OPPO FIDO Alliance

OPPO recently unveiled that it has joined FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance in a move to replace conventional password-based authentication mechanisms with the latest passwordless technology. FIDO is an open industry association whose mission is to formulate authentication protocols in a bid to reduce the world’s reliance on passwords.

The latest turn by OPPO will allow its users to enjoy convenient, faster, and more secure logins across multiple services, accounts, and platforms. As part of the FIDO Alliance, OPPO will work on the development and implementation of the latest FIDO protocols. These include FIDO’s standards for passwordless sign-ins, using fundamental public passkey cryptography, and other protocols to bring fast, user-friendly, and secure log-in experiences across different services for users. OPPO will also collaborate with other members of the Alliance to make and market FIDO Authentication certificates to alleviate the overdependence on password-based logins.

In the present era, a typical internet user usually holds multiple user accounts and has to manage a large set of account passwords. It often becomes a nerve-wracking and time-consuming task for both users and the organisations. Meanwhile, password-only methods have gone through a few instances of severe backlash. And the obvious reasons involved high operating costs of changing and resetting user passwords to the security flaws evolved from weak passwords and the password reusage across various accounts.

The FIDO Alliance was founded in 2012 with the aim to mitigate the world’s leaning on passwords. The Alliance works for the development of password-free identity validation and login methods for worldwide applications, services, and websites. The FIDO’s latest authentication specification is FIDO2 which provides an easy-to-deploy and secure technical framework and carries support from world’s leading technology companies including Google, Microsoft, and Qualcomm.

As part of the FIDO Alliance, OPPO will be actively using FIDO’s protocols for the optimisation of user experiences and improvement of validation-security on its smart devices. Soon, OPPO’s users will be able to use their smartphones as a ‘passkey’ to sign-in to several services, apps, and platforms, hence creating a seamlessly connected environment. In coordination with FIDO, OPPO will provide its users with the handy feature of accessing their FIDO credentials on the core OPPO device even if they are using multiple smart devices including new devices and nearby devices. It will save the OPPO’s users from the hassle of re-enrolling every account on other browsers and OS platforms.

As one of the members of the FIDO Alliance, OPPO will also join hands with FIDO’s different regional and technical working groups. The OPPO will perform technical contributions to bring password-free sign-in technology for maximum applications and services. In the current digital era, availability of plethora of information also lead to greater security challenges. In align with its core motive ‘to make technology accessible to everyone’, OPPO will strive with its industry allies to enable Intelligently secure and smooth password-free authentication experiences for more users.