OPPO Celebrated its 18th Anniversary and launched Global Community alongside Inspiring Service Week, building the future of Intelligent Living

Global smartphone brand, OPPO, celebrated its 18th anniversary on 17th September with a mission to lead technology innovation. With its user-centric approach towards technology, the brand has continued to spread its commitment with leaping through boundaries of technological diversion. In the worldwide market, the manufacturer has evolved as a consumer technology brand with providing services in tech sector, including smartphones, accessories, integrated software, tech solutions and much more.

OPPO is now the 4th biggest smartphone manufacturer and serves over 60 countries with 80 telecoms operators globally. From earliest audio players gadgets to SuperVOOC flash-charge technologies and intriguing feature build smartphones, the brand has made sure to deliver breakthrough in cutting-edge innovation.

The 18th anniversary celebration of OPPO led the launch of brand-new and interesting services that will be offered by the brand from now on, for enhanced user experience.

OPPO Global Community

Launching just after a day of 18th anniversary, the Global community by OPPO is created as hub for users to engage and interact. The website named as community.oppo.com will be more like an open ecosystem which will also be inclusive. Users can share about technology on the platform, life stories about tech or relevant stuff and can witness the upcoming innovation from OPPO. The site will also conduct an open-chat forum for all users where they can discuss about innovative tech, features, latest products and much more.

This online community forum is especially formed for tech enthusiasts to get access about all updates about OPPO and its festivities. OPPO technical experts will be available for in-depth communication about services and products from the brand. This channel will also enable OPPO to connect more with their audience and get practical feedback about each product, or announcement.

OPPO Inspiring Service Week

Around the world, there are more than 2500 service sites that operate on the behalf of OPPO service center. These services are offered to the OPPO users for making sure their issues are subjected to the repairment. In addition, the high-quality expertise commitment from OPPO lets the user enjoy all the latest benefits of products and technologies. Each month, from 10 to 12th, users can exclusively eanjoy benefits from over 900 service centers with discount offers, free disinfection and repair services, and more.

OPPO Service day will be upgraded to service week after the celebration of its anniversary, in the month of September. Accessible in more than 21 countries, this week shall allow users to avail discounts on repair smartphones and accessories. This will also include free labour costs, software upgrades, protective films and free maintenance. In addition, the centers will be extended with more hours of service which will also offer free locality drinks to customers, for a thoughtful experience.

Alongside OPPO Global community and Inspiring week, the leading smartphone brand also revealed some of the bright stories of OPPO employees, which contributed to the growth factors. In a documented series, there were many discussions including local customer needs, daily life experiences and beauty of sound. With different experiences and multiple regions from all over the world, OPPO employees shared a unifying passion for innovating technology into products, following the brand’s proposition “Inspiration Ahead”.