September 8, 2022, LONDON — OPPO ColorOS has managed to win four Red Dot Awards in the Brands and Communication Design grouping for 2022. OPPO SANS Fonts, O Relax app, OMOJI and the Two-Finger Split Screen are four of the ColorOS 12 winning integrations.

OPPO SANS is a comprehensive typeface, designed by OPPO. The shape of the font is concise and elegant due to the simplification of the strokes, implemented during designing of the OPPO’s typeface. While the font’s structure exhibits exceptional visual optimisation techniques. All these updates present an enhanced sense of technology and upgraded font legibility on various displays available in various products.

While the O Relax is a digital wellbeing application by OPPO that allows users to relax their mind by listening to the soothing music tracks and natural sounds. One of the promising features of the app is ‘Sounds of the City’, which delivers high-quality ambiance sounds recorded from various prominent locations around the globe such as Beijing, Reykjavik, and Tokyo. The recorded sounds include versatile voices ranging from calm sound of heavy rain to the vibrant sound of a fast-approaching train, to peaceful sound of a neighborhood’s pavement. Such type of perceptible exploration of the world allows users to indulge themselves in their own version of meditation.

OMOJI feature available in the ColorOS 12 is powered by the OPPO’s industry-best Face Recognition Algorithm. OPPO’s users are now able to customise unique emojis which represents their own style and can use them while sending messages with a personal touch due to the OMOJI’s high-precision models of the virtual expression, based on the 200+ stylistic elements together with 52 core human facial expressions.

The ‘Two-Finger Split Screen’ function has been launched by OPPO in ColorOS 12 for enabling 7.1-inches large display of the company’s first folding screen smartphone - Find N, to provide efficiency and multi-tasking.

The Red Dot Awards hold the worldwide reputation of being the most prestigious professional design competition globally. The four design awards are a direct recognition of OPPO’s innovative design capabilities. OPPO will continue to empower its users with even more coherent and pleasant experiences through ColorOS.