OPPO Best Fitness Tracker

It is a smart world we are living in, and everyone is living a fast-paced life. In this rapidly movinglife,the one thing which is affected most is fitness. But you know what they say, fitness and health always come first.OPPO has never failed to provideyouthe best quality products for all your needs,and thistimeis no difference as well.If you are looking for a fitness watch inUK, then OPPO has got your back. There are plenty of fitness tracking appsinOPPO band,which will certainly leave you dazed and amazed.So,stick around and find out.

What is a Fitness Tracker?

Fitness tracker is basically a wearable device,which is used to keepa trackof your fitness and health related metricsoractivities. This can include monitoring your workout sessions, walks, swims, and evenheartbeattoo.The main purpose of a fitness tracker is to keepa trackof your health-related activities,so you can improve it or make some changes to get more healthy and fit.If you have a track of your past working out patterns and routines,then it will bereally easyfor you to progress or to make them better.


OPPO Band is thebest smart fitness trackeryou will find on the face of this planet,witha number ofgreat features to keep you fit and healthy.You will find a plethoraof health-related apps which can prove to bereally goodfor you.

Continuous SpO2 Monitoring

This feature keepsa trackof the variability of oxygen levels in your blood.It is monitored as you sleep and lets you know the sleeping patterns as well. It can tellyouhow longyou havebeen sleepingand whatare yourhabits.Withthe bettersleeping habits, you can wake up fresh and feel more active.

Heart Rate Monitor

Youoverall wellness and health can be measured by your heartrate. With this app you can monitor your heartbeat around the clock. If it detects any abnormalities in your heart rate,then it willlet you know through vibrating alerts.Whether you are working out, swimming, or just lying around, this app will never let you miss a beat.

12 Different Workout Modes

There are 12 different workout modes in OPPO band as well,which can tell you the duration of your exercise, distance and other metrics, and that too in real time.With the help of these workout modes,you can make your workout sessions more interesting and efficient. You will find thebelow mentioned 12 workout modesin the fitness tracker band.

  • Indoor run
  • Outdoor run
  • Outdoor walk
  • Outdoor cycling
  • Indoor cycling
  • Fat burn run
  • Elliptical
  • Rowing
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Badminton
  • Cricket

Swim Safely

One of the many great things about OPPO Band is that it is also water resistant up to 50 meters. You can wear this to your swimming sessions without the worry of getting it damaged.It can keep a track of your swimming duration as well as can also count the number of laps you did.The water resistance can also come in handy,while you are in the middle of an intense workout sessionsand sweating like there's no tomorrow.

Keeps on Going

OPPO Band is equipped with a powerful battery,which can stay with you for a long time even with a single charge.The high performance and energy efficient chip can give you up to 12 days of usage withone time charge.This can prove to be a really good travel buddy for you if you are always on the go.It charges up quickly and never leaves you hanging for long.

Beautiful Display

In addition to all the great health features, OPPO band has a crystal-clear display which gives you sharp visuals. With the 100% color gamut,you can see all the colorsshining bright on its AMOLED display. But the screen can also take a good amount of beating,thanksto the curved layer of strengthened 2.5D glass. It is also scratch-resistant which keeps the scratches away and never let them ruin your screen.

Notification Sync

You can also get the essential notifications on the screen of your watch, so even if you areaway from your phone or laptop,you canstayconnected. Sync your phone and you will get the notifications of the calls and messages which you are receiving. Plus, you can also respond back to them as well.

Final Word

Well, there you have it this was the review of OPPO Band,which is a great fitness tracker and keepsa track of your health and wellness.You will find all the apps you need to make your workout sessionsmore efficient.So, if you have not made up your mind, then what are you waiting for? Make sure to visitOPPO Storeand choose from a wide collection of smartwatches and other fitness trackers.