Mobile Phones comparison is one of the easiest ways to pick the right mobile. The compare feature helps you to evaluate two or more smartphones side by side. You can assess the physical features, hardware, and prices of mobile phones. Thus, you will be able to make an informed purchase decision.

OPPO store also has the compare feature for its consumers. This allows you to do mobile phones comparison of different characteristics. You can easily compare smartphones from different or the same OPPO series.

Find Series Vs Reno Series

Before you start comparing, it is better to understand what set the Find series apart from the Reno series.

OPPO Find series is a line of flagship mobile phones. These are premium smartphones with superior designs, the best cameras, and powerful hardware. The latest addition to the line-up is the Find X3 series. However, the Find X2 series phones are just as good as any other high-end smartphone.

The Reno series smartphones are value-packed devices that come with exceptional camera setups. The design and hardware of these mobile phones meet both the eyes and consumer needs.

How to Perform OPPO Mobile Phone Comparison?

Doing mobile phones comparison is easy and only takes a few seconds. The feature allows you to compare up to 3 OPPO smartphones at once. All you need to do is pick the models that you want to compare. After picking the models, you can evaluate the detailed specifications of smartphones side by side.

For example, you can do OPPO Find Series vs Reno Series comparison. All you need to do is select preferred smartphone models from the list. You can pick Find X3 Pro or Find X2 Lite to compare it with Reno series phones.

The first see that you will notice after adding the models is their prices. For better understanding, features are divided and listed in ten different categories. The features of each model are mentioned under its respective column. Whereas each row shows the mobile phone comparison of a distinctive category.

Dimensions & Weight

The first row will show the dimensions and weight of selected OPPO mobile phones. You can compare the height, width, and depth as well as the weight. In case a model has different variants, you will see details of each iteration.


Under this category, you will find out the RAM and storage capacity of selected phones. Additional information about RAM type and ROM type will be displayed. You can also know whether a specific model supports external memory.

Camera Setup

This section will show detailed information about camera setups. You can read about both front and rear cameras as well as the type of lenses. Additional information, such as focal length, sensor size, and camera modes will help you make a better decision. You can find out whether a smartphone can shoot Full HD or 4K videos.

So, if you are performing mobile phones comparison to get the best camera phone, this is the right way to compare your favorite models.


The size of your smartphone display and screen type can make or break its visual performance. So, keep in mind your individual needs while you are doing mobile phones comparison. Especially if you are into mobile gaming, you need a high refresh rate display.

The compare feature throws light on screen size, panel type, resolution, and refresh rate. You can also read information about screen colours, brightness levels, and screen protection.


This is where you will get to know about the processors (CPUs), the type of CPUs, and their speed. You will also know about the onboard GPU that each smartphone has. Moreover, information about the battery capacity and charging power will be listed. We recommend you consider your daily smartphone use and everyday needs. The performance of smartphones is heavily dependent on the hardware, so give some thought to it.


OPPO smartphones come with modern connectivity options, such as a USB-C port. In addition, you must consider whether the USB port supports OTG and NFC. The latest Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth version provide a better wireless connection.


Most smartphone features are accomplished through different sensors, which makes them essential. Some vital sensors include GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, and Fingerprint sensor. So, make sure to check out that your new smartphone has the necessary sensors on it.

Operating System

OPPO mobile phones are some of the best Android smartphones. The flagship models like the Find X3 series run on the latest Android 11. In addition, there is OPPO ColorOS that further improves the user experience.

In The Box

Almost all the essential tools and information that you need for your new OPPO smartphones come packed inside the box. This includes earphones or a headset, SIM ejector, power adapter, USB data cable, and a case. Moreover, you will find a quick guide and warranty card in the box.


At the bottom, you will read about the warranty period for each model. OPPO offers a 2-year warranty on both Reno series and Find series smartphones.

The Bottom line

Both the Find series and the Reno series include value-packed mobile phones. The compare feature can assist you in finding your new smartphone. You can easily compare mobile phones that entice your interest. The comparison chart will assist you in making an informed purchase decision.