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Monthly Archives: October 2021

  1. OPPO Find X2 Pro Review: Still going strong in 2021

    Oppo Find X2 Pro Review: Still going strong in 2021

    OPPO phones have been in the market for quite a while now and they are known to provide you the best quality which you deserve. One such phone is Find X2 Pro which is a great device, and it is still on top of the ladder. We are going to be reviewing this phone and try to find out what is it all about.  

    Oppo Find X2 Pro Review 


    Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Mobile Platform 


    6.7 inches, 3168 x 1440 


    12GB RAM 




    48MP + 32MP 


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  2. 4 Tips to Improve Photography with OPPO Smartphone

    4 Tips to Improve Photography with OPPO Smartphone

    OPPO has been known to provide good quality cameras in its phones for quite some time now. When you go for an OPPO smartphone you are always guaranteed to get the best quality, which is worth every penny you spend. There are so many great features in an OPPO camera phone which can surely take your photography skills to the next level. If you are a photography fanatic who loves to take pictures on your phone, then we will tell you guys 4 best tips to improve your photography with OPPO smartphone. So, stick around.  

    AI Beautification 

    There are many great features in an OPPO phone which can surely make your selfies better. One of them is AI beautification feature, which can help in making your selfies more beautiful than they already are. You will not need to use any editing tool afterwards to beautify it. AI beautification can automatically manage the skin tone and your complexion to make you appear more appealing. It also gives a little air-brushed look but without seeming unnatural. It can brighten up your image and face without compromising on the image quality.  

    AI-Scene Recognition 

    AI scene recognition is certainly a treat for the photographers. It can easily identify up to 120 scenes and then adjust the camera settings according to that. It automatically knows what type of environment you are in and what type of picture you want to take. The lighting and contrast are adjusted according to it so you can capture perfect click every time. If you have ever used a DSLR camera then

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  3. 5 Ways to Get Pro Quality Video from Your Smartphone

    5 Ways to Get Pro Quality Video from Your Smartphone

    Smartphones have definitely come a long way since their invention. Now days there is nothing you cannot do on your cell phones. With the technology increasing day by day, good quality phones are being equipped with powerful cameras which can surely keep you dazed and amazed.  

    With the best camera phones, you can shoot videos for your vlogs, documentaries, and even short films. If you shoot videos on your phone, then we have something for you. We will be sharing with you guys 5 ways to get pro quality videos from your smartphones. So, stick around. 


    The first and most important thing which can affect the video quality is good lighting. Lighting plays a major role in the video quality no matter which phone you are using. Make sure lighting is absolutely perfect as you are shooting your videos. Consider using broad day light in your shoot which is bright and sharp, unless you want to shoot something artistic, and which requires low light. You can also find cheap lighting equipment which can make a difference in your videos.  

    Stay Steady 

    Another thing to keep in mind is that your videos are always steady. If your hands are shaky or if you are moving it can cause blurriness in your videos which is never a good thing to have. This can completely ruin your shot. To remove shakiness from your videos it is recommended that you always use a stand or a tripod. If you are not

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  4. OPPO Famous Earphones

    OPPO Famous Earphones

    Mobile phones now days have become so much more than just phones. You can keep yourself entertained and stay connected all the time with your loved ones. You use your phones to listen to music, talk on calls, and even stream full movies. But to get the best audio every time you need to have the best earphones for crisp and clear audio. 

    We live in a smart world, and everyone is connected to the technology in one way or the other. The best quality OPPO earbuds can provide you great audio, while keeping you free from the tangling of wires. If you are looking to buy OPPO Enco earphones for yourself or your loved ones, then you have come to the right place.  

    OPPO Enco W 51 

    First on the list is Enco W51 which is a great set of earphones for your every need. The state-of-the-art technology makes sure you get crisp and clear sound in both ears every single time. These are really good for calls and for listening to your favorite music.  

    With Bluetooth 5.0 you can stay connected with your earphones in a carefree manner. This makes sure the audio never breaks even if you are far away from your phone. The audio you get is absolutely in sync in both ears and there are no lags.  

    Enco W51 is equipped with a powerful and long-life battery which can keep you entertained all day long. You can listen to your music for up to 9 hours with even 15 minutes

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  5. OPPO Mobile Phone Cases

    OPPO Mobile Phone Cases

    Mobile cases are the most important thing to have with you because even though mobile phones have durable bodies, but they still tend to get damaged if faced with falls or bumps. A mobile phone case can keep your phone safe from any unfortunate incident which can destroy your precious phone.  

    Why You need Mobile Phone Cases? 

    There are a number of reasons why you need to have a case on your phone. The first and most important thing is to keep your phone safe and sound. With the technology advancing day by day mobile phones are getting much more powerful. But even the best of the best needs protection. You can drop your phone or bump it somewhere accidently which can damage your screen, and without a screen you cannot even use your phone.  

    When you have a case applied to your phone, you can keep your phone safe even if it falls or faces a horrific bump. It can also protect the volume and power button along with camera and other internal components. So, you need to have your phone covered with a good quality durable phone case to use it in a carefree manner.  

    One more thing which mobile phone covers are able to provide is style. You can find a stylish and trendy mobile phone cover so you can turn some heads around every time you take your phone out in public.  

    OPPO Phone Cases 

    If you have an OPPO phone and you are looking to

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  6. How to backup Android phone to PC before factory reset

    How to backup Android phone to PC before factory reset

    It is a smart world we live in, and everyone is connected to each other thanks to the Android smartphones. Sometimes your phone starts to lose its performance and productivity due to some reason. In that case the one good option is to reset your phone. 

    Resetting your phone can do wonders for you if you are seeing constant lack in the performance and speed of your mobile phones. It clears those apps which are malfunctioning and causing problems in your phone. It completely cleans your phone and takes it back to the state in which it left the factory.  

    What is a Reset? 

    Reset means cleaning up your phone completely and taking it back to its original condition. It clears everything in your internal storage including email accounts, images, multimedia, and everything else. But it will only affect your internal storage and not even touch the data present on your memory card. Android phones now days give you an option to perform factory reset on your phone right from your settings. Just go to settings and find the Backup and Reset option. When you click on it another interface will appear in front of you then just choose Factory Data Reset option and your phone will reset.  

    There is another way to perform hard reset on your phone. Turn your phone off and then press and hold the

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  7. OPPO Smartphones with 12 GB Ram

    OPPO Smartphones with 12 GB Ram

    Phones with better RAM are most definitely powerful as compared to other mobile phones in the same variety. Brands are now adding the biggest capacity RAMs in flagship and midrange premium 5G android smartphones. One the reasons also include users being able to perform a lot of crucial and essential activities on their phones. One can literally do it all just on their smartphone, without getting involved in PCs or laptops. The 12 GB RAM mobile phones first seemed like an overkill but now that you can actually get it easily, it has proved to be rather a great option for tech lovers. 

    The best 12GB RAM OPPO phones are best to have if you are more of a multitasker or usually play heavier games. If you are also looking for one of the best gaming phones in 2021, getting a 12GB RAM phone will be a good idea.

    We have listed down our top favourites amongst the 12GB RAM mobile phones from OPPO. Whether you are a businessman who needs to always check upon several project straight from your mobile, or the one who is demanding, one of these can be your go-getter.  

    Find X3 Pro 5G Specs

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  8. How bright is the future of Mobile Gaming?

    How bright is the future of Mobile Gaming?

    With the increase in mobile technology, now it is pretty easy to play games on your Android phone. The best 5G phones now days can provide you decent gaming experience, while also giving a perfect feel of portability. Now you don’t need to set up big and heavy gaming computers or gaming consoles to enjoy your gaming sessions. But the technology is increasing day by day and mobile phone gaming is becoming more and more advanced.  

    AAA Games 

    Gone are the days when you needed powerful gaming desktops to enjoy the AAA games by all the big names in the industry. But now even the biggest titles are being released on mobile phones to increase their fan base. You might have seen the huge success of Fortnight and Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUB G), when these titles were released on mobile platform. Now even the most famous and biggest names are also trying to get in the mobile platform too. Grand theft Auto is a game which needs no introduction and is really big with the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gamers. You can also play it on mobile phones with great ease and precision. Although there are some features missing which you find in consoles or PC, but it still provides great fun for the fans. One more quick example is Street Fighter. Street Fighter is the biggest name when it comes to fighting games. It was there even when gaming used to be only 8 bit and even now when the games have become larger than life. A few years ago, you could only play this fighting game on your gaming PC or console, but now it is possible to kill the competition in Street Fighter games right from your 5G phones. 

    AR G

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  9. How to Buy the Best Gaming Phones - Buyer's Guide

    How to Buy the Best Gaming Phones - Buyer's Guide

    5G smartphones have completely changed the dynamics of our work, entertainment, and even gaming. Now you don’t need to buy and set up bulky gaming computers or consoles to enjoy your gaming sessions. With the increase in popularity of mobile gaming, all the big names in the industry are also releasing their AAA games on mobile platforms.  

    But in order to enjoy your gaming fun to the fullest, you need to have the Android mobile phones which can provide adequate results. But buying gaming phones is not an easy task to do and can be a bit tricky at times. So, if you are looking to buy the best gaming phones then you have to look no further. We are going to be sharing with you guys the ultimate buyer’s guide to buy the right gaming phone for you. So, stick around and find out.  

    Best Gaming Phones Key Specs 

    The first thing to consider while buying a gaming phone is obviously the key specs of the phone. If your mobile does not have a good and powerful processor then how can you even run your high-end games, let alone enjoy them to the fullest. Your phone should be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset which you can find in most of the latest 5G smartphones. A Snapdragon chipset has the ability to provide you enough power to run games and perform a number of tasks in a carefree manner.  

    In addition to the processor, you will also need to have a good amount of RAM memory along with a wide storage space. Wide storage means you can download all your favorite games as well as their downloadable content to enjoy your gaming sessions the right way. Memory and

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  10. OPPO Best Fitness Tracker

    OPPO Best Fitness Tracker

    It is a smart world we are living in, and everyone is living a fast-paced life. In this rapidly movinglife,the one thing which is affected most is fitness. But you know what they say, fitness and health always come first.OPPO has never failed to provideyouthe best quality products for all your needs,and thistimeis no difference as well.If you are looking for a fitness watch inUK, then OPPO has got your back. There are plenty of fitness tracking appsinOPPO band,which will certainly leave you dazed and amazed.So,stick around and find out.

    What is a Fitness Tracker?

    Fitness tracker is basically a wearable device,which is used to keepa trackof your fitness and health related metricsoractivities. This can include monitoring your workout sessions, walks, swims, and evenheartbeattoo.The main purpose of a fitness tracker is to keepa trackof your health-related activities,so you can improve it or make some changes to get more healthy and fit.If you have a track of your past working out patterns and routines,then it will bereally easyfor you to progress or to make them better.

    OPPO Band

    OPPO Band is thebest smart fitness trackeryou will find on the face of this planet,witha number ofgreat features to keep you fit and healthy.You will find a plethoraof health-related apps which can prove to bereally goodfor you.

    Continuous SpO2 Monitoring

    This feature keepsa trackof the variability of oxygen levels in your blood.It is monitored as you sleep and lets you know the sleeping patterns as well. It can tellyouhow longyou havebeen sleepingand whatare yourhabits.Withthe bettersleeping habits, you can wake up fresh and feel more active.

    Heart Rate Monitor

    Youoverall wellness and health can be measured by your heartrate. With this app you can monitor your heartbeat around the clock. If it detects any abnormalities in your heart rate,then it willlet you know through vibrating alerts.Whether

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