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Monthly Archives: July 2022

  1. OPPO Join Hands with Getty Images to Reinterpret Your Moment through the Find X5 Pro

    OPPO Find X5 Pro

    To inspire all the photography enthusiasts around the globe to pursue their passion for photography, Getty Images will be utilizing its global network of custom content photographers to come up with visual assets that perfectly resonate with OPPO’s customer base.

    Leading smartphone manufacturing brand, OPPO, is world famous for equipping its mobile phones with the most advanced and innovative imaging technologies. The latest OPPO Find X5 Pro is perfectly carrying forward OPPO’s legacy of being a world leader in ultra-rich photography. Earlier this year, OPPO launched its flagship smartphone Find X5 Pro, presenting cutting-edge features and avant-garde imaging capabilities. Using OPPO’s self-developed NPU - MariSilicon X - and a rebellious Five-axis OIS system backed by proprietary algorithms, the Find X5 Pro allows users to express their inspirations to the fullest by capturing pheno

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  2. How to directly transfer data between phones?

    directly transfer data between phones

    In the present era, smartphones are a critical part of our lives, containing a vast amount of our important data including texts, emails, passwords, and banking information to name but a few. So, when it is time to switch from your old Android phone to a new one, you will want to make sure that all the data is transferred over securely. 

    In the past, even a standard data transfer between mobile phones was a nerve-wracking task, let alone doing this in a secure manner. Thankfully Google now makes it extremely easy to securely migrate your texts, account passwords, photos, and other virtual data over to your new phone.

    Direct Data transfer between phones involves two main steps.

    1. Back up your data on your old Android phone
    2. Restore data and settings from the old phone in the new Android phone

    Step 1: Automatic and Manual Data Backup on your Phone

    1.1: How

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  3. Why is my phone overheating and how can I stop from happening?

    Why is my phone overheating and how can I stop from happening?

    What factors make a smartphone prone to overheating?

    First thing first, let’s explore some of the critical factors that tend to cause overheating issues to mobile phones. Please note that a little hike in the temperature of your smartphone is normal but if you feel your phone is “really hot”, this is when you should take notice and look for ways to cool down it down.

    Here are some of the crucial factors that cause overheating to your smartphone.

    Direct exposure to sunlight and warm environment

    It is most likely you have already observed the intense heat sunlight causes your phone upon  sunlight is the most common cause of overheating, so do not forget to cover your mobile phone whenever you go outside.

    Apart from sun exposure, your mobile phone can also overheat by just sitting in warm environments for prolonged periods of time, so watch out and keep your device out of the heat!

    How to calculate your phone

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  4. Mobile Phone Data Recovery - Best Way to Protect Your data

    mobile phones

    Your mobile phone carries some of your most sensitive and critical data, including crucial account passwords, emails, important messages and other high-security information. If your smartphone ‘dies’ you may need to recover it, but if your phone ends up in the wrong hands, your crucial info could be badly compromised; someone might access your bank accounts or social media profile, causing unrecoverable damage.

    That’s why it’s quite important to know about the techniques that can ensure your mobile phone data security. In addition to this, you should also know about different data recovery methods that come in handy when you do need to recover.

    Our comprehensive guide will take you through all the steps to secure your data as well as the methods to recover your lost information.

    Things you can do to protect your mobile phone data

    Lock your mobile phone

    It is the most straightforward step that you can take to ensu

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