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Monthly Archives: August 2021

  1. How to backup Android phone to PC before factory reset

    How to backup Android phone to PC before factory reset

    It is a smart world we live in, and everyone is connected to each other thanks to the Android smartphones. Sometimes your phone starts to lose its performance and productivity due to some reason. In that case the one good option is to reset your phone. 

    Resetting your phone can do wonders for you if you are seeing constant lack in the performance and speed of your mobile phones. It clears those apps which are malfunctioning and causing problems in your phone. It completely cleans your phone and takes it back to the state in which it left the factory.  

    What is a Reset? 

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  2. OPPO Find Series Vs Reno Series - Mobile Phones Comparison


    Mobile Phones comparison is one of the easiest ways to pick the right mobile. The compare feature helps you to evaluate two or more smartphones side by side. You can assess the physical features, hardware, and prices of mobile phones. Thus, you will be able to make an informed purchase decision.

    OPPO store also has the compare feature for its consumers. This allows you to do mobile phones comparison of different characteristics. You can easily compare smartphones from different or the same OPPO series.

    Find Series Vs Reno Series

    Before you start comparing, it is better to understand what set the Find series apart from the Reno series.

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  3. OPPO Trade-In Mobile Phones Program

    Trade-In Mobile Phones

    Mobile phones have a very short lifespan as compared to other smart devices. Although it depends on how you handle your smartphone, the average expectancy is around 2.5 years. Smartphones start to lose their value after 15 to 18 months as their parts start to wear out. The battery life decreases, the display may crack, and you will notice a performance decline.

    Evidently, you will start thinking to buy a new smartphone. As you start considering your options, there is another dilemma that needs attention. What to do with your old phone?

    You can send an old smartphone for recycling or sell it in the market. However, trading in your old mobile phone is the best and smartest choice. This is a viable option for budget users who can get some valuable savings. Thus, you can swap your existing phone with a newer model of flagship while paying less.

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  4. OPPO Compare Mobile Phones Specs, Prices

    OPPO Compare Mobile Phones Specs, Prices

    It is a well-known fact that whenever you buy OPPO phones, you are always guaranteed to get the best quality 5G smartphones with great specs, which are worth ever penny you spend. But when you go to buy 5G smartphones, it is extremely important to compare mobile phones in UK, before you make a decision. So, if you are looking for the best quality OPPO 5G smartphones to buy, then you have come to the right place. We are going to be looking at some of the best OPPO smartphones and try to compare the specs, so you guys can easily make up your mind. So, let us not waste any more time and get right to it.

    Find X3 Neo 5G


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  5. Best OPPO 5G Smartphones for Every Budget

    Best OPPO 5G Smartphones for Every Budget

    Finding the right mobile from 5G Android smartphones is tricky. We all want the latest features with splurging hardware without spending much. However, discovering the right model requires time and serious effort. Otherwise, you will either end up with an extensive model that exceeds your budget or a cheap smartphone that lacks modern features.

    OPPO mobiles save the consumers from this troublesome decision by making the choice simple. Our range of 5G Android smartphones extends from flagship models to SIM-free phones that you can purchase at affordable prices.

    You can bag yourself the best camera phones with superior features without paying the premium. Below are the best OPPO mobiles for every budget that will surely satisfy your desires.

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