OPPO cases and protectors

You never know when you might drop your smartphone. After spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on a smartphone, it is simply foolish to leave it without any extra protection. Having these mobile accessories means you have a security blanket for your valuable smartphone, protecting it from any accidental drops, shocks, or damages. With these products, you can also make your smartphone more durable. So, if you are someone who is willing to use his or her smartphone for the long haul, then investing in a smartphone case and a screen protector are extremely important for you. Let’s take a look at some of the best phone cases and screen protectors that you can get for your smartphone in 2023.

Top mobile phone cases

Mobile phone cases are one of the best inventions in the smartphone industry because they not only provide you with peace of mind (that your phone is safe and secure), but they also significantly extend the life of your smartphone. When your smartphone stays safe against any shocks, drops, bumps, damages, or scratches, it will definitely retain its performance levels for a longer period of time.

Other than this, mobile phone cases are extremely versatile. Sometimes we may get bored of using the same smartphone for a longer period of time, so a phone case helps you change your smartphone’s look for just a few bucks. You can get covers of different types with different designs and patterns to boost your productivity levels and not get bored with the same look.

Lastly, most of the flagship phones have an extremely chic and smooth back surface, which makes them highly prone to slips and falls. A phone case improves your grip on your smartphone, reducing the possibility of accidental damage. Now that we have outlined the major benefits of installing a phone case, let's take a look at the top phone cases that you can get in 2023.

Hard phone cases

As evident from the name, a hard phone case comes with a "shell-like" structure, but they are still designed in a way that they feel soft to touch. They come in different sizes and shapes, but most of them are extremely lightweight, not adding any unnecessary bulk to the smartphone. You can also get customised hard phone cases with branding of your choice, i.e., logos, pictures, quotes, patterns, or anything else that you would like to see.

There are some disadvantages to using these hard phone cases. For instance, as they have a shell-like structure, they can get broken or shattered if they get accidentally dropped. They can also get scratched up from the corners, leaving the smartphone's edges vulnerable to damage and scuffs. This can not only ruin the appearance of your smartphone, but it can also directly impact its trade-in value.

What OPPO has in store?

The Find X5 Pro Case is a one-of-a-kind case designed by OPPO. This is a hard phone case, but it is made from an aramid fibre material, which is more than five times stronger than steel. Imagine the sustainability, huh? The cover effectively covers all four corners of the smartphone, avoiding any shocks, bumps, drops, damages, and scratches. Last but not least, the case is extremely thin and sleek, which doesn’t steal anything from the fascinating appearance of your smartphone. It is not wrong to say that this is one of the best hard phone cases that you can get for your smartphone. Flaunt, protect, and style—all in one.

Silicone phone cases

A silicone phone case is all the rage in the industry right now. When smartphone cases were first launched in the industry, silicon phone cases gained immense popularity due to being "extremely soft." Traditionally, they were sticky to touch and also used to grab on to the surface that they were placed on. But now, "liquid silicone" is being used to manufacture these covers. They are comparatively harder and don’t feel sticky to the touch. They come with a "matte finish," which is dust- and scratch-resistant. The higher flexibility of liquid silicone makes these covers extremely durable, as they don’t break or crack easily. They are perfect for covering all edges of your smartphone, which is the main reason why they are so popular in the industry.

What OPPO has in store?

OPPO offers customised silicone cases for its flagship phones, i.e., the OPPO Reno8 and OPPO Reno8 Pro. The liquid silicone used in these cases provides a smooth, silk-textured surface that is extremely easy-to-use. The covers come with a sleek "matte finish," which prevents them from slipping. So, you can use your smartphone however you want without the stress of it getting dropped unintentionally. Moreover, the Reno8 OPPO case is extremely durable and provides extra security to all the edges and corners, protecting it from any shocks, drops, bumps, damages, and scratches. These exclusive covers are also designed in a way that you can perfectly slay your phone without hindering its original appearance or design.

Wallet phone cases

These smartphones serve as both a protector and a personal wallet. They are usually made from leather and have a structure like a book. The phone can be clipped into one of the inserts within the phone case, and the rest of the space can be consumed as your wallet. Most of these cases have separate spaces for keeping cards, cash, and other necessary items. It is highly practical for individuals who don’t like to carry their smartphones and wallets separately.

But there is one major disadvantage. They are usually very heavy and add unnecessary bulk to your smartphone. The original display and appearance of your smartphone are significantly hampered. So, it is probably not the best option for individuals who like to flaunt their flagship phones.

Top Screen Protectors

A screen protector, something as thin as "paper,", protects your screen from all the major wear and tear of everyday use. We all know that a screen protector helps provide your smartphone’s screen with durability against shocks, drops, scratches, and cracks. But there are so many other benefits to getting a screen protector as well that we may not realise at first. For example, we have all experienced excessive exposure to screen glare, which starts hurting our eyes after some time. Using a high-quality screen protector helps break up this radiation, making the screen exposure less harmful for you.

Secondly, we are all guilty of using our smartphones while working, playing, eating, studying, and what not. Everything that comes in contact with our hands automatically gets in direct contact with our smartphone’s screen, resulting in a lot of smudgy fingerprints scattered all over your screen. This challenge can also be addressed by simply using a protector with a lipophobic coating. These advanced coatings repel oil and grease, making your screen brighter, fresher, and cleaner. Moreover, it also helps in getting a seamless touch experience by reducing the distance between the screen and your fingers.

Another interesting benefit that most of us might not have even heard about screen protectors is additional privacy. There are some exclusive private screen protectors available in the industry that restrict screen viewing from different angles. This means no more worrying about unlocking your smartphone in front of your friends or family. With a privacy protector, you can block the screen view for everyone except you. Anyone can use these protectors, but they are extremely beneficial for individuals who have highly confidential information stored on their smartphones. With private protectors, no one can sneak even a little peek into your private data.

Now let's have a look at the top screen protectors that you can get in 2023!

Tempered Glass

A tempered screen protector is unquestionably the most fashionable and, by far, the most dependable protector you can get for your smartphone. High-quality tempered glass is usually made of three layers, i.e., silicon, PET film, and adhesive. Now, you might be thinking that if this protector comes with three layers, it might be too thick or bulky. But that’s not true. The adhesive of tempered glass is so effective that it looks just like a part of your smartphone screen.

A heat-tempered phone protector is the perfect mobile accessory for phones because it provides extreme security against any accidental shocks, drops, bumps, or scratches. Let’s say that you accidentally drop your recently purchased smartphone on a rocky road. With a heat-tempered screen protector, the protective layer will absorb the additional wear and tear without letting your screen get damaged or broken. This means you don’t have to spend extra on getting your screen repaired or replaced again and again.

As evident from the name, heat-tempered glass is manufactured by tempering the screen protector at a high temperature. This makes the protector immune to any minor damages or cracks. Moreover, this glass is also immune against thermal breakages, which can be caused by sunlight or excessive heat.

What OPPO has in store?

OPPO smartphones come with heat-tempered, shock-proof and transparent screen protectors. The Reno8 Pro Screen Protector comes with shock-proof capabilities. It is transparent, which ensures that the protector doesn’t hinder the actual appearance of the smartphone. It can shield the smartphone from accidental drops, shocks, or damage. Moreover, the slim design of the protector comes with an exclusive adhesive, which makes it look more like a part of the screen than a separate protective film.

PET Screen Protectors

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, which is an industrial form of plastic. In simpler words, a PET protector is a plastic screen protector. When protectors were first introduced to the market, plastic protectors were extremely popular because the most recent protectors, such as Gorilla Glass, Tempered Glass, and so on, were not yet available. They are very durable against shocks, drops, and bumps, but they were not liked very much by the customers.

As they were fundamentally made of plastic, the PET screen protectors attracted a lot of dirt and scratches. The original screen of the smartphone stayed protected, but the protector used to look very ugly. There were hundreds of mini scratches that hindered the smartphone’s appearance. Moreover, they were not as smooth as the modern-day protectors, due to which consumers couldn’t enjoy innovative touch features such as 3D touch or a screen-embedded fingerprint scanner. All of these challenges made consumers shift to a tempered glass or glass screen protector, which was not only more durable but also extremely smooth to use.

Final Remarks!

Conclusively, both mobile phone cases and screen protectors are such fundamental mobile accessories which act as both screen and mobile saver for phone. They protect your phone against the unexpected wear and tear of daily life. So, if you are someone who has just spent hundreds of pounds on purchasing a smartphone, then getting these respective accessories will surely be worth it!