OPPO Wireless Charger

OPPO wireless charging has been the talk of the tech industry since quite some of the time period. As much as the leading smartphone brand is known for its android phones, its wireless chargers are what sets it a bar higher. As OPPO wireless chargers come equipped with certain avant-garde features.

The first ever charging solution launched by OPPO for fastest and safest mobile charge experience is AIRVOOC. This technology is introduced with a charging speed and convenience that is nowhere found. The AirVOOC 50W wireless charging lets the user charge their android phones in almost around 56 minutes. In addition, any mobile phone can get a whole 1 hour of standby time by just charging the android phone for only 5 minutes.

Which technology is used in OPPO Wireless Charger?

OPPO has used Qi wireless charging for its chargers, which is the most efficient way of charging your phone wirelessly. Through this method, users can charge their smartphones just by inserting them on a pad or using them with charging adapter. The AirVOOC charger by OPPO comes with air-cooling technology for safest heat dissipation and no overheating issues.

What if Android phones are not compatible with OPPO Wireless Chargers?

Well, you might want to charge any other phone besides OPPO phone through wireless OPPO charger. In that case, the first thing to look out for is whether your current android phone supports wireless charging or not. The good news here, is that Qi charging is the standard charging method and is mostly compatible with all phones. However, still, if you find out your android mobile is not supported by wireless charging, you can use OPPO 50W AIRVOOC charger. This is the new wireless-charge device that also has an automatic switch, plus universally charges any cell phone.

How to charge phones Wirelessly?

OPPO wireless charger uses the same traditional Qi charging method. All you have to do before charging your android phone is to place it on the charging pad, in whichever position it allows. For example, OPPO wireless chargers mostly allow the phones to be placed in both landscape and portrait position on them. Accessories can also be plugged to these chargers by connecting them to the device, and then placing them on the wireless charger.

Does OPPO Wireless Charger overcharge the Android phone?

Thankfully, OPPO has taken full safety precautions to make its user experience faster than ever, and full of protection. For eradicating any high-voltage concerns, the brand has included isolated charging pump which doesn’t let any extra voltage enter the battery. The potential DC paths are blocked by this pump if there is any possibility of harmful current or voltage so there is no direct reach to the battery cell. For user’s charging safety, this technology is passed by the TÜV Rheinland wireless safety fast charging certification by OPPO. As a result, users are made sure to have guilt-free charging experience whenever they need to charge their smartphones wirelessly.

As charging can cause heating issues, OPPO has used dual-cell architecture to reduce any charging inefficiencies. In a typical wireless charging solution, a single cell needs two voltage eliminations from the charging base. However, the OPPO AirVOOC uses dual-cell structure in which there is only one voltage reduction, which ultimately creates lower heat.

Which Android phones are compatible with OPPO Wireless Charger?

As mentioned earlier, most of the android phones support Qi wireless charging. OPPO wireless chargers also utilize Qi charging technology, which makes them highly compatible with most phones. From Apple, to Samsung, OnePlus, Vivo and much more, there are plenty of smartphones that are capable of wirelessly charging with OPPO.

Besides other brand smartphones, the one advantage that OPPO mobiles get here is that you get faster charging speed with them. So, if you currently own OPPO phone and need to use wireless charger, your charging time will be way less than another phone. The best OPPO smartphones that are compatible with AIRVOOC charger are listed below:

Find X5 Pro 5G
Find X5 5G
Find X3 Pro 5G
Reno8 Pro 5G
Reno 8 5G
Find X3 Lite 5G
Find X3 Neo 5G


The new 50W AIRVOOC charger by OPPO comes in matte white and is compatible with many android phones. It also has 30W and 65W editions which you can buy according to your preference, making the OPPO’s charger a best-budget smartphone accessory. The charger allows inserting the mobile phones in landscape or upright position, making it convenient for most users. Another advantage that this latest charger comes with is you can charge any phone with plastic cover of 2mm. Usually, the issue raised with wireless chargers is that you can’t charge phones with covers but with this one, OPPO has made it easier.


Does OPPO Reno7 support wireless charging?

Yes, being one of the best and easy to use smartphones for elderly persons, OPPO Reno7 supports Qi wireless charging. To charge the phone, you simply have to place it over on the top of the charging pad according to its shape. OPPO chargers allow the phones to be places horizontally as well as vertically, which is brilliant.

How do I activate OPPO wireless charging?

A SUPERVOOC wireless charger is one of the many OPPO smartphone accessories you will need while travelling and it’s super easy to align the charging unit with your OPPO phone. Just visit the Settings section, and go to the Battery and System menu. From there, you can check the Reverse charging option in the dragged down list. You will see more options and you can then enable/disable according to your preference.

How do I enable wireless charging on android?

To enable wireless charging on any android phone, you should go to the phone’s Settings and then move to the Advanced settings. From there you will most probably have the option of enabling fast wireless charging. Most phones might also show accessories menu soon after you click ‘Advanced settings’ which you will have to click for enabling wireless charging.