Best noise cancelling earphones

The new year - 2023 has just started, and we can sense the abundant usage of wireless earphones nowadays. There are various obvious reasons behind the popularity of wireless bluetooth earbuds. These audio devices save you from the hassle of managing the interconnecting cables, which is a major problem with wired headsets. Additionally, modern wireless buds are quite comfortable to wear and especially suitable for people with an active lifestyle.

When it comes to choosing a wireless earphone for yourself in 2023, noise cancellation of the headphones is one of the most considerable factors. The best noise cancellation earphones eliminate unnecessary environmental noises and ensure a smooth and clear audio quality for yourself. Moreover, the latest NC buds also come packed with a long-lasting battery life to get you out of the worry of locking the power sockets every now and then.

In 2023, if you want a noise cancellation earphone presenting several flagship features at quite affordable price, OPPO Enco series carries certain lucrative options. In this article, we will discuss different types of noise cancellation technologies along with their pros and cons to help you decide which one will work for you. Finally, we will explore some of the best OPPO Enco noise wireless audio devices in detail to know about various impressive features that they have to offer you. So, let’s get started:

Noise Cancellation in Headsets

A noise cancellation supported earphone is supposed to cut off the external noises of the environment. This is done when the microphone of the earphone picks up the unwanted noises and then speaker of the audio device produces a voice of the same frequency but in the opposite direction, thus nuetralises the secondary voice.

Types of Noise Cancellation

Based on the mechanism of noise cancellation, there are two primary types of noise cancellation.

Passive Noise Cancellation

Passive noise cancellation is a term that simply refers to the noise cancellation effect that you get when you simply wear your headphones. You probably experience wearing those bulky gaming headphones that come with big ear cushions to fully cover your ears. This design allows these headsets to passively terminate unwanted noises. These kinds of headphones are especially useful for getting rid of irregular and high-frequency noises. Nowadays, you can even find several office headphones models that presents passive noise cancellation.

Active Noise Cancellation

Headsets with active noise cancellation use an advanced algorithm to nullify uninvited noises. ANC earphones detect the noise in the environment, analyse it, and then generate a mirror “anti-noise” to cancel it out. This cutting-edge technology works best for steady and low-frequency noises such as the voice of ceiling fans or motor engine. In 2023, we can see even a bit more improvement in this technology. You can now find certain wireless earphones such as OPPO Enco X which deliver you crystal-clear audio quality by making use of both active noise cancellation and active noise cancellation. Hence it is always better to go for a earbuds presenting a combination of both these noise cancellation technologies.

Advantages of Noise Cancelling Earphones

There is a plethora of benefits that you get when you purchase a pair of noise cancelling earphones for yourself. Let’s find them out.

Improve Your Focus

It’s always quite difficult to focus on something when you are in a noisy environment. Noise badly impacts your focus and eventually your performance. Recent psychological research shows that longer exposure to a noisy work environment drastically affects our cognitive ability to remember things. Hence, owing a decent set of noise cancelling wireless earphones such as OPPO Enco X can do wonders for your concentration. Thanks to the earphones’ Dual-Mic design which improves their noise cancellation ability from every aspect.

Make Your Conversations Better

Modern noise cancellation headphones such as OPPO Enco Buds2 come with Smart Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation. This technology is advanced enough to automatically identify your surroundings, delivering the most suitable noise cancelling model. Another innovative feature of Buds2 is Transparency mode which automatically lowers the volume once you start talking with a person nearby. Thus, you can enjoy clearcut and smooth conversations with your loved ones.

Reduce Your Stress Level

A recent study finds that prolonged exposure to active noises can increase your stress levels. It may consequently cause high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Furthermore, it can also give rise to irregular sleeping patterns which significantly reduces your productivity. Hence, wearing noise cancelling Buds2 specifically while you are in noisy environment can greatly save you from stress and certain health complications.

Top Noise Cancelling Earphones 2023

If you are looking for the best noise cancelling earphones in 2023, following are some of the most lucrative and most affordable options to go for:

OPPO Enco X2 (Affordable Earbuds with Market-Best ANC)

Think of any imaginable flagship specs of costly high-end earphones and Enco X2 buds have it for you. Co-created with Danish audio experts - Dynaudio, economical OPPO Enco X2 features up to 45dB Active Noise Cancellation which is even unavailable in various big-budget headphones. Other prime features of these noise cancelling earphones include AI Bone Voiceprint Microphone, LHDC 4.01 technology, and Transparency mode. While the IP54 Dust and Water Resistance rating of Enco X2 lets you enjoy crystal-clear audio quality while exercising without the fear of sweat damage.

OPPO Enco X (Cost-Friendly Buds with Dual Mic Active Noise Cancellation)

Equipped with OPPO’s self-developed innovative DBEE 3.0 Sound System, Enco X delivers clear audio and deep bass. One of the most appealing features of these headphones is their dual-microphone design, making it true wireless noise cancelling earbuds by optimising signal to noise ratio. Furthermore, the flagship level Transparency mode available in OPPO Enco X lets you seamlessly switch between work and music. OPPO has collaborated with Danish audio giant - Dynaudio to make sure that Enco X earphones delivers nothing but sound in its truest form.

OPPO Enco Buds2 (Best-Budget Earphones with AI Deep Noise Cancellation)

If you are quite bound by your limited budget yet want to enjoy the prime audio quality, then OPPO Enco Buds2 is made for you. Despite the inexpensive price tag of these earphones, you get access to various impressive features. The AI Deep Noise Cancellation for Calls feature of Buds2 enables you to be heard easily even in noisy environments. While the OPPO’s industry-leading Bluetooth 5.2 connection technology ensures that audio and visuals are always in sync when you are playing fast-paced modern games.

Final Words

Although choosing the most suitable pair of noise cancelling earphones ultimately comes down to your own preference and available budget-range. However, we have enlisted some of the most economical yet features-packed ANC earbuds available in the market in 2023. You can pick any of them to relish immersive sound quality without stretching your budget beyond a bare minimum threshold.