How to Buy the Best Gaming Phones - Buyer's Guide

5G smartphones have completely changed the dynamics of our work, entertainment, and even gaming. Now you don’t need to buy and set up bulky gaming computers or consoles to enjoy your gaming sessions. With the increase in popularity of mobile gaming, all the big names in the industry are also releasing their AAA games on mobile platforms.  

But in order to enjoy your gaming fun to the fullest, you need to have the Android mobile phones which can provide adequate results. But buying gaming phones is not an easy task to do and can be a bit tricky at times. So, if you are looking to buy the best gaming phones then you have to look no further. We are going to be sharing with you guys the ultimate buyer’s guide to buy the right gaming phone for you. So, stick around and find out.  

Best Gaming Phones Key Specs 

The first thing to consider while buying a gaming phone is obviously the key specs of the phone. If your mobile does not have a good and powerful processor then how can you even run your high-end games, let alone enjoy them to the fullest. Your phone should be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset which you can find in most of the latest 5G smartphones. A Snapdragon chipset has the ability to provide you enough power to run games and perform a number of tasks in a carefree manner.  

In addition to the processor, you will also need to have a good amount of RAM memory along with a wide storage space. Wide storage means you can download all your favorite games as well as their downloadable content to enjoy your gaming sessions the right way. Memory and storage also affect the overall game processing speed of your phone. So always go for a phone with wide memory and storage space.  


Display is the one thing which can make or break your gaming experience. Without a good display you cannot enjoy your gaming visuals, which can ruin your fun. The display should be able to provide you crisp and clear visuals along with realistic colors. Refresh rate is also something to keep in mind whenever you look for a good display. Refresh rate means how many times your screen can produce a new image every second. The higher your refresh rate is the smoother your visuals will be. So, if you want to enjoy the gaming visuals without any kind of motion blur or other interruptions, then go for high refresh rate. Touch sampling rate also matters a lot in a gaming phone. Touch sampling means how many touch commands or gestures your phone can register in a second. It is really important to have a high touch sampling rate if you are going to be playing online competitive shooting games on your phone. 


Battery is probably the most important component of your mobile device. Without a good battery life, you cannot enjoy your mobile fun for a longer period of time and get the proper feel of portability. A long-life battery means you can play your games in a carefree manner no matter where you are. Always opt for a phone which can give you maximum battery time. There are many Android smartphones now days which can give you all day of usage with just a single charge. Plus, you can easily find good whole day battery life phones which also feature Fast Charge function. A fast charge feature basically boosts the battery of your phone in a jiffy and never leaves you hanging for long. You can just plug in the charger, fill up the battery and resume your gaming sessions.  

Cooling System 

When you are performing any task, the CPU tends to get hot and emit heat. This is the reason for cooling technology and vents on your phones and other computing devices, so the heat can be dissipated easily. If the heat is not dissipated properly, you will experience interruptions in your gameplay, like apps getting hanged or even crashing. Gaming is a heavy and demanding task which is a bit taxing on your device. So, it produces more heat and needs a good cooling technology to be vented out. Go for a phone with the best cooling technology so you can stay safe and enjoy your gaming fun without any kind of interruptions. 

Game Mode 

There are many 5G smartphones in the market which have a dedicated game mode, so you can enjoy your gaming sessions without any kind of interruptions or distractions. These game modes can manage the notifications and other alerts, so you can keep the concentration only at your gameplay. There are also many options like managing battery performance and overall CPU performance, so you can enjoy the gaming fun to the fullest. This can be a really good thing to have in your phone if you play games for a longer period of time.  

Bottom Line 

Well, there you have it these were some of the factors which you need to keep in mind, before you go to buy a gaming phone. It is really important to have good features and powerful specs in your phone if you want to enjoy your gaming sessions. If your phone is not able to give you the best performance, then it is of no good. If you are looking to buy the best 5G smartphones, then make sure to visit OPPO Store and choose from a wide collection of Android mobile phones. You can also find a number of best ultrawide quad camera phones as well, which can provide you great gaming experience and much more.