OPPO Robot

What's the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the name OPPO? High-end, top-of-the-line mobile phones? In-ear monitors of sufficient sonic quality? Tablets that are both slim and light in weight.

That thing is not a cute little robot dog, I'm afraid. You may be wondering why OPPO is creating a robot dog if you did not hear about it during OPPO INNO Day 2022.

We had the chance to speak with Sheng Cheng, manager of the Advanced Technology Division of OPPO, and ask him just that. This is what we found...

I must know, what does the dog's name mean first and foremost?

It's a QRIC, or a Quadrupedal Robot with an Intelligent Controller.

We would like to introduce QRIC. Keep in mind that a robot dog is not just for the holidays. Moreover, the next question which comes in mind is, the name certainly is memorable.

Will it lend me a paw?

The answer is “Yes, it will”.

However, the reason why OPPO is working on a robot dog is mentioned below.

Who could resist giving this dog a high five?

What else could there be?

In all likelihood, not. As befits its status as a "companion robot," the vast majority of its features are devoted to interacting with humans in some kind. It is possible to control it from a distance by using an app on a smartphone or voice navigation in order to do actions such as answering video conversations and carrying out activities such as lifting heavy objects or picking up deliveries from the courier. Indeed, it is capable of carrying on a conversation as well. Incredible about-face.

Is there anything else we should know about QRIC?

Everything that was demonstrated in the film on INNO Day is currently within QRIC's capabilities. The QRIC is unable to go outside of its designated region in order to carry out activities such as going shopping for supplies or medicine. The multitude of high-tech sensors contained within QRIC, on the other hand, gives the impression that such capabilities might one day be applied. It's an excellent plan overall.

In what time frame can I expect to receive one?

It's still in the testing phase, so stay tuned.

What is the process of QRIC?

Numerous experts that have a wealth of knowledge in a wide range of domains connected to robotics and AI, including motion and control, communications, visual navigation systems, and many more. It is feasible for QRIC to walk uphill, downstairs, and around other ordinary household obstacles because of its highly developed artificial intelligence, as well as its more than six cameras, four ultra-sound sensors, and several motors that it has built on its own.

First things first: why is OPPO creating QRIC?

The motto of the company, "Technology for Mankind, Kindness for the World," emphasises the firm's opinion that the well-being of humans ought to serve as the impetus for all forms of technological advancement. OPPO is investing resources to the robotics business in order to explore and take advantage of the numerous prospects given by this developing technology for the benefit of its customers.

So, where do OPPO and robotics go from here?

OPPO is considering many other possible shapes, and one of them is that of a dog. Concerning the care of the elderly and the rearing of youngsters, we are studying alternate body configurations that will permit the performance of the more nuanced duties that are required by these positions. Certain roles need the fulfilment of these responsibilities. On the other hand, as we shown in the movie, QRIC may still have a lot of potential as a companion robot. With the impending launch of the OHealth H1 and more healthcare products, we are of the opinion that OPPO is in an excellent position to introduce genuine advancements to the consumers' individual well-being.