OPPO Flip N2

The OPPO Find N2 Flip 5G is OPPO’s first "flip" product launched globally. As always, the brand has outperformed itself by bringing both novelty and necessity to its users. The tech-savvy style, Flex-form mode, TÜV Rheinland Reliable Folding Certification, and fascinating photography possibilities—all of these features will make you instantly switch your smartphone to the revolutionary OPPO Find N2 Flip.

Let’s take a look at some of its most amazing features!
Industry-leading Hinge for ultimate crease control

The Flexion Hinge on the OPPO Find N2 Flip is made of aircraft-standard extra-tough polymer, which is not only highly durable but also extremely lightweight. The unique water-drop hinge design is manufactured in a way to widen the folding angle, resulting in a minimum crease. As compared to other alternatives, this smartphone has a 80% less noticeable crease, making it look highly seamless to the user. With a precision accuracy of up to 0.10 mm, this revolutionary hinge design of OPPO Find N2 Flip 5G also protects the inner screen from scratches and cracks.

Furthermore, the crease is highly durable and has been tested for more than 400,000 folds. Thanks to the advanced material used in its configuration, the OPPO Find N2 Flip is by far one of the lightest foldable phones available in the industry. You can instantly react to incoming messages and capture high-resolution flagship-level selfies with a 50MP main camera on the outer 3.26" cover screen.

Pocket-size designed perfection

The sleek and slim design of these foldable phones is not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly durable. The 3.26-inch cover screen is big enough to instantly reply to any incoming messages, check other recent notifications, initiate, and receive calls, and capture fascinating selfies. Yet, it's still compact enough to be easily kept in your pocket. The design is optimally sized in a way to increase the user’s mobility and functionality. You can easily carry the smartphone wherever you go. Its compact size is perfect for fitting in even the smallest compartments.

Folds to the largest view

When flipped open, these foldable OPPO phones give a screen size of whopping 6.8 inches. With a bigger screen size, you can easily switch, snap, and use different apps side by side for a perfect multitasking experience.

When it comes to enjoying multimedia, the bigger the screen size, the bigger the fun! The N2 Flip phones ensure that entertainment never stops. You can stream your favourite videos with maximum immersion and minimum interruptions. The bigger screen lets you enjoy every little detail at its highest resolution. You can also indulge in fast-paced gaming and internet browsing with minimum eye strain.

FlexForm Mode

The concept of two-in-one machines has been revolving around the industry for a significant period of time now. "Laptops-cum-tablets" have become extremely common. But with N2 flip phones, you can enjoy the "laptop-cum-mobile" experience for the first time in history.

The FlexForm mode enables you to switch the app that you are using on one screen and swap the controls on the other side. The interface of the smartphone lets you split different applications, including Notes, Camera, and Music, without any extra hassle!

The smartphone is also able to stand on its own with its hinge unfolded at an angle of 50 to 120 degrees. So, you can easily take notes without holding the device. Thanks to its ability to stand on its own, you can also use the N2 Flip 5G as a tripod and a video stand. Unfold your smartphone and use it as a mini laptop to perform hassle-free 4K video imaging and hands-free video and audio calling, whenever and wherever you want.

The possibilities are endless.

Capture all the top-down angles!

Top-down angle pictures are undoubtedly one of the coolest clicks that you can post on your Instagram feed. They create such an interesting sense of perception with interesting shadows and highlights, giving the viewer a unique look at the picture. If you are someone who likes to take a lot of photographs, then capturing an elevated shot with precision must be no less than a dream for you.

Well, it is also no news that capturing top-down angles is pretty challenging, especially while using a smartphone camera. But with these fascinating OPPO foldable phones and FlexForm mode, you can take your photography experience to another level.

Keep your smartphone on the floor or table. Unfold the hinge to 90 degrees and easily capture as many elevated shots as you want!

Magnificent Display

Together with the Flexion Hinge, OPPO's unique 12-layer Serene Display provides superior durability and endurance while enabling effortless folding. In contrast to the 0.6 mm of standard smartphone glass, the display has an ultra-thin Flexion coating that allows it to bend smoothly while maintaining strong resilience. The Serene Display is extremely sturdy and can be folded over 200,000 times without losing its smoothness or crease-free appearance.

The internal screen makes use of an LTPO screen with intelligent dynamic refresh rate technology, which adjusts the clock speed to anywhere between 1 and 120 Hz depending on the content being seen. Additionally, the interior display supports touch sampling frequencies up to 1,000 Hz.

To make the smartphone experience even more convenient for the users, the OPPO N2 foldable phones come with automatic brightness and color balance in both the internal and external screens. The maximum brightness levels reach up to 1000 nits, and more than ten thousand automatic brightness settings keep the smartphone ever ready for you, even in challenging lighting environments.

Flagship-level triple camera

As always, OPPO has crossed all bounds when it comes to its camera quality. The OPPO Find N2 Flip 5G comes with a 50MP Sony IMX 766 main sensor, a 16MP ultra-wide lens, and a 13MP telephoto lens. Other than this, you get a highly fascinating selfie camera on both the inner and outer displays.

Everyone’s favourite time-lapse now comes in three different templates, i.e., light trails, night sky, and sun and clouds. Now, you can easily optimise the photography or videography settings with just a single click. When kept at an angle lower than 60 degrees, the intelligent sensors embedded within these amazing OPPO phones automatically move the image preview to the bottom display, making it much easier to set up the shot.

That’s not all. The smartphone also has a new split-camera user interface. We all know how annoying it is when someone keeps taking our pictures and still none of its looks good enough? Well, thanks to the split-camera interface, you can now easily take pictures from one side and view, share, or delete the clicks from the other side. Furthermore, you can use hand gestures to capture selfies, so you can stay within the right frame without having to press the shutter button.

Extraordinary Performance

The OPPO Find N2 Flip 5G comes with the latest Snapdragon processors, which offer a fine combination of power, efficiency, and features. These processors are ultra-fast and enable the user to indulge in interruption-free gaming, content creation, and audio and video streaming. Moreover, these processors are also power-efficient, consuming much less battery than most other mobile processors.

Battery that goes all day long!

The smartphones have a 4300mAh battery, which is more than enough to keep them going for a whole day. With a single recharge, you can enjoy up to 20 hours of constant video streaming, 6 hours of video calling, 16 hours of social media usage, and much more! Furthermore, the 44-watt SuperVOOC recharging system allows you to charge up to 50% of the battery in just 23 minutes.

What else?

It goes without saying that OPPO has proven its worth by launching this highly anticipated OPPO Find N2 Flip 5G smartphone, which has gone above and beyond all our expectations.

The N2 foldable phones come in two amazing colors, i.e., Moonlit Purple and Astral Black. Both of these colours are extremely chic and instantly capture the viewer’s attention.

Other than that, you can easily customise the bigger cover screen of the N2 Flip 5G. As implied by the name, the smartphone also provides 5G connectivity to its users, allowing them to always stay connected with the highest bandwidth networking capabilities. The antenna is also wrapped in such a way that the smartphone easily captures signals from every angle.

For all pet lovers, the smartphone offers five digital pets. Choose your favourite and virtually interact with your pet whenever you want. For instance, when you listen to your favourite tune, your virtual pet will also rock with you! Pretty cool, right?

So, what are you waiting for? Stop scrolling and start shopping!