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5G Smartphones

  1. The Cooling System of OPPO Find X5 Pro 

    OPPO find x5 pro

    Several features of OPPO Find X5 Pro stand out. It has an OLED screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate. The phone offers ultra-high peak brightness. The camera is known for taking pictures and videos in low light.  

    Out of all the features, the cooling system of OPPO Find X5 Pro outshines all the features. So, no matter how heavy tasks or gaming you do, the phone will not get heated up. You won't have to stop filming 4K videos because your phone gets too hot. A good cooling system allows a powerful phone to reach its full potential. 

    PC Grade cooling: 

    Achieving the perfect cooling system in a smartphone is very difficult because of the size. A full-sized fan cannot be installed on the phone. Oppo Find X5 Pro has a passive cooling solution, and it does not generate any noise.  

    The main goal of the cooling system of smartphones is to go uncredited and unnoticed. But perhaps it's time to give the OPPO Find X5 Pro some credit for its cooling and figure out how this seemingly impossible goal was accomplished. 

    Vapor Chamber Design: 

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  2. How to connect air pods to an android phone

    best android phones

    YES! AirPods, contrary to popular belief, do not rely on proprietary technology to power their wireless connectivity. Instead, it simply makes use of the commonly accessible Bluetooth technology. This means you can pair it with any Bluetooth-enabled Android device. 

    However, there is a catch to this privilege. 

    Although AirPods can be used on Android, the features are limited. Some of the advanced features of the AirPods designed for iOS users will be unavailable to you. Nonetheless, if you're still interested in getting AirPods for your Android device. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to start pairing. 

    Procedure to connect AirPods to an Android phone 

    As previously stated, using AirPods with Android will result in limited functionality. The Automatic Pairing feature is one of them. As a result, you'll have to manually pair the devices. 

    That's not a big deal, though. It's simple to pair your AirPods with an Android or non-Apple device. Simply follow the steps below to pair: 

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  3. The Role of OPPO battery health engine in Find X5 Pro 

    Find x5 pro

    Our life revolves around mobile phones these days. Our day-to-day use of mobile phones has massively increased. This factor has made battery lifespan overly critical for smartphones. Users are not only concerned about battery life but also about the sustainability and future of unused, aging, and discarded lithium batteries.

    The global demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to increase elevenfold over the next eight years, reaching more than two terawatt-hours in 2030. The rise in electric vehicles, as well as small electronic products such as smartphones, is driving demand.

    OPPO has introduced several battery innovations for its new flagship phones. It aims at providing the users with a burden-free charging experience. The company has introduced the Battery health engine through Find X5 Pro 5G, a solution for optimizing battery health. This solution took OPPO three years for R&D to develop,  for the engineers and innovators to develop. It has two main technologies: battery healing technology and smart battery health algorithm.

    Smart battery health algorithm:

    The electric potential of the battery is tracked through real-time by the Smart Battery Health Algorithm. It uses  techniques to ensure fast charging and battery lifespan including the adjustment of the charging current.

    To fully comprehend how this innovation works, it is necessary to first explain the discharging and charging behavior of lithium batteries in smartphones.

    The discharging and charging process can be taken as the flow of lithium ions from negative to positive node and vice versa. Now if the ions do not return to the positive side of the electrode because of over-charging or excessive current, the lithium ions become dead. This causes the battery capacity to decrease.


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  4. OPPO Find X5 Series and 240W Flash Charge - Revelation on MWC 2022

    OPPO Find X5 Series and 240W Flash Charge

    OPPO has had some newer and exciting technologies revealed at the Mobile World Congress 2022. This included OPPO’s flagship series i.e., Find X5, Find N and even the OnePlus 10 Pro. Another prominent revelation was led by the flash charge 150W and 240W power which doubles the battery timing of OPPO mobiles.

    The opening day of MWC 2022 was an innovative mark for OPPO as a mobile manufacturer. Along with the Find X5 series, a range of sensational technologies were showcased. The 150W SuperVOOC fast-charging is aimed to amplify the battery performance with its battery health engine. Furthermore, the 240W fast-charging claims to charge a 4500 mAh android phone to 100% in less than 10 minutes. The OPPO 5G CPE T2 is another new technology that was displayed by the brand. This technology converts the 5G network to Wi-Fi, which is incredibly impressive.

    Another set of technology innovations featured the MariSilicon X imaging NPU, which is integrated into the OPPO Find X5 Pro. This imaging technology is made to enhance dedicated photography and video capturing. It is operated for capturing vivid details, real-time RAW processing, ultra-high dynamic variety and RGBW pro mode. For the first time in the history of android, mobile phones will be enabled to cover a 4k Night AI video with the highest quality. Alongside, OPPO Retractable camera and OPPO Air Glass were also unveiled with a versatile set of functions.

    In 2021, OPPO was labelled to be the 4th largest mobile phone brand in the World. Its continued success was followed b

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  5. OPPO Find X5 Lite Mobile Review

    OPPO Find X5 Lite

    OPPO’s Find X series has severely become popular over the recent years. With OPPO Find X2 and X3 series, it is quite evident that these are the most sought-after phones from the brand. The Find X5 series is just here with its flagship models but the latest announcement comes down to the Find X5 Lite.  

    OPPO Find X5 Lite doubtlessly looks gorgeous from its appearance and seems to integrate potent specs. The sharp matte attire of the phone brings it a vivid attention. There may be some seemingly average specs that you notice but a lot of other features are compensating enough. This new OPPO mobile supports 5G services to the full extent which is a huge plus factor. In the modern technology world, the OPPO Find X5 is a prominent 5G phone with every latest feature.  

    In case you are not exactly sure of what you must or must not know about this mobile phone, we have put together a detailed review of OPPO Find X5 Lite. Let’s just get started with it! 

    Key Specs 

    Dimensions: 160.6 mm x73.2 mm x7.81 mm 

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  6. Perfect 5G Signal Solution in Find X5 Pro

    Perfect 5G Signal Solution in Find X5 Pro

    Everyone is getting benefits from 5G.  You can make video calls, stream movies, play games, etc. in a few years, it is to be expected that 5g will expand to one-third of the world population. If you want to get the most out of your 5G experience, you'll need a smartphone that's up to the task. All too often, handsets provide a poor user experience due to low signal and interference, resulting in slower speeds, limiting 5G's true potential. In OPPO smartphones the engineers have made sure that the experience is unparalleled. The 5g connection by OPPO is stable and uncompromised.  

    The signals of the smartphone depend on the antenna and the position of the antenna in the smartphone. Sometimes when the user covers the antenna with his/her hand, the quality of the signal degrades. In 2020, OPPO used 360- a degree antenna in Reno 3. The antenna was grouped along with the outer frame of Reno 3's frame in an innovative design. This allowed the antenna to receive a better signal whether it was held vertically or horizontally. This was especially important for gamers. Many AAA smartphone games are played horizontally to maximize screen space. 

    The 360 degrees solved the problem of unreliable connection but then there was another problem. The fact is that in today's modern world, people everywhere expect fast 5G speeds for intensive tasks like gaming. Users may be using their phones in difficult environments such as trains or parking lots, which results in dropped connections, lag, and low signals. To solve this problem, a Power Amplifier was introduced. It helps in proving

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  7. What is 5G Technology and how do 5g Mobile Phones work?

    5G Technology

    5g is the hot topic these days. But not many people know what is 5g? 

    5g technology is the fifth generation for mobile networks. It is an improved version of previous mobile networks, i.e., 2G,3G,45. It offers higher speed, reliability, and great capacity.  

    How does 5g mobile phone work? 

    The information is carried by the radio frequencies in wireless communication. 5g works on the same principle but less cluttered higher radio frequencies. It means that 5g works on different frequency bands. They are called millimeter waves. They had largely gone unnoticed by the general public because the necessary equipment was both inaccessible and prohibitively expensive. 

    5g smartphones are smartphones that can support 5g connectivity and features. 5g can’t work properly on 4g phones as new hardware is required for connecting to 5g.  

    While higher bands carry information faster, there may be issues when sending over long distances. Physical objects such as buildings and trees can easily obstruct them. To address this issue, 5G will employ multiple entries and exit antennae to boost s

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  8. Can You Plan a Wedding Using Just Your Smartphone?

    Can You Plan a Wedding Using Just Your Smartphone?

    If you're having an off-the-grid wedding, technology can help you plan. But first, here's a suggestion: Make a separate wedding planning folder on your phone. It'll be easier to stay focused and organized if you put all the important apps in one spot. Fortunately, assistance is available, as it is now feasible to arrange a full wedding from your smartphone. Everything you need to know about weddings, from wonderful websites to fantastic wedding-focused applications, is listed below. 

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  9. 7 Essential Smartphone Holiday Tips

    7 Essential Smartphone Holiday Tips

    If you are going on a holiday, your smartphone is most probably going with you. Android phones are the ultimate travel companion: we use them for navigation, communication, research, hailing a cab, social sharing, and taking photos and videos.

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  10. The Best Mobile Apps for Exploring New Places

    The Best Mobile Apps for Exploring New Places

    Having the best traveling apps in your mobile phone will not only make your experience wholesome but enhance the exploration. Whether it is about knowing the routes, visiting the most recommended or hidden spots, or figuring out which location to go first, these apps can be a supporting hand. We have listed down the must-have downloaded apps that you should consider downloading before exploring. If you are a beginner who is traveling for one of your first times, or even an experienced traveler, these apps can be your traveling partner.

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