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  1. How to run a Blog from your Smartphone?

    How to run a Blog from your Smartphone?

    Running a blog or having your own blogging platform is considered as a successful career in these times. Where many users have adopted it as a permanent field of work, some of them are inclining towards it as a part time job. 

    Some of the beginners who are just naturally very good at describing their adventures, life chores and even the slightest of things can become the best blogger. However not everyone has access to the laptop or a computer. But most of us have smartphones, in fact more than 80% of the population in UK owns a mobile phone. So, if you thought about forgetting to run a blog of your own just because of no computer, you can do it all from your smartphone.  

    In this article, we are focused towards guiding you on how you can start from a scratch

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  2. Best Mid-Range Smartphone with Good Camera

    Best Mid-Range Smartphone with Good Camera

    For a large group of users, affording a flagship or premium mobile phone is never easy. Specially when you are a student or a budget buyer who needs to have a prominent check of balance, you got to spend every penny carefully. The affordable mobile phones make it easier for budget-conscious people to get the best value for money.  

    Having the best camera smartphone is indeed a blessing but it always comes with a greater cost. Thanks to the latest technology, you can now more often look at phones with adequate camera quality and not so expensive price. The midrange smartphones range make it a lot easier for low-budget consumers. But, when one has to look on the cameras included in a mobile phone, one needs to be even more considerate.  


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  3. OPPO Find X2 Pro Review: Still going strong in 2021

    Oppo Find X2 Pro Review: Still going strong in 2021

    OPPO phones have been in the market for quite a while now and they are known to provide you the best quality which you deserve. One such phone is Find X2 Pro which is a great device, and it is still on top of the ladder. We are going to be reviewing this phone and try to find out what is it all about.  

    Oppo Find X2 Pro Review 


    Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Mobile Platform 


    6.7 inches, 3168 x 1440 


    12GB RAM 




    48MP + 32MP 



    Key Specs 

    Let us first get key specs of this phone out of the way. It is powered by the mighty Snapdragon 865 processor which gives you enough power to perform all your tasks with ease. You get a wide memory of 12GB RAM which makes sure your phone never slows down and lets you perform multiple tasks at the same time. There is a wide 512GB storage space so you can store all your apps, games, and much more in a carefree manner. The phone never slows down even if you are performing some of the heavy and demanding tasks. 


    Now let us talk a little about the display of this phone. It is equipped with a 6.7 inches display which gives you resolution of 3168 x 1440 pixels. The bezel is absolutely narrow so you can get more screen to body ratio for your larger than life viewing pleasures. Front camera is just a punch hole on the display so there are no distractions in your visuals. Colors are great and the overall picture quality will leave you dazed and amazed every time.  

    Playing your games on this display will surely feel like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. With a high refresh rate of 120Hz, your visuals are always silky smooth whether you are gaming or streaming. You can play your online competitive shooting games on this phone with ease, thanks to 240Hz touch sampling rate.  


    Cameras are probably the most used component of a smartphone these days. Find X2 Pro features a 48MP rear camera which can take stunning pictures and shoot clear videos. The front 32MP camera is just perfect for making your already beautiful selfies more beautiful. There are a number of great camera features in this phone which can surely take your photography skills to the next level. It offers Ultra Steady mode which lets you shoot steady videos, even if you are moving or standing on a shaky surface. There is also Night mode as well which can let you take bright pictures, even in the darkness of the night without compromising on the quality. It also gives you AI beautification mode which enhances the beauty of your pictures, by managing the skin tone and overall feel of the pictures.  


    A long battery life is responsible to give you the proper feel of portability and Find X2 Pro never fails to provide it. It has a 4260mAh battery which can stay with you all day long with just a single charge. It also supports SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge, so you can boost the battery of your phone in a jiffy and never get to hang for too long. It is really good thing to have if you are always on the go and don’t have enough time to keep the battery of your phone charged.  

    Final Verdict 

    OPPO Find X2 Pro is still running wild in the market and for all the right reasons. It offers a number of great features and specs which are packed inside a slim and sleek body. The color and design of this phone can turn some heads around when taken out in public. It is pretty lightweight which makes it easy to hold and even easier to carry around with you. So, if you are looking to buy OPPO Find X2 Pro then what are waiting for? Make sure to visit OPPO Store and buy this one or choose from a wide collection of OPPO phones on great deals.  

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  4. 4 Tips to Improve Photography with OPPO Smartphone

    4 Tips to Improve Photography with OPPO Smartphone

    OPPO has been known to provide good quality cameras in its phones for quite some time now. When you go for an OPPO smartphone you are always guaranteed to get the best quality, which is worth every penny you spend. There are so many great features in an OPPO camera phone which can surely take your photography skills to the next level. If you are a photography fanatic who loves to take pictures on your phone, then we will tell you guys 4 best tips to improve your photography with OPPO smartphone. So, stick around.  

    AI Beautification 

    There are many great features in an OPPO phone which can surely make your selfies better. One of them is AI beautification feature, which can help in making your selfies more beautiful than they already are. You will not need to use any editing tool afterwards to beautify it. AI beautification can automatically manage the skin tone and your complexion to make you appear more appealing. It also gives a little air-brushed look but without seeming unnatural. It can brighten up your image and face without compromising on the image quality.  

    AI-Scene Recognition 

    AI scene recognition is certainly a treat for the photographers. It can easily identify up to 120 scenes and then adjust the camera settings according to that. It automatically knows what type of environment you are in and what type of picture you want to take. The lighting and contrast are adjusted according to it so you can capture perfect click every time. If you have ever used a DSLR camera then you might know about the background blur effect which you can get in your pictures. This feature can let you take smooth pictures with beautiful background blur which will certainly remind you of a DSLR camera.  

    Use Good Lighting  

    Lighting plays a major role in the overall image quality. Even though you can find features like Night mode which can brighten up you pictures without overexposing, but still it is recommended to use good natural light. There is nothing better than using sun light in your pictures because it is pretty bright and smooth. Make sure to keep the lighting in consideration while you are taking pictures. If you are taking pictures in an indoor environment, then it is advised that you stay where the light is. You can also make a lighting equipment of your own to get things started. If you are using natural light, then you need to know where the light source is and go towards the light. It is not always good to stand in front of the light or use a backlight setup. 

    Know the Camera Settings 

    If you are going to be taking pictures with your phone, then you should know what type of device you are using and what kind of power it can provide. Go through the camera settings and find out everything there is to know. You should be able to tweak the settings to get different styles and types of pictures. There are a number of things like aperture, focus, and ISO which can have major effects on your pictures. If you are aware of all the settings, then you can maximize results in the right way.  

    Some Useful things to Consider 

    While you are taking pictures there are some things which you should consider, so there are no interruptions or lack in the picture quality. Make sure the lens is absolutely clean and there are no spots or marks on them. There are a number of stickers and filters in OPPO camera which can certainly enhance the beauty of your image. Set the resolution of your camera high whenever you are taking pictures. 

    Final Word 

    These were 4 best tips for you guys to improve your photography with OPPO smartphone. Make sure to keep them in mind and you will be good to go. If you are looking to buy OPPO smartphone for yourself or your loved ones, then make sure to visit OPPO Store and choose from a wide collection of smartphones on great deals.  

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  5. 5 Ways to Get Pro Quality Video from Your Smartphone

    5 Ways to Get Pro Quality Video from Your Smartphone

    Smartphones have definitely come a long way since their invention. Now days there is nothing you cannot do on your cell phones. With the technology increasing day by day, good quality phones are being equipped with powerful cameras which can surely keep you dazed and amazed.  

    With the best camera phones, you can shoot videos for your vlogs, documentaries, and even short films. If you shoot videos on your phone, then we have something for you. We will be sharing with you guys 5 ways to get pro quality videos from your smartphones. So, stick around. 


    The first and most important thing which can affect the

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  6. OPPO Famous Earphones

    OPPO Famous Earphones

    Mobile phones now days have become so much more than just phones. You can keep yourself entertained and stay connected all the time with your loved ones. You use your phones to listen to music, talk on calls, and even stream full movies. But to get the best audio every time you need to have the best earphones for crisp and clear audio. 

    We live in a smart world, and everyone is connected to the technology in one way or the other. The best quality OPPO earbuds can provide you great audio, while keeping you free from the tangling of wires. If you are looking to buy OPPO Enco earphones for yourself or your loved ones, then you have come to the right place.  

    OPPO Enco W

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  7. OPPO Mobile Phone Cases

    OPPO Mobile Phone Cases

    Mobile cases are the most important thing to have with you because even though mobile phones have durable bodies, but they still tend to get damaged if faced with falls or bumps. A mobile phone case can keep your phone safe from any unfortunate incident which can destroy your precious phone.  

    Why You need Mobile Phone Cases? 

    There are a number of reasons why you need to have a case on your phone. The first and most important thing is to keep your phone safe and sound. With the technology advancing day by day mobile phones are getting much more powerful. But even the best of the best needs protection. You can drop your phone or bump it somewhere accidently which can damage your screen, and without a screen

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  8. How to backup Android phone to PC before factory reset

    How to backup Android phone to PC before factory reset

    It is a smart world we live in, and everyone is connected to each other thanks to the Android smartphones. Sometimes your phone starts to lose its performance and productivity due to some reason. In that case the one good option is to reset your phone. 

    Resetting your phone can do wonders for you if you are seeing constant lack in the performance and speed of your mobile phones. It clears those apps which are malfunctioning and causing problems in your phone. It completely cleans your phone and takes it back to the state in which it left the factory.  

    What is a Reset? 

    Reset means cleaning up your phone completely and taking it back to its original condition. It clears everything in your internal storage including email accounts, images, multimedia, and everything else. But it will only affect your internal storage and not even touch the data present on your memory card. Android phones now days give you an option to perform factory reset on your phone right from your settings. Just go to settings and find the Backup and Reset option. When you click on it another interface will appear in front of you then just choose Factory Data Reset option and your phone will reset.  

    There is another way to perform hard reset on your phone. Turn your phone off and then press and hold the power button along with volume up button. When you do this, Android Boot Menu will appear in front of you. You will need to use the volume button to navigate through the menu and power button to select an option. There you will find factory reset option just choose that option and you will be good to go. 

    Backing up Data 

    Before you reset your phone it is really important that you back up your data, to prevent loss of any valuable or important data. And we all know how difficult and frustrating it is to recover your lost data. There are a number of ways in which you can back up your data. So, stick around and find out.  

    Backup on PC 

    Backing up your data on your PC is a pretty convenient and easy way to prevent your data from losing. Just connect your phone with your PC with the help of a Data transfer cable. When you connect your phone to the computer you will see options on your computer screen. Open the explorer and copy all the data present on your phone’s internal storage. Then just simply paste it in any folder on your computer. You will only need to copy the data which is present on your internal storage of phone because it will not affect any data present on your memory cards. 

    Copying to Mac computer 

    If you are using a Microsoft Windows operating system on your computer, then it is pretty easy to copy your data from Android devices. But it is not the same case with Mac operating systems. You will be needing third party apps to do so. Download the Android data transfer app on your Mac computer. There are a number of great apps, and you will find a good one with ease. Once the app is downloaded open it and you can simply browse the files from there which you want to copy to your Mac computer. You can copy all your data from Android smartphones to your Mac computer. Once all the data is transferred, then you can perform the factory reset on your mobile phone in a carefree manner.  

    Use a USB Pen Drive or External Hard Drive 

    Even your PC is sometimes not safe and can be affected by unwanted viruses, which can lead to files being corrupted or data loss. It is recommended that you also copy your data to a USB pen drive or an external hard drive. This is pretty simple to do as well. Connect the drive and your phone to the computer and simply copy all the data from your phone and paste it on the drive.  

    Google Sync 

    The best way to keep your data safe is Google Sync. Google gives you a number of great features and Google Sync is one of them. It gives you the freedom to sync your phone’s data with your Gmail account, so you always have your precious data safely stored.  

    When you sync your phone it will sync your contacts, messages, and other data with Gmail, so if you lose your data, you can just simply log in to your Gmail account and recover your data. To perform this, you need to go to the settings or open the Gmail app. In the Gmail app look for the settings and make sure the “Sync Gmail” option is checked or turned on. It will automatically keep your Gmail account in sync.  

    Another great feature about Google is the Google Drive. Google gives you the freedom to keep your data in the drive, so you can keep it safe and access it whenever you want. You can access your personal data from any device no matter where you are. Keep your data like music, images, and other multimedia or even apps, uploaded in the Gmail Drive. It will save you from a lot of hassle if by any unfortunate incident you lose your data.  

    Bottom Line 

    Well, these were some of the useful tips and ways in which you can back up your data from your mobile phones to your computers. It is always recommended that you make a back up of your files before you try to perform any kind of reset on your phone. We hope it covered everything you needed to know and proved to be beneficial for you. So, if you are looking to buy good quality mobile phones for yourself, then make sure to visit OPPO Store and choose from a wide collection of Android phones 

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  9. OPPO Smartphones with 12 GB Ram

    OPPO Smartphones with 12 GB Ram

    Phones with better RAM are most definitely powerful as compared to other mobile phones in the same variety. Brands are now adding the biggest capacity RAMs in flagship and midrange premium 5G android smartphones. One the reasons also include users being able to perform a lot of crucial and essential activities on their phones. One can literally do it all just on their smartphone, without getting involved in PCs or laptops. The 12 GB RAM mobile phones first seemed like an overkill but now that you can actually get it easily, it has proved to be rather a great option for tech lovers. 

    The best 12GB RAM OPPO phones are best to have if you are more of a multitasker or usually play heavier games. If you are also looking for one of the best gaming

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  10. How bright is the future of Mobile Gaming?

    How bright is the future of Mobile Gaming?

    With the increase in mobile technology, now it is pretty easy to play games on your Android phone. The best 5G phones now days can provide you decent gaming experience, while also giving a perfect feel of portability. Now you don’t need to set up big and heavy gaming computers or gaming consoles to enjoy your gaming sessions. But the technology is increasing day by day and mobile phone gaming is becoming more and more advanced.  

    AAA Games 

    Gone are the days when you needed powerful gaming desktops to enjoy the AAA games by all the big names in the industry. But now even the biggest titles are being released on mobile phones to increase their fan base. You might have seen the huge success of Fortnight and Players Unknown Battle Ground (PUB G), when these titles were released on mobile platform. Now even the most famous and biggest names are also trying to get in the mobile platform too. Grand theft Auto is a game which needs no introduction and is really big with the PlayStation, Xbox, and PC gamers. You can also play it on mobile phones with great ease and precision. Although there are some features missing which you find in consoles or PC, but it still provides great fun for the fans. One more quick example is Street Fighter. Street Fighter is the biggest name when it comes to fighting games. It was there even when gaming used to be only 8 bit and even now when the games have become larger than life. A few years ago, you could only play this fighting game on your gaming PC or console, but now it is possible to kill the competition in Street Fighter games right from your 5G phones. 

    AR Games 

    AR means augmented reality. It has been a dream of all the gaming freaks to be able to play virtual reality games since the early 90s. But with the advancement in technology, it was made possible thanks to some top gaming consoles. Now you can play augmented reality games on your mobile which seemed absolutely impossible a few years back. You might have heard about Pokémon Go. It is a mobile game which lets you enjoy the adventures in the virtual world of your gaming, while also having the pleasure to mix reality with it as well. It gives you freedom to look for objects and creatures through the eyes of your phone’s camera. You can make your own background a place to look for the creatures.  

    As technology is constantly increasing there are many more AR games being released on mobile platforms. In the near future it can be a really big thing when all the bugs in the technology will be fixed. Plus, as the device is portable you can enjoy the gaming fun no matter where you are and without any kind of big setup.  

    Online Gaming 

    Online gaming gives you the freedom to enjoy your gaming sessions with your friends or other players all around the world with ease. It was only limited to the PC gamers in the very beginning but after that gaming consoles also started giving this option to the players. But with the success of Fortnight and PUB G, now online competitive gaming can be enjoyed on your mobile phones no matter where in the world you are. Even competitive gaming is being done on mobile phones now a days. Competitive gaming will also slowly but gradually shift to the mobile phones in the near future.  


    It is a smart world we are living in, and everyone is leading a fast-paced life. People are mostly on the move or travelling somewhere. You don’t have enough time to stop your schedule and setup and gaming console to play your games. That’s where mobile phone gaming comes to play. Portability is a great factor and the biggest positive point in the mobile gaming. You can stay connected to your game even while you are on the roads. This is a main thing many people prefer mobile gaming to PC gaming or console gaming. With the power of gaming in your pocket you can enjoy the gaming fun with great and without any kind of hassle. This is constantly making mobile phones the best way to enjoy your gaming fun.  

    Gaming Phones 

    The arrival of gaming phones is clear indicator of the constant increase in the popularity of mobile gaming. People are more hooked to mobile games rather than PC gaming or console gaming. There are many new mobile phones being introduced, which are equipped with wide memory and huge storage space to support your gaming lifestyle. In the future these gaming phones will surely get much more advanced and powerful, so you won’t be needing anything else to enjoy your gaming pleasures.  

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