How to Track OPPO Mobile Phone?

There should always be precautionary measures taken to track your android smartphone. Whether it is OPPO mobile phone or any other, we do have certain ways that can help us track them anytime. To track OPPO 5g smartphones, we have very convenient and easy-to-use methods through which you can do it. 

If you have forgotten after keeping your OPPO phone somewhere, or your OPPO mobile is left or lost, you can track it with the following method. But firstly, you must also have your own Google account connected to the phone that can help you link through the finding site or app. 

A lot of users are concerned about what to do when you want to Track your Android Device without Wi-Fi or data. You can give a look at our detailed informative article to have a perfect idea and worry less.

The number one platform that can help track OPPO mobile phones is the Google Find my device application or website. But the only case requirement should be that your phone must be connected to the same Google account as you will use on the app.  

Conditions to track OPPO Mobile Using Google Find My Device 

  • OPPO phone must be turned on. 
  • Location/GPS is switched on. 
  • Wi-Fi or mobile data should be running on the phone. 
  • The Google account which you are currently using for the app must also be logged in the phone. 
  • Phone should be connected with a contact number that can make it ring through the account. 
  • The Find my device app or settings should be enabled. 

Step 1:  Go to the Settings option of your phone  

The easiest way to turn on or enable the find my device settings from your phone is available through setting. In actual, there are three ways to get to enable the find my device OPPO phones. 

  1. Go to Settings -> Security. From there select the Find My Device and select it to turn on the blue slider. 
  2. Visit Settings -> Additional Settings -> Device and Privacy. From the drop-down menu selection, click the Find My Device slider and enable it with blue. 
  3. The last way is going to Settings -> Google -> Security -> Find My Device. Turn the slider on by converting it to blue option.  

You can just enable the find my device option in your OPPO smartphone by directly going to setting through these three ways.  After going through the settings menu, you have made sure to enable the find device. 

From the Find the Page menu, you can also select through what and how you can find your mobile. It has applications option, as well as the live site page for finding any android phone. In case you have lost your phone, you can perform following steps: 

  • Open the Find my Device app after downloading it from Play store. Follow the steps after signing in your same Google account as connected on phone. 
  • Go the website “”. The find page will direct you to the phone search from there. 
  • From Google, tap the find my device page and get through the easy process. 

Bottom Line 

By easily tracking your OPPO mobile phone, you won’t have to worry about where your phone is right now. You can just avoid your worrisome behavior and focus on what you are currently doing. The Google Find my device allows users to seamlessly perform any activities that they are on at the present. In addition, if you accidentally misplaced or lost your OPPO phone, you can follow this easy method to instantly find it.

It is often worrisome to find or locate a lost cell phone that is turned off, but you can checkout some of the best steps we already have discussed in one of our articles by clicking here.

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