OPPO has deputed a new aesthetic Aquamorphic Wallpaper developed in collaboration with the estate of Op Art artist Julian Stanczak (1928 – 2017) with Stanczak’s work Blue Diffusion # 2 on OPPO Theme Store Art + Channel. This collaboration has come with the release of ColorOS 13. The wallpaper spots blue tones of the ColorOS Aquamorphic Design. The blue tones present in the wallpaper are further boosted by Julian Stanczak’s mastery of colour which has led to the development of appealing visuals and a unique aesthetic experience.

Julian Stanczak is the founder of the international Op Art movement and a true master of handling colours. Stanczak’s work was not about a mere painting, it was an art piece that was aimed at regulating an emotional, visual, and psychological response in the viewer. For ColorOS 13, the Anamorphic Wallpaper collaborated seamlessly with the Aquamorphic concept.  Stanczak is well aware of the power of colours and used them to translate the power and drama of nature into a universal impression. This is the inspiration behind the Aquamorphic Design. The Aquamorphic Design, which is inspired by water (the organic and natural element of nature), aims to deliver a bright, fluid, and inclusive user experience by energising consumers while they use the phone. Users of ColorOS 13 can have an aesthetic and natural experience thanks to the energy of the many wavelengths of light depicted in the Aquamorphic Wallpaper, which is intuitive, abstract, and private in everyone's experience and use.

“Building dialogue through product and time is what makes a design good. It should be able to respond to people’s psychological needs in the moment”, Xi Zeng, OPPO’s Director of Software Design said. “The wallpaper collaboration of Julian Stanczak and OPPO incorporates nature, art, and technology to create a digital experience that encourages self-reflection, inspiration, and vitality.”

Additionally, ColorOS 13 doesn’t only provides Aquamorphic Wallpaper, there are other options available as well. Blossom wallpapers are also available to provide users with a visually aesthetic experience and keep the digital well-being of users in mind. On the 18th of August, a new operating system was introduced, and it included many smart features. In addition to the Aquamorphic design, there is Multi-Screen Connect, Meeting Assistant, and many updates related to the Always-On Display for millions of users across the globe.