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5G Smartphones

  1. How To Reset A Locked OPPO Phone

    reset a locked phone

    Are you facing the challenge of a locked phone? It’s frustrating, we can relate 100%! But do not worry, we have got you covered with the right solutions to this problem. 

    While it can be a panicking situation, there are a few safe options where you can unlock OPPO phone without having to worry about the loss of data. Before resetting the phone, you will need to create a backup to be on the safe side. Usually, there are certain methods where there is a data loss if resetting has been opted for, therefore, you will need to have a backup of your data.

    These are easy steps, and, in this article, we shall be covering these methods for you. 

    There can be soft resets or hard resets depending upon the scenario or your requirement. We will discuss these in detail later in the section. This guide is helpful for all the OPPO smartphones operating on ColorOS 12. This includes the OPPO Reno series, A serie

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  2. How to Improve Sound on Your Android Phone

    Improve sound quality on android phone

    Smartphones are like mini-PCs in your pocket going everywhere with you thus your android phone speakers’ quality matters a lot no matter if you are enjoying music or taking business calls. However, many smartphones do not feature powerful speakers that could deliver a satisfactory sound volume. if you are not satisfied with the sound quality of your smartphone then this blog is so beneficial for you. Here, we have mentioned some amazing tips and tricks that will help you improve the microphones and external speakers. Moreover, you have come to the correct place if you are looking for a music-friendly smartphone. But before going to these sections we have mentioned some key factors that impact the sound quality of your android phones. Read below.

    What are the causes behind the low sound quality of mobile phones?

    When using an Android phone, there are a few potential causes of a malfunctioning s

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  3. Hinge In OPPO Find N2, The New Flip Design

    OPPO Find N2 Flip

    For the past few years, we had only two options when it came to foldable phones available in the market. For much of the time, only those two android phones solely ruled the foldable phones market as they did not have a competitor, but now they have the ONE.

    Most recently, OPPO has launched the Find N2 Flip 5G. This OPPO foldable phone was released in February 2023 and is the first of its kind to be launched outside China. As soon as it got released, people started comparing its specs and features with the available folding and flipping smartphones, but without a doubt, OPPO stands ahead. We have introduced certain things where people get a better experience of using a foldable mobile phone than any other.

    let's see what OPPO has come up with these foldable phones

    Specs and Features

    Display: 6.8-inch, 1080 x 2520, 120Hz LTPO OLED (main); 3.26-inch OLED (secondary cover

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  4. Best Android Phone Apps While Travelling

    android phone apps while travelling

    Smartphones are the miracle gadgets of technology. From replacing calendars to setting alarms, a smartphone has significantly taken over many of our regular life chores and operations. Now a smartphone comes with so many features that no separate organiser or separator is needed. Everything can be done with some simple taps on the screen.

    Similarly, when it comes to travelling, the dependence on smartphones has increased more than ever before. Now people don’t worry about communicating in different languages or finding their way around in a new city, all thanks to technology. Different Android phone applications are also being developed to further facilitate the user’s travel experience. We have listed some of the top applications that will surely take your travel experience to the next level. Let’s take a loo

    1. Google Maps

    If you are travelling to another city or state, you will surely need assistance finding your way around. Let's suppose you a

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  5. OPPO Find N2 Flip 5G - The rise of foldable smartphones

    OPPO Flip N2

    The OPPO Find N2 Flip 5G is OPPO’s first "flip" product launched globally. As always, the brand has outperformed itself by bringing both novelty and necessity to its users. The tech-savvy style, Flex-form mode, TÜV Rheinland Reliable Folding Certification, and fascinating photography possibilities—all of these features will make you instantly switch your smartphone to the revolutionary OPPO Find N2 Flip.

    Let’s take a look at some of its most amazing features!
    Industry-leading Hinge for ultimate crease control

    The Flexion Hinge on the OPPO Find N2 Flip is made of aircraft-standard extra-tough polymer, which is not only highly durable but also extremely lightweight. The unique water-drop hinge design is manufactured in a way to widen the folding angle, resulting in a minimum crease. As compared to other alternatives, this smartphone has a 80% less noticeable crease, making it loo

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  6. How To Repair Broken Mobile Phone Screen

    How to repair broken mobile phone screen

    The mobile screen, which is the face of your mobile, is undoubtedly the most fundamental component of your smartphone. The mobile screen makes up 90% of your smartphone’s appearance, and it is also the basic interface for using your smartphone. Most people continue to juggle with cracked screens if they are too busy handling other expenses. But if a cracked mobile screen is not repaired or replaced at the right time, it can lead to multiple, harder-to-fix issues, such as major internal damage and a voided warranty.


    Most of the recently launched smartphones come with in-built screen protection enabled via Gorilla Glass or tempered film installations. If you have one of these smartphones, there are high chances that your mobile phone’s screen will not be completely shattered, even if it is accidentally dropped. However, major or minor cracks can occur if the smartphone falls from a great height or lands on an edg

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  7. Sim-Free Android Mobile Phone Offers 2023

    sim-free smartphone offers

    When it comes to purchasing smartphones, you have two available options. The first is to sign a lengthy contract and be tied to a single network, while the second is to go for a sim-free phone. Most people think that they can buy any smartphone and simply put any SIM in it, but it can only be done if the phone is unlocked or if the SIM card is from the same network as the smartphone. Moreover, keeping an old SIM or retaining an old contract might also cost more. So, the best and most hassle-free alternative is to go for a SIM-free phone. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should prefer purchasing a sim-free phone in 2023.

    Save money

    Paying 500 pounds upright seems like a lot of extra money just to get a SIM network connection. Let’s suppose you just spent a lot of money on a new mobile phone, and now your budget is over the edge. At this moment, paying 500 pounds extra surely seems like a big deal. To help you avoid this issue, a sim-free phone swoops i

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  8. How to Protect Your Mobile Phone While Gaming

    Gaming Phone

    With the rapid growth of technology, mobile gaming has become an essential part of our lives. However, it is essential to take the necessary steps to protect your device while gaming. In this handy guide, we will be discussing various ways through which you can protect your phone from potential damage while gaming.
    From proper device care to managing your apps usage, this article will provide you with the necessary knowledge to protect your phone from potential harm. Additionally, we will provide you with advice on how to protect your personal data. By the end of this article, you'll be equipped with the crucial knowledge and necessary skills to protect your device while gaming. So, let's get started!

    6 Essential Tips to Protect Your Android Smartphone While Gaming

    The latest Android gaming phones such as OPPO Find X5 Pro 5G comes loaded with competitive hardware and software to

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  9. OPPO Cases and Protectors 2023 : Top Choices to Protect Your Smartphone

    OPPO cases and protectors

    You never know when you might drop your smartphone. After spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a smartphone, it is simply foolish to leave it without any extra protection. Having these mobile accessories means you have a security blanket for your valuable smartphone, protecting it from any accidental drops, shocks, or damages. With these products, you can also make your smartphone more durable. So, if you are someone who is willing to use his or her smartphone for the long haul, then investing in a smartphone case and a screen protector are extremely important for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best phone cases and screen protectors that you can get for your smartphone in 2023.

    Top mobile phone cases

    Mobile phone cases are one of the best inventions in the smartphone industry because they not only provide you with peace of mind (that your phone is safe and secure), but they a

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  10. Top 10 OPPO phones in UK, 2023

    OPPO Phones

    1. OPPO A17

    "Worth more than its price"

    Screen size: 6.5 inches

    Resolution: 1612 x 720 pixels

    Weight: 189g

    Battery: 5000 mAh

    Camera: Front 5MP, Rear 50MP

    Operating System: Android 12.

    The OPPO A17 comes with an ultra-slim retro design and a UV-protected leather-feel back surface, which enhance the user experience significantly. The softly rounded edges and flat middle part give maximum viewing coverage with minimal glare to the user. The 50MP rear camera perfectly captures the dynamics and richness of the world around you. The front camera (5 MP) comes with multiple fascinating features such as portrait retouching, portrait fashion, 360-degree fill light, a photo filter, and a video filter. With a RAM of 6GB and a ROM of 64GB, there i

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