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  1. The Cooling System of OPPO Find X5 Pro 

    OPPO find x5 pro

    Several features of OPPO Find X5 Pro stand out. It has an OLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The phone offers ultra-high peak brightness. The camera is known for taking pictures and videos in low light.  

    Out of all the features, the cooling system of OPPO Find X5 Pro outshines all the features. So, no matter how heavy tasks or gaming you do, the phone will not get heated up. You won't have to stop filming 4K videos because your phone gets too hot. A good cooling system allows a powerful phone to reach its full potential. 

    PC Grade cooling: 

    Achieving the perfect cooling system in a smartphone is very difficult because of the size. A full-sized fan cannot be installed on the phone. Oppo Find X5 Pro has a passive cooling solution, and it does not generate any noise.  

    The main goal of the cooling system of smartphones is to go uncredited and unnoticed. But perhaps it's time to give the OPPO Find X5 Pro some credit for its cooling and figure out how this seemingly impossible goal was accomplished. 

    Vapor Chamber Design: 

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  2. How to connect air pods to an android phone

    best android phones

    YES! AirPods, contrary to popular belief, do not rely on proprietary technology to power their wireless connectivity. Instead, it simply makes use of the commonly accessible Bluetooth technology. This means you can pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled Android device. 

    However, there is a catch to this privilege. 

    Although AirPods can be used on Android, the features are limited. Some of the advanced features of the AirPods designed for iOS users will be unavailable to you. Nonetheless, if you're still interested in getting AirPods for your Android device. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start pairing. 

    Procedure to connect AirPods to an Android phone 

    As previously stated, using AirPods with Android will result in limited functionality. The Automatic Pairing feature is one of them. As a result, you'll have to manually pair the devices. 

    That's not a big deal, though. It's simple to pair your AirPods with an Android or non-Apple device. Simply follow the steps below to pair: 

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  3. The Role of OPPO battery health engine in Find X5 Pro 

    Find x5 pro

    Our life revolves around mobile phones these days. Our day-to-day use of mobile phones has massively increased. This factor has made battery lifespan overly critical for smartphones. Users are not only concerned about battery life but also about the sustainability and future of unused, aging, and discarded lithium batteries.

    The global demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to increase elevenfold over the next eight years, reaching more than two terawatt-hours in 2030. The rise in electric vehicles, as well as small electronic products such as smartphones, is driving demand.

    OPPO has introduced several battery innovations for its new flagship phones. It aims at providing the users with a burden-free charging experience. The company has introduced the Battery health engine through Find X5 Pro 5G, a solution for optimizing battery health. This solution took OPPO three years for R&D to develop,  for the engineers and innovators to develop. It has two main technologies: battery healing technology and smart battery health algorithm.

    Smart battery health algorithm:

    The electric potential of the battery is tracked through real-time by the Smart Battery Health Algorithm. It uses  techniques to ensure fast charging and battery lifespan including the adjustment of the charging current.

    To fully comprehend how this innovation works, it is necessary to first explain the discharging and charging behavior of lithium batteries in smartphones.

    The discharging and charging process can be taken as the flow of lithium ions from negative to positive node and vice versa. Now if the ions do not return to the positive side of the electrode because of over-charging or excessive current, the lithium ions become dead. This causes the battery capacity to decrease.


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  4. How to move stuff from iPhone to Android

    best android phones

    Thinking of changing to from IOS to Android, or already have a new Android phone? You are at the right place!


    Android makes it easy for the users to get help when needed. There are new security and privacy tools. There are apps on google that work together. So, for android, the shift from android to iPhone is easier. Be ready to set and switch.

    Transferring all the data from your iPhone to android is easy. For both OPPO X5 and Find X5 Pro we have included a dongle in the box for easy transfer. For those that don’t have the dongle you can also transfer using apps. 

    We have simplified the easiest way to transfer every data from iOS to android. Here’s what to do.

    With a Dongle:

    With Google Drive:

    Get Google Drive:

    Find the Google drive app on your android phone and open it. See if you have the latest version of Google Drive. If not, get yourself the latest version of google drive on your iPhone. Now with the google account sign into the drive. You can make an account if you already do not have it.

    Make sure to back up your data:

    Back up all you

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  5. OPPO Find X5 Series and 240W Flash Charge - Revelation on MWC 2022

    OPPO Find X5 Series and 240W Flash Charge

    OPPO has had some newer and exciting technologies revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2022. This included OPPO’s flagship series i.e., Find X5, Find N and even the OnePlus 10 Pro. Another prominent revelation was led by the flash charge 150W and 240W power which doubles the battery timing of OPPO mobiles.

    The opening day of MWC 2022 was an innovative mark for OPPO as a mobile manufacturer. Along with the Find X5 series, a range of sensational technologies were showcased. The 150W SuperVOOC fast-charging is aimed to amplify the battery performance with its battery health engine. Furthermore, the 240W fast-charging claims to charge a 4500 mAh android phone to 100% in less than 10 minutes. The OPPO 5G CPE T2 is another new technology that was displayed by the brand. This technology converts the 5G network to Wi-Fi, which is incredibly impressive.

    Another set of technology innovations featured the MariSilicon X imaging NPU, which is integrated into the OPPO Find X5 Pro. This imaging technology is made to enhance dedicated photography and video capturing. It is operated for capturing vivid details, real-time RAW processing, ultra-high dynamic variety and RGBW pro mode. For the first time in the history of android, mobile phones will be enabled to cover a 4k Night AI video with the highest quality. Alongside, OPPO Retractable camera and OPPO Air Glass were also unveiled with a versatile set of functions.

    In 2021, OPPO was labelled to be the 4th largest mobile phone brand in the World. Its continued success was followed b

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  6. Best Mobile Phone Deals

    Mobile Phone dealsa

    It all comes down to the best manufacturers and how reasonably they have priced their mobile phones. A large number of smartphone brands come with a vast variety of range every now and then, consumers prefer a good value for money. Besides the top-notch mobile phones, the best deals are always harder to find out. We are here to make it precisely easier for you with our guide on how to bargain the best mobile phone deals.  

     Essential Factors of buying best Smartphone Deals 

    1. The first and foremost factor about buying the best available smartphone deals is price comparison. With comparing prices, the huge attention has to be on specs. You must be familiar with what brands are offering greater specs in lesser price. However, it is not just evident from the specs that your smartphone will perform better. Some of the 5G phones perform better than those mentioned with the higher specs.   
    2. The second thing that you will have to see is which brand you prefer. Some of you might be a fan of specific brands like OPPO, Samsung or maybe even an iPhone. But a lot of us are checking on the trendy mobile phones and more than one brands that are performing very well. In any case, you should always list down the top brands and then narrow down 2 or 3 brands which you will be comparing. 
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  7. The Behind Story of OPPO Find X5 Pro Birth

     OPPO Find X5 Pro Birth

    OPPO Find X5 series have revealed tech season’s most looked forward android smartphones. OPPO has managed to keep its head high with following its most popular Find X series. To make sure about the supreme quality in its newly introduced Find X5 Pro, high markups have been integrated by OPPO into this phone.  

    The construction of OPPO Find X5 Pro is interestingly built with multiple optimised processes. To put out the world-class quality, OPPO has surpassed every single set of the Find X5 Pro with the layers of these processes. This article is all about the inside of OPPO original making and how brilliantly the Find X5 Pro is assembled. We are going to look into the primary birth story of OPPO Find X5 Pro.  

     What goes inside the Motherboard of X5 Pro?  

    The first development in the OPPO’s factory for Find X5 Pro begins with its motherboard structure. The phone is embedded with small metal paths that combine all the components of the phone together. These paths are integrated with the ultra-fine quality labyrinth layout. The whole infrastructure is based on human’s brain to create an evolutionary mobile device.

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  8. OPPO Find X5 Lite Mobile Review

    OPPO Find X5 Lite

    OPPO’s Find X series has severely become popular over the recent years. With OPPO Find X2 and X3 series, it is quite evident that these are the most sought-after phones from the brand. The Find X5 series is just here with its flagship models but the latest announcement comes down to the Find X5 Lite.  

    OPPO Find X5 Lite doubtlessly looks gorgeous from its appearance and seems to integrate potent specs. The sharp matte attire of the phone brings it a vivid attention. There may be some seemingly average specs that you notice but a lot of other features are compensating enough. This new OPPO mobile supports 5G services to the full extent which is a huge plus factor. In the modern technology world, the OPPO Find X5 is a prominent 5G phone with every latest feature.  

    In case you are not exactly sure of what you must or must not know about this mobile phone, we have put together a detailed review of OPPO Find X5 Lite. Let’s just get started with it! 

    Key Specs 

    Dimensions: 160.6 mm x73.2 mm x7.81 mm 

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  9. How to Clear Keyboard History on OPPO

    Clear Keyboard History on OPPO

    As long as technology is still just several years away, forbidding voice assistance, just not the keyboard is the tool that a large portion of us rely on to access a significant portion of everything that our phone can do. While keyboards continued to improve as developers optimised them to provide a better user experience to us, the users, in the form of accurate autocorrect, personalised predictions that allow users to access the very next word in your conversation string with just one tap of a button rather than typing the entire word out. 

    Functions such as googling something, paying for billing, saving, editing contacts, and so on all require the assistance of a keyboard, but what many people don't realise is that to give quality predictions and be more precise, just about everything you type is saved for reference. Despite the convenience of having an optimised keyboard at your disposal to serve your needs, many people aren't quite comfortable with the fact that almost everything users’ type is saved and stored for reference. 

    The workaround that allows you to gain a little more control over who has access to data and remove the stored user information from your keyboard's history is detailed below: 

    Delete the default history of the keyboard: 

    If you are using the d

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  10. Can You Record a Phone Conversation on Phone?

    Record a Phone Conversation on Phone

    The latest Android phones give you a freedom to do a number of creative things with your phone which were not possible a few years ago. There are times when you wish that you should have saved the conversation you had with someone. You can save a conversation to cherish a memory or to keep a record of something. 

    There are number of reasons why you would want to record a phone call. If you don’t know how you can record a call on your 5G Android smartphones, then you have come to the right place. We are going to be talking about everything there is to know about call recording on phone. So, take out your pens and notebooks because we are going to be just diving right in.  


    Can you really record a call? 

    Well, if you are using Android 9 or higher operating system then you might have some problems in recording the conversation. Google has prevented call recording in these above-mentioned operating systems. Some apps will claim to work but all you get in the recording is either silence or just the few seconds of the end of conversation. Some apps might even work but for that you will be needing to enable the accessibility service for recording apps.  

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