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good product.
I have got it what i need and i really appreciate it.

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Anorix Chan
How is the price so low?

Some of the best wireless earbuds I've used. Really handy and easy to connect. Love them.
Big battery

I love this device my previous phone I had to carry my charger around with me all day. Now i don't have to worry about this.

I am so happy with this device. It is so cheap for a 5G device everything else i have looked at in the price range doesn't have it.

I got this phone last week as mine other one had died. Didn't want to pay too much, came across this. I cannot be beaten for value for money. Has a great screen and camera.
Blisteringly fast phone

So much to say thats positive about this phone, love the specs and the price to match, but best of all, put my new EE 5G sim in it and it flies, very happy to recommend it to you if you're reading the reviews!
5G user

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  • Most Productive Ways to Spend Time on Android Smartphones
    Most Productive Ways to Spend Time on Android Smartphones

    Android smartphones are the most used smart devices in this day and age. People use smartphones all day long for different purposes. You are always spending time on your phones but that does not mean that it is always productive. It is really easy to kill time on your phone but the better thing to do is to spend that time in a productive way and not just waste it.  

    We are going to be sharing with you guys some of the tips and ways to spend time on your Android smartphones in the most productive ways. So, next time you get bored or have free time, you should keep the below mentioned things in mind and you will be good to go.  

    Read an E Book or listen to an Audio Book 

    The best way to kill time is to read a book. It might sound old fashioned, but this is the most productive thing to do in your free time. You can learn a lot and the words you read or listen to will stay with you for a lifetime. You can benefit from a book in more ways than you can even imagine. So, when you have free time with your phone and don’t know what to do, you should just open an E book to read. This is much better than just scrolling through social media. There are many apps which give you the freedom to read E books or listen to audio books without having to spend any money. These apps are absolutely free and offer a wide collection of great books to choose from. If you are a visual person, you can read it and if you are a multitasker then you can listen to audio book while you are performing your other tasks.  

    Make a To-Do List 

    It is always good to make a list of the tasks you want to do beforehand. When you have a list of things you need to achieve, it is really easy to get things done and without forgetting anything. This can also give you motivation to stay one step ahead of your schedule. This is yet another great way to spend time on your smartphone in a productive way. You can find a notepad on any smartphone which you just need to open and start making a list. You can also add a deadline to the tasks to make things more interesting. But this does not have to be too much complicated or filled with long-term goals. You can add short-terms goals like making a grocery list or things to complete in a day. 

    Learn a Language  

    Learning a new language is not that easy and requires a good amount of time along with patience. But still, you can store a language learning app in your phone, and you can use it in your free time to slowly but gradually learn a new language. You can use these skills which you gained by reading about new languages in so many ways. It can also come in handy if you are thinking of traveling to other countries. Plus, if you know different foreign languages it becomes very easy to communicate with others and to make your vocabulary more appealing.  

    Check you Emails 

    We all have emails piling up daily, but we don’t bother to check them or to rearrange them. If you have too much unread emails piled up in your inbox, it can be a bit difficult to look for a specific email from the long list of unread emails. When you have free time to kill just grab your smartphone and go through your inbox. Rearrange the emails and answer the ones which need to be addressed. You can also go through the unread notifications which appear on the top of your screen. 

    Go Through your Storage 

    There are so many things in your phone’s storage and half of them which you don’t even need or use. You can go through your phone’s storage and see which apps or programs are useful and which are just hogging up the space. Delete those apps which you don’t need or use to clean up some space. You can also look around in your gallery and delete some unwanted pictures or videos from there. Make an album to arrange all the pictures in one place so you can find them whenever you want. You might also find some really old pictures which can bring back good memories.  

    Organize your Home Screen 

    Organize your home screen with all the useful apps or widgets which you need to stay productive in a day. Keep the icons of highly used apps on the home screen so you can reach them with ease and save some time as well. Keep all the messengers or other important apps on the home screen along with a calendar and clock.  

    Write a Diary 

    Writing a personal diary or keeping a journal is really creative and productive way to spend your time. This is also good for your mental health and improves your writing skills too. You can use a normal notepad on your smartphone to write the daily happenings of your life on it. You can also find some really cool apps which are used to write your personal journal or diary.  

    Bottom Line 

    Well, there you have it, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. These were some really productive ways in which you can spend time on your smartphones. There are a number of ways to waste your time on a mobile phone but using your time the right way is always beneficial. So, if you are looking to buy Android smartphones then we suggest you visit OPPO Store and choose from a wide collection of OPPO phones on great deals.  

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  • Track your Android Device without WiFi or data: How it works
    Track your Android Device without WiFi or data: How it works

    Android phones are so much more than just a phone these days. A phone is your entertainment hub, workstation, your personal secretary, and an organizer. Losing your phone is like losing your mind and your life, because you have a huge amount of data on your phone which is nearly impossible to retrieve completely.

    You can easily find a phone if it is connected to a Wi-Fi or data internet. But what if your Android phone is not connected to the internet? Well, you don’t have to worry because there are some ways in which you can also find your lost phone even without the internet. If you are looking to find your Android phones without Wi-Fi or data internet then you are in luck, because we are going to be telling you guys some ways in which you can do that. Let us not waste any more time and get right to it.

    Finding Android Phones without Internet

    It is a pretty easy and simple method which involves installing an app in your phone known as “Where’s my droid”. You need to install this app in your phone and give all the corresponding permissions for GPS. This will require making an account and it is recommended that you make it with your Gmail account.

    Assign a name and grant it necessary permissions to complete the setup and go to the application panel. When you are done with it you will see the “Bell and GPS” options which are absolutely free. This can help you track your Android phones even if it does not have an internet connection.

    To locate your phone with this account which you just made, you will be required to go to the official website of this app which is "wheresmydroid.com". Just log in to the website and enter the account details which you made on your phone.

    This will show you a list of the devices and you can choose your device from the menu and click on the “Sonar” button. This will make your phone ring within seconds, and you will find out where your phone is even if it does not have an internet connection.

    Finding iPhones without Internet

    If you are using an iPhone, then you can find your device with “Find” app which is also associated wit

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  • How to use Phone as a Hotspot?
    How to use Phone as a Hotspot?

    It is a smart world we live in, and everyone is connected to the internet in one way or the other. But you need to have a Wi-Fi or any other internet connection to surf the world of internet on your devices. If you don’t have a connection or your Wi-Fi is not working, then you don’t need to worry because you can also use your Android phones as a hotspot to provide internet for other devices.

    Android Phones

    If you are using an Android phone which is running on Android 2.2 or higher operating system, then you can use it as a hotspot.

    All you need to do is go to the settings and look for Mobile Hotspot or Tethering opt

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  • Black Friday Smart Watches Deals 2021
    Black Friday Smart Watches Deals 2021

    If you have your eyes on the best OPPO smartwatches since a while now, it is finally the ideal best time. Black Friday deals on smartwatches and OPPO bands should be the best thing ever for a lot of smart gadget lovers.  A lot of users wait for this time of the year just to get their preferable gadgets at the very best price. Now that the time is finally here, you will be able to shop your favourite bands and smartwatches. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or the one who really likes managing their schedules with these tech gadgets, these prices will make it easy for you to buy instantly. 

    What better than the time to get the best premium smartwatches at the best cost? Well, here we are with the best OPPO smartwatch black Friday discounts that will be available live on their official UK site. 

    OPPO Band


    Measurements: 40.4mm x 17.6mm x 11.45mm 

    Memory: 16 MB Storage 

    Display: AMOLED Screen | 1.1" | 126 x 294 

    Operating Systems: Android 6.0 or higher 

    Battery: 100mAh  

    Connectivity: Bluetooth: BLE 5.0 

    Operating System: Android 6.0 or higher 

    The OPPO band is a perfect gadget for fitness lovers, who need to track their everyday busy schedules and exercise routine. It has 12 workout modes to get into the best physical activity and health management. It is also reasonably budgeted for every user to easily get their hands on it, but the black Friday deal is going to make it even better.  

    The automatic tracking and SpO2 monitoring in this OPPO band come with a broad functionality. This includes heart rate and sleep monitoring, variability of oxygen-levels and daily activity. The acceleration sensor in this OPPO watch assesses all the workouts and their timing including swimming, running, fat burn, badminton, swimming, Yoga and more. The band also features 50-meter water-resistance that allows users to use this band even under water while swimming or other sports.  

    The oppo band also excels in battery life with 12 days or more lasting time. On a single charge and random usage hours, you can still get it ahead of the week. If you continuously use it for the day, the OPPO band doesn’t shut down which is a huge plus for everyday activists. 

    OPPO Watch (Wifi)   

    Watch 46mm Wifi - Watch 41mm Wifi



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  • How to Track OPPO Mobile Phone?
    How to Track OPPO Mobile Phone?

    There should always be precautionary measures taken to track your android smartphone. Whether it is OPPO mobile phone or any other, we do have certain ways that can help us track them anytime. To track OPPO 5g mobile phones, we have very convenient and easy-to-use methods through which you can do it. 

    If you have forgotten after keeping your OPPO phone somewhere, or your OPPO mobile is left or lost, you can track it with the following method. But firstly, you must also have your own Google account connected to the phone that can help you link through the finding site or app. 

    The number one platform that can help track OPPO mobile phones is the Google Find my device application or website. But the

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  • How do Cell Phones Work?
    How do Cell Phones Work?

    There’s no denying in the fact that cellphones or simply mobile phones are vital for human life now. As much as the modern technology is advancing, the need of owning a smartphone is becoming necessity. Every old and new era people have to have the smartphone aka cell phone in their pockets for common needs. From your casual everyday demands like checking up important information, to reaching out somebody in the other corner of the globe, cell phone play the essential role.

    You could be an old user who had used the cell phone with LCD screen and a keypad. But most probably, this era has progressed to the smartphones with touchscreen and Wi-Fi connectivity. If you have always wondered about how cell phones actually work, we are going to brag on it today.

    The accurately basic form o

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