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Monthly Archives: October 2022

  1. How to make your Phone Vibrate Continuously

    How to make your Phone Vibrate Continuously

    Smartphones now a days are more than just a phone and you use them for different reasons. But have you ever thought that your phones can also act as your personal massager or give you constant vibrations to alert you with more intensity?

    Well, all of this is actually possible, and you can make your phone vibrate constantly and as per your preferences. If you are also one of those people who are trying to find how you can make your phones vibrate constantly then you have come to the right place. We are going to be telling you guys about how you can make your Android phones and iOS phones vibrate constantly. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it. 

    How to Enable Vibrate Mode

    Before we get into anything let us talk a little about how you can turn on the vibration mode in your phones. 

     Step 1: Enable Vibration Mode in Android Phones

    There are a number of ways to enable

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  2. OPPO Sim Free 5g Smartphones

    Sim Free Phones

    OPPO has always been the one solution for your every mobile phone need. Whenever you buy OPPO phones you are always guaranteed to get the best quality, which is worth every penny you spend. OPPO is also offering sim free phones too, which you can get on great deals.  

    What is a Sim Free phone? 

    Sim free phones are those phones, which come without any sim card or network attached to them. Even though the phone is sim free, it can still be locked or unlocked to use any other network. Let us look at some of the OPPO sim free phones, which you can get on great deals. 

    Reno8 Pro 5G



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  3. OPPO Celebrated its 18th Anniversary and launched Global Community alongside Inspiring Service Week, building the future of Intelligent Living

    OPPO Celebrated its 18th Anniversary and launched Global Community alongside Inspiring Service Week, building the future of Intelligent Living

    Global smartphone brand, OPPO, celebrated its 18th anniversary on 17th September with a mission to lead technology innovation. With its user-centric approach towards technology, the brand has continued to spread its commitment with leaping through boundaries of technological diversion. In the worldwide market, the manufacturer has evolved as a consumer technology brand with providing services in tech sector, including smartphones, accessories, integrated software, tech solutions and much more.

    OPPO is now the 4th biggest smartphone manufacturer and serves over 60 countries with 80 telecoms operators globally. From earliest audio players gadgets to SuperVOOC flash-charge technologies and intriguing feature build smartphones, the brand has made sure to deliver breakthrough in cutting-edge innovation.

    The 18th

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  4. How OPPO Wireless Charger Works For Android Smartphones

    OPPO Wireless Charger

    OPPO wireless charging has been the talk of the tech industry since quite some of the time period. As much as the leading smartphone brand is known for its android phones, its wireless chargers are what sets it a bar higher. As OPPO wireless chargers come equipped with certain avant-garde features.

    The first ever charging solution launched by OPPO for fastest and safest mobile charge experience is AIRVOOC. This technology is introduced with a charging speed and convenience that is nowhere found. The AirVOOC 50W wireless charging lets the user charge their android phones in almost around 56 minutes. In addition, any mobile phone can get a whole 1 hour of standby time by just charging the android phone for only 5 minutes.

    Which technology is used in OPPO Wireless Charger?

    OPPO has used Qi wireless charging for its chargers, which is the most efficient way of charging your phone wirelessly. Through this method, users can charge their smartphones just

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  5. OPPO Smartphone accessories you will need while travelling

    OPPO Smartphone accessories

    Travelling more often and still not thinking about keeping some important gadgets aka smartphone accessories with you? Well, you are clearly not thinking about keeping that travel game strong!

    OPPO smartphone accessories are up for the grabs everywhere – but the interesting factor here is that they are just for random sales, in fact there are some of the most exciting features you can use them for. For activities like travelling abroad, or even just locally, the best mobile accessories can do some good to you. For instance, you can just explore next-level photography, amp up your sound experience while being on the go or charge your left out battery in the middle of the way. The best OPPO phone accessories for travelling can make the overall experience really fun, without a doubt.

    If you are a travel junkie but still haven’t ever had the pleasure of utilizing the most essential smartphone accessories, we have the best list created out for you. This article features the top

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  6. OPPO Brings Out the Three Most Inspiring UEFA Champions League Games

    UEFA Champions League Games

    OPPO today revealed the top three most-liked games of the UEFA Champions League as voted for by the fans. The most inspirating games as selected by the fans around the globe include Manchester City 4-3 Real Madrid (2021-22 Semifinal, First Leg), Barcelona 6-1 Paris Saint-Germain (2016-17 Round of 16, Second Leg), and AC Milan 3-3 Liverpool (2004-05, Final).

    The Inspirational Games campaign started on September 05 with the goal to explore and co-create the most heartening matches in the history of the Champions League. During the three-week long voting period, world-wide fans from America, Asia, and EMEA voted for their most Inspirational Game out of 50 shortlisted games.

    In conjunction with the OPPO’s motive ‘Inspiration Ahead’, the Inspirational Games campaign is the latest addition to the vast portfolio of OPPO’s sports-based campaigns. OPPO first entered the world of sports with its collaboration with FC Barcelona back in 2015. And since then, OPPO ha

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  7. What is NFC on a smartphone - OPPO smartphones with NFC

    OPPO smartphones with NFC

    NFC stands for Near Field Communication (NFC), a technology that permits wireless data transfer over shorter distances using radio waves. You can share small chunk of data either between two Android devices or among an NFC reader or an Android loaded phone.

    NFC technology has gained a world-wide popularity due to the top-notch security that it offers when shifting the data. Unlike other wireless technologies, NFC signals can’t be hacked. This is one of the many reasons, NFC technology is used around the globe for proceeding contactless and secure payments.

    In addition to this, NFC offers many other exclusive benefits. It includes contactless and quick data transfer, easy-to-use interference, and the ability to be integrated to any industry. Being a latest technology, only some smartphones are available in the market which support NFC. And most of those mobile phones are quite costly, making a plethora of population unable to experience the perks of NFC.

    However, y

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  8. The Best OPPO Bluetooth Earbuds You Can Buy for Your Smartphones

    OPPO Bluetooth Earbuds

    In the current era, mobile phones have managed to occupy a key place in our day-to-day lives. Modern smartphones are well-equipped with certain competitive specs to elate your user experience. Whether you want to make calls, drop messages, browse the internet, play games, or listen to songs, there is nothing latest phones can’t do.

    In the current technologically advanced era, we have access to many mobile phone accessories that can enhance certain features of our phones. OPPO is the world-leading technology brand and holds a vast portfolio of several value-packed best budget OPPO smartphones and accessories including wireless Bluetooth earphones, phone cases, smart watches, and chargers to recharge your phone.

    A good quality earphone can add to your listening experience. If y

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  9. OPPO Joins the FIDO Alliance To Enable Passwordless Sign-Ins

    OPPO FIDO Alliance

    OPPO recently unveiled that it has joined FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance in a move to replace conventional password-based authentication mechanisms with the latest passwordless technology. FIDO is an open industry association whose mission is to formulate authentication protocols in a bid to reduce the world’s reliance on passwords.

    The latest turn by OPPO will allow its users to enjoy convenient, faster, and more secure logins across multiple services, accounts, and platforms. As part of the FIDO Alliance, OPPO will work on the development and implementation of the latest FIDO protocols. These include FIDO’s standards for passwordless sign-ins, using fundamental public passkey cryptography, and other protocols to bring fast, user-friendly, and secure log-in experiences across different services for users. OPPO will also collaborate with other members of the Alliance to make and market FIDO Authentication certificates to alleviate the overdependence on password-based logins.

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  10. What Are the Best and Easy to Use Smartphones for Elderly Persons

    OPPO Smartphone For Elderly Person

    In the current technologically advanced era, a features-packed smartphone is a need of every person. No matter whether you are a young student who wants to prepare some urgent assignments abruptly or being an old person, you are looking for a capable top Android phone to enjoy video calls with your loved ones, OPPO got your back.

    As the use of smartphones has immensely increased among seniors over the last few years, OPPO has shown up in the market with several top-of-the-line and dedicated smartphones to tackle the specific needs of people of this age bracket.

    OPPO smartphones for senior people come with certain exclusive attributes including large screen size, bright display, and utilitarian navigation controls. Let’s have a look at some of the best and handy Android smartphones that OPPO has for elderly people.

    OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G

    Allocated specs for Elderly persons:

    4K Ultra-Night Video Powered MariSilicon X

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