5 Ways to Get Pro Quality Video from Your Smartphone

Smartphones have definitely come a long way since their invention. Now days there is nothing you cannot do on your cell phones. With the technology increasing day by day, good quality phones are being equipped with powerful cameras which can surely keep you dazed and amazed.  

With the best camera phones, you can shoot videos for your vlogs, documentaries, and even short films. If you shoot videos on your phone, then we have something for you. We will be sharing with you guys 5 ways to get pro quality videos from your smartphones. So, stick around. 


The first and most important thing which can affect the video quality is good lighting. Lighting plays a major role in the video quality no matter which phone you are using. Make sure lighting is absolutely perfect as you are shooting your videos. Consider using broad day light in your shoot which is bright and sharp, unless you want to shoot something artistic, and which requires low light. You can also find cheap lighting equipment which can make a difference in your videos.  

Stay Steady 

Another thing to keep in mind is that your videos are always steady. If your hands are shaky or if you are moving it can cause blurriness in your videos which is never a good thing to have. This can completely ruin your shot. To remove shakiness from your videos it is recommended that you always use a stand or a tripod. If you are not using a stand or a tripod, then you can still get steady videos thanks to the Ultra Steady mode which you can find in latest smartphones. It helps you shoot steady videos without any kind of interruptions.  

Audio also Matters 

Audio or sound of the video is something which can make or break the viewing experience of that video. If audio quality of your video is not, then it will ruin the video as well. Make sure to always get the best quality audio while you are shooting videos. It is advised that you use an external microphone for recording audio while shooting. This will eliminate background noises from the equation pretty nicely. There is one more thing which you can do and that is to record audio separately. This means you can record the video first and take the shots you want to get. After that you can do voice over on the video or record the audio separately. This can provide you clear and crisp audio like you get in movies or pro quality videos.  

Don’t Zoom 

While you are shooting videos it is always recommended that you never zoom until it is necessary to do so. Zooming can cause grains and noise in your video which will completely ruin your video quality and it will not look good. If you want to capture something from close, then you need to get close to it rather than zooming. Even though there are many great smartphones now days which can give you accurate zooming without any lack in quality but still, it is advised that you zoom as less as possible.  

Avoid Vertical Video Orientation 

Mostly people are seen shooting videos on their smartphones, but they use vertical orientation. It means the videos they shoot are seen in a vertical or portrait format, which never looks good when you play it on any media player or screen. This is a mistake which can make your video look less professional, and you should avoid it. Use horizontal orientation or landscape format, while shooting videos on your phone so that they can look good when played back on any screen.  

Bottom Line 

These were some of the best ways to improve the quality of videos even while you shoot them on your phone. These tips can certainly take your shooting skills to the next level and can help you in more ways than one. There are some good quality camera phones out there which can also be of great help to you. So, if you are looking to buy one for yourself then make sure to visit OPPO Store and choose from a wide collection of smartphones.