How bright is the future of Mobile Gaming?

With the increase in mobile technology, now it is pretty easy to play games on your Android phone. The best 5G phones now days can provide you decent gaming experience, while also giving a perfect feel of portability. Now you don’t need to set up big and heavy gaming computers or gaming consoles to enjoy your gaming sessions. But the technology is increasing day by day and mobile phone gaming is becoming more and more advanced.  

AAA Games 

Gone are the days when you needed powerful gaming desktops to enjoy the AAA games by all the big names in the industry. But now even the biggest titles are being released on mobile phones to increase their fan base. You might have seen the huge success of Fortnight and Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUB G), when these titles were released on mobile platform. Now even the most famous and biggest names are also trying to get in the mobile platform too. Grand theft Auto is a game which needs no introduction and is really big with the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gamers. You can also play it on mobile phones with great ease and precision. Although there are some features missing which you find in consoles or PC, but it still provides great fun for the fans. One more quick example is Street Fighter. Street Fighter is the biggest name when it comes to fighting games. It was there even when gaming used to be only 8 bit and even now when the games have become larger than life. A few years ago, you could only play this fighting game on your gaming PC or console, but now it is possible to kill the competition in Street Fighter games right from your 5G phones. 

AR Games 

AR means augmented reality. It has been a dream of all the gaming freaks to be able to play virtual reality games since the early 90s. But with the advancement in technology, it was made possible thanks to some top gaming consoles. Now you can play augmented reality games on your mobile which seemed absolutely impossible a few years back. You might have heard about Pokémon Go. It is a mobile game which lets you enjoy the adventures in the virtual world of your gaming, while also having the pleasure to mix reality with it as well. It gives you freedom to look for objects and creatures through the eyes of your phone’s camera. You can make your own background a place to look for the creatures.  

As technology is constantly increasing there are many more AR games being released on mobile platforms. In the near future it can be a really big thing when all the bugs in the technology will be fixed. Plus, as the device is portable you can enjoy the gaming fun no matter where you are and without any kind of big setup.  

Online Gaming 

Online gaming gives you the freedom to enjoy your gaming sessions with your friends or other players all around the world with ease. It was only limited to the PC gamers in the very beginning but after that gaming consoles also started giving this option to the players. But with the success of Fortnight and PUB G, now online competitive gaming can be enjoyed on your mobile phones no matter where in the world you are. Even competitive gaming is being done on mobile phones now a days. Competitive gaming will also slowly but gradually shift to the mobile phones in the near future.  


It is a smart world we are living in, and everyone is leading a fast-paced life. People are mostly on the move or travelling somewhere. You don’t have enough time to stop your schedule and setup and gaming console to play your games. That’s where mobile phone gaming comes to play. Portability is a great factor and the biggest positive point in the mobile gaming. You can stay connected to your game even while you are on the roads. This is a main thing many people prefer mobile gaming to PC gaming or console gaming. With the power of gaming in your pocket you can enjoy the gaming fun with great and without any kind of hassle. This is constantly making mobile phones the best way to enjoy your gaming fun.  

Gaming Phones 

The arrival of gaming phones is clear indicator of the constant increase in the popularity of mobile gaming. People are more hooked to mobile games rather than PC gaming or console gaming. There are many new mobile phones being introduced, which are equipped with wide memory and huge storage space to support your gaming lifestyle. In the future these gaming phones will surely get much more advanced and powerful, so you won’t be needing anything else to enjoy your gaming pleasures.  

5G Gaming 

With the help of the best quality 5G phones, you can stay connected with the world of internet no matter where you are, without any kind of cables or other connections. It means you can enjoy the real-time multiplayer gaming in a carefree manner. In the future it can be a great weapon for all the gaming enthusiasts to enjoy the fun. You can stay connected with the players all around the world, without any problem and destroy the competition in your competitive multiplayer games.  

Game On!! 

After going through all the above-mentioned factors, it is really safe to say that the future of mobile gaming is really bright indeed. With the latest and upcoming technology, enjoying your gaming fun on phones will not be a problem at all. So, if you are looking for an Android phone for yourself then make sure to visit OPPO Store and choose from a wide collection of best 5G phones in UK.