recommendation from a family member I was introduced to OPPO and I certainly won’t look back. The camera is simply amazing but my favourite is the super-fast charging (which is just the best when you are always on the go!). We as a family are now all OPPO users!
Katie Hayes
Always had Samsung phones up until this, but this blows them away!

Always had Samsung phones up until this, but this blows them away! Took a photo in low light and it genuinely looked like I took it in the day. Storage is really generous, design is super premium (love the orange leather) and the charging time is truly impressive, it’s so fast! Really handy for that quick charge every couple of days. Couldn’t recommend this handset highly enough! Definitely will get an OPPO device in the future.
Easily the best smartphone I have ever owned!

Easily the best smartphone I have ever owned! The camera is out of this world in every category from low light photography to stabilised video. And with 512GB storage you'll never run out of storage space, ive barely made a dent in it.
After reading the high star reviews I decided...

After reading the high star reviews I decided to take the plunge and buy and Find X2 Pro and I am not disapointed! The device has an exceptional camera, sleek design and an impressive battery life. Thoroughly recommend!
Alison F
Love this phone

Love this phone. A great combination of excellent screen, suberb camera, brilliant battery life all wrapped in a slim and elegant package. The system is really simple to use for everyone as well so will be swapping out my family to Oppo devices.
Phil M
Find X2 Pro

My Find X2 Pro is easily the best phone I have ever used and owned in my life.I mainly use my phone for taking photos and watching videos and the the X2 Pro camera is amazing - the colours are so rich and even in low light the image quality is on point. Watching Netflix or YouTube in full screen is like watching content on a quality albeit pocket-sized TV!
X2 Neo

I had a Nokia phone which I had for years so this was quite the upgrade I love it simple to use, looks really amazing too charges really quick too.
M Knight

I have always had a Samsung but my latest one was really slow and my memory full. I dont know much about phones so I was drawn by the price of the A5 and it looked nice. I am amazed this is so much better than any phone I have had my pictures look great and my battery lasts me two days.
Kay Price

I really like this phone i think it GREAT its really easy to use and the screen is very big .
Find X2 Pro

I absolutely love my Find X2 Pro, first stand out feature for me was the charging, its mind blowingly fast, 38 minutes to full charge but even 10 minutes will set you up for the day. The screen is so vivid that I’m able to confidently play all my favourite content with the same quality as my high end TV at home. Coming from a 2 year old device previously, I was shocked at just how quick and responsive this device is, lightning quick regardless of how many tasks I throw at it, i love my OPPO.
Simon C
Find X2 Neo

Love my brand new Find X2 Neo. Looks good, great store space and really clear camera. Upgraded from Samsung S8+ and the difference in camera quality and overall speed of the phone is impressive. However I’d say my favourite feature is the fast charger, I plug my phone in for half a hour and I’ve plenty of battery for the rest of the day.
David W