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Monthly Archives: August 2022

  1. Artificial Intelligence in OPPO Smartphones


    Whenever you decide to buy a smartphone, you’ve no doubt found yourself in an arena of different mobile models from several brands with features that are so complex they leave you scratching your head. Hence, it often becomes very confusing to choose the most suitable mobile phone for yourself. The good thing is that “Artificial Intelligence” is one of the principal factors that you can consider when picking up a perfect Android phone for yourself, and that can really make all the difference.

    OPPO is a key smartphone manufacturing brand with its core focus on innovating with the world’s latest technology in its smart devices. In alignment with our core motive “To make technology accessible to everyone”, we have been investing heavily to let users experience top-of-the-line technology across all our smart devices.

    Artificial Intelligence is a technology with tremendous potential to make life easier. Leading an Innovati

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  2. What to do if your mobile phone is lost or stolen

    Top Android Phones

    Losing your smartphone can be one of the biggest nightmares. Not only because they are generally a big investment, but for many reasons including critical data loss, photos and important documents can be housed there to name but a few. You would never want confidential information, not so much as a personal picture, in the hands of an anonymous person.

    Well, thanks to advanced technology, now we have quick and easy ways to find lost mobile phones. However, you must be entirely sure that your phone isn’t simply misplaced before resorting to these steps – so do check thoroughly first. If you are quite sure your phone is actually lost or stolen, the first steps you should take is to inform the police and block access to all the data on your android phones or iPhones. If your phone is left unlocked and its data accessible, whoever has it can use your or sell your phone instantly.

    While almost all of us spe

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  3. Track your Android Device without WiFi or data: How it works

    Track your Android Device without WiFi or data: How it works

    Android phones are so much more than just a phone these days. A phone is your entertainment hub, workstation, your personal secretary, and an organizer. Losing your phone is like losing your mind and your life, because you have a huge amount of data on your phone which is nearly impossible to retrieve completely.

    You can easily find a phone if it is connected to a Wi-Fi or data internet. But what if your Android phone is not connected to the internet? Well, you don’t have to worry because there are some ways in which you can also find your lost phone even without the internet. If you are looking to find your Android phones without Wi-Fi or data internet then you are in luck, because we are going to be telling you guys some ways in which you can do that. Let us not waste any more time and get right to it.

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  4. How to Track OPPO Mobile Phone?

    How to Track OPPO Mobile Phone?

    There should always be precautionary measures taken to track your android smartphone. Whether it is OPPO mobile phone or any other, we do have certain ways that can help us track them anytime. To track OPPO 5g mobile phones, we have very convenient and easy-to-use methods through which you can do it. 

    If you have forgotten after keeping your OPPO phone somewhere, or your OPPO mobile is left or lost, you can track it with the following method. But firstly, you must also have your own Google account connected to the phone that can help you link through the finding site or app. 

    A lot of users are concerned about what to do when you want to Track your Android Device without Wi-Fi

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  5. How to Unlock a Locked Phone without Losing its Data

    Android phones

    Getting locked out of your own smartphone device is indeed frustrating – especially when you had just reset the password the day before. Don’t worry though, it’s really not that uncommon to forget your own mobile phone pin, password, or lock pattern.  For some people however, this isn’t just momentary memory loss, it could be a tech glitch or temporary recalling trouble. The real concern here is that you do not want to lose all the data currently stored on the phone during the unlocking process.

    The simplest way to unlock a locked phone is factory data reset, however, this method actually erases all data on the mobile phone. So, if you need to be able to access anything that was already on your phone but also need to unlock it, you’ll have to use alternative ways.

    Here we have some of the easiest routes that you can take to unlock your phone whilst keeping all your data as well. You can be rest assured about not losing your mobile info, whilst still unlocking the

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  6. What Could Your Future Smartphone Look Like in 2030?

    5g smartphone

    With the technology constantly increasing you never know what the future holds. 5G Android Phones have become more and more advanced. But who knows what the smartphone technology will look like in 2030. Well, it is not that far away, and we can get an idea of the future.


    Let us get the main thing out of the way first. The design and look of phones have changed so much in the past few years. Smartphones have become much slimmer and lightweight. Even though the foldable phones were introduced in 2019. But there are plenty of changes that need to be done to the design. Foldable phones in the future would be a pretty common thing. The overall design and weight would also benefit from it. The phones will definitely look much better

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