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Monthly Archives: September 2022

  1. OPPO unveiled ColorOS 13 Global Version presenting Intelligent Aquamorphic Design

    best android smartphones

    Global technology brand, OPPO, officially introduced the global version of its Android 13 based ColorOS 13 for its worldwide users. The newly launched ColorOS 13 is one of the first operating systems, tailored for Android 13 and inculcates a course of Android 13 features while delivering an all-new Aquamorphic Design coupled with user-friendly UI. To bring up ‘Intelligent experiences’, ColorOS 13 comes with a number of inventive features such as multi-device connection to foster productivity.

    Aquamorphic Design supplies Incisive and smart User Interface (UI)

    OPPO takes inspiration from the vibrant nature of water and developed an Aquamorphic Design for ColorOS 13 to ensure a handy, sharp, and responsive UI. The brand-new ColorOS 13 puts forward an innovative Theme Palette which got inspiration from the change in light occurs at sea level between sunrise and sunset. Furthermore, the ColorOS 13 furnishes a new system font to ameliorate the text readability whi

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  2. Finding Out the Model Number of Your Phone


    If you are trying to figure out which smartphone you own, you’re not alone. With the availability of sheer number of different Android phones in the market, sometimes it becomes quite confusing to sort out the kind of mobile phone that you’re holding in your hands.

    On the other hand, finding the exact model number of your phone is crucial as you may need this information for repairing of your mobile phone. In addition, if you’re planning to sell your smartphone online, you must know your phone’s model number to communicate it to the potential buyers.

    Whatsoever, you don’t need to worry. We are here to help you. In our today’s article, we will guide you about different methods that you can utilise to explore the model number of your OPPO phone.

    Model Number

    A model number of a phone is a unique identity code that the brand allocates to each specific mobile model. A manufacturer considers different factors including but not limited to specs, f

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  3. How to reduce photo file size on android phone

    How to reduce photo file size on android phone

    It is safe to say that the smartphone which you are using currently has hundreds of pictures in it. You take pictures on your phone to cherish memories or save pictures which you use while posting memes on social media. But the photos and pictures present on your smartphones are not always of the desired size. 

    This becomes a problem when you are trying to send or upload a photo where there is strict size limit. But you don’t need to worry because you can reduce the size of photos or pictures on your Android mobile phones, as per your needs and preferences 

    Why you need t

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  4. Track your Android Device without WiFi or data: How it works

    Track your Android Device without WiFi or data: How it works

    Android phones are so much more than just a phone these days. A phone is your entertainment hub, workstation, your personal secretary, and an organizer. Losing your phone is like losing your mind and your life, because you have a huge amount of data on your phone which is nearly impossible to retrieve completely.

    You can easily mobile phones without internet access. But what if your Android phone is not connected to the internet? Well, you don’t have to worry because there are some ways in which you can also find your lost phone even without the internet. If you are looking to find your Android phones without Wi-Fi or data internet then you are in luck, because we are going to be telling you guys some ways in which you can do that. Let us not waste any more time and get right to it.

    Finding A

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  5. OPPO Collaborates with Artist Julian Stanczak to Provide Aquamorphic Wallpaper in ColorOS 13


    OPPO has deputed a new aesthetic Aquamorphic Wallpaper developed in collaboration with the estate of Op Art artist Julian Stanczak (1928 – 2017) with Stanczak’s work Blue Diffusion # 2 on OPPO Theme Store Art + Channel. This collaboration has come with the release of ColorOS 13. The wallpaper spots blue tones of the ColorOS Aquamorphic Design. The blue tones present in the wallpaper are further boosted by Julian Stanczak’s mastery of colour which has led to the development of appealing visuals and a unique aesthetic experience.

    Julian Stanczak is the founder of the international Op Art movement and a true master of handling colours. Stanczak’s work was not about a mere painting, it was an art piece that was aimed at regulating an emotional, visual, and psychological response in the viewer. For ColorOS 13, the Anamorphic Wallpaper collaborated seamlessly with the Aqu

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  6. Can I use my personal Android phone to work from home?

    OPPO Smartphones

    Over the last few years, work culture has seen a tremendous shift around the globe. The pandemic forced many companies to switch to work from home operations. That was a new experiment for both businesses and their employees. Surprisingly, work from home culture has gained so much popularity that some companies permanently adopted this working mode. Employees are happy that they are saving commute costs as well as having time to spend with their families. While the companies are saving millions of pounds which otherwise these entities would have to spend to maintain their physical offices. So, this is a win-win situation for both stakeholders.

    On the other hand, we can see that Android phones have now become an essential part of our daily lives. We use them for many day-to-day tasks such as sending messages, replying to emails, browsing the internet, and storing our critical data. The good news is that the best Android phones can be used to assist you in working from home. Let’s e

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  7. OPPO ColorOS 12 secured four awards at the Red Dot Award Event in the Brands and Communication Category

    OPPO ColorOS

    September 8, 2022, LONDON — OPPO ColorOS has managed to win four Red Dot Awards in the Brands and Communication Design grouping for 2022. OPPO SANS Fonts, O Relax app, OMOJI and the Two-Finger Split Screen are four of the ColorOS 12 winning integrations.

    OPPO SANS is a comprehensive typeface, designed by OPPO. The shape of the font is concise and elegant due to the simplification of the strokes, implemented during designing of the OPPO’s typeface. While the font’s structure exhibits exceptional visual optimisation techniques. All these updates present an enhanced sense of technology and upgraded font legibility on various displays available in various products.

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  8. OPPO Reno8 Series: Everything you need to know

    Reno8 Series

    Being the world’s leading smartphone manufacturing brand, OPPO always strives to incorporate the latest technology into its mobile phones range. In alignment with the core motive of the company, ‘to make technology accessible to everyone’, OPPO recently introduced the next version of its popular mid-range Reno series - OPPO Reno8. Offering cinematic portraits, 4K ultra-night videography and an Intelligent battery health engine, OPPO Reno8 series is well-aligned to mark its presence.

    OPPO has launched three feature-packed Android phones under OPPO Reno8 series, falling in different budget brackets to cater needs of every sort of users. This includes OPPO Reno8 Lite 5G, OPPO Reno8 5G and OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G. Let’s explore these OPPO Reno8 series phones in detail to know about the various prime features that these devices have to offer you.

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  9. Oppo Pad Air is the company’s first ever tablet in the UK

    Android Tablet

    Android tablet is one of the most important technology accessories, selling like hot cakes nowadays. The lockdown during Corona pandemic was the starting point which eventually leads to this much surge in the tablets demand. During the imposed lockdown, much of the education system as well as businesses have shifted to work-from-home mode. And the Android tablet due to their portability, rich features, and cost-effective price becomes one of the main points of interest for most people.

    OPPO is a leading technology brand and holds a strong portfolio of several features-packed technology products. OPPO recently introduced its first ever tablet - OPPO Pad Air, into the UK market. This debutant device from OPPO is an affordable Android tablet and delivers certain competitive specs. Let’s explore the OPPO tablet in detail to explore various features that it has to offer you.

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  10. OPPO Join Hands with Spotify for Delivering Customised Music Experience in ColorOS 13

    OPPO Smartphones

    September 8, 2022, LONDON — World’s leading technology brand OPPO today announced its collaboration with popular audio streaming service Spotify to provide its smartphone users with a cutting-edge and customisable music experience through OPPO’s latest Android-based Operating System, ColorOS 13.

    The recent partnership aims at bringing a whole-new music, audiobooks, and podcasts listening experience by giving easier access and handy control over the Spotify app on the OPPO smartphones where the music enthusiasts can register for Spotify app and use it as well. The all-new prominent features include:

    Smart Always-On-Display (AOD)The AOD offers Spotify listeners an intelligent way to have a convenient approach to their music, podcast, and audiobooks. Spotify users can now be aware of what Spotify content is playing at the moment without waking up the device via jus

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