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Have you recently spent hundreds or thousands of pounds on the smartphone of your choice? If yes, this article is just for you. In the current era, the constant race for innovation has ended up making smartphones an investment rather than a simple purchase for the user. It is also no news that mobile phones with the latest technologies and desired features usually cost a lot. A typical user plans to keep their smartphone for at least a year. But, even if you want to change your smartphone after a short period of time, you would still like to get a higher trade-in price. Considering all these factors, a screen protector is a must-buy for everyone. Here are some reasons why you must invest in a screen protector without further ado!

Cracked screens are expensive to replace

Some years ago, replacing a cracked screen was comparatively easier. For instance, if you accidentally broke your screen’s glass, it could be replaced easily without disturbing the whole screen. However, this is no longer feasible with modern-day smartphones. Current technologies employ a super-close lamination process that results in the smallest possible gap between the glass and the screen. Granted, this technology has significantly improved the image and video quality of smartphones, but it has also rendered it impossible to replace the cracked glass without interfering with the back screen. Consequently, replacing cracked screens has become much more costly. This is probably one of the top reasons why you see so many individuals walking around with cracked screens, because repairing them is just so expensive. Other than this, even if you get the cracked screen repaired, it would negatively impact the trade-in price of your precious smartphone.

Degraded Screen Quality

If you have ever had your screen repaired, you must have noticed that it doesn’t feel the same as before. Well, it’s actually true! Getting a broken screen repaired significantly affects the user’s smartphone experience. Firstly, the original screen is fitted in a factory while the replacement is fitted by a technician, which creates a significant difference. The technician, no matter how skilled, cannot match the level of fitting perfection similar to that of the factory, which results in impaired screen quality and touch feasibility even if the screen quality is the same.
The scenario can get worse if you ever take your smartphone to a non-accredited shop for screen repair. The local vendor might offer you a local copy, saying things like "No one would know a difference." But the differences are extremely visible. Having a non-genuine display replacement is a nightmare for every smartphone user, as it significantly lowers your screen quality, leading to poor performance and subpar touch accessibility. Some other impairments that you might notice include colour hue going off, a lower refresh rate, the digitizer or 3D touch not working as well, weaker fingerprint recognition, a lower resolution in the display, and distorted brightness on the smartphone. Choosing a lower-cost repair option will therefore cost you more in the long run.

How can a screen protector help?

No matter how careful or cautious the user is, all mobile phones are susceptible to accidental drops or damage. It may look like a very minor addition, but using a screen protector for mobile will help you much more than you expected. Have a look at some of the top perks that you can enjoy by adding a screen protector to your smartphone.

A Scratch-Free Experience

After using your smartphone for some time, you might notice thousands of tiny scratches on your screen, even if it isn’t cracked or shattered. This can happen for multiple reasons. For instance, if you unintentionally keep your car keys and your smartphone in the same pocket, you might get visible scratches on the screen. Or if you work at a job where you have to put your phone near rocks or minerals, getting visible scratches becomes an even higher possibility. The scratches don’t usually impact your smartphone experience, but they significantly hamper the appearance of your smartphone, making it look extremely ugly and scruffy. Keeping this in consideration, most of the screen protectors come with "Gorilla Glass," which is incredibly tough. It is made for constantly absorbing all the wear and tear before it reaches the precious screen of your smartphone. Some of the protectors also have "Ceramic Shields," which make the screen resistant to not only cracks or falls but also scratches and dust. Even though these glasses are not unbreakable, they are still extremely resistant to breakage. So, if your smartphone gets dropped accidentally, only the protector will be cracked, leaving your screen unharmed.

Increased Privacy

Most people don’t know this but using a private screen protector for mobile can help you hide your phone’s display or chats from others. We all must have come across a situation where we hesitated to unlock our phone because someone else might look easily at the screen. With privacy protectors, this is not an issue anymore. By installing a private screen protector, only the person directly sitting in front of the mobile would be able to look at the display. All possible viewing angles from a tilt are blocked, making the smartphone extremely secure and private.

Glass protector vs. plastic protector

Most people worry that adding a screen protector will hamper their smartphone experience. Many people have complained about slower refresh rates or lagged responsiveness after putting cheap protectors over their super-responsive AMOLED displays. These problems might happen when you purchase a locally manufactured protector with impaired quality. Plastic protectors are usually cheaper and are easily available on the market; however, glass protectors are more long-lasting. Glass screen protectors come with a very thin lamination, which makes them feel like a part of the screen. On the other hand, plastic screen protectors are usually thicker and can cause irritation to the user. So, if you want to protect your screen and still enjoy the amazing responsiveness of your smartphone’s display, then choosing a glass protector is clearly a much better option.

The best screen protector for smartphones

There have been multiple innovations in the screen protector industry. From plastic protectors to gorilla glasses, from ceramic shields to tempered protectors, the product portfolio has been greatly diversified. By far, the best screen protector for mobile phones is the "tempered glass screen protector." It can be defined as "multilayer protection," which is approximately five times stronger as compared to standard glass. The reason why tempered glass is sometimes also referred to as " heat tempered glass" is because it goes through different thermal treatments via hydrofluoric acids, which make it much stronger, highly scratch resistant, and extremely durable. Tempered glasses are also immune to fingerprints. It doesn’t matter if you are using your smartphone with oily or greasy hands; you can easily dust every residue off with a simple cloth.

Additional Tips

No matter how great a screen protector you get, it would be useless if it didn’t fit your screen size. Thereby, it is extremely important to ensure that your smartphone is covered by a protector that is customised as per its specifications only. Every smartphone has a different screen size, different edge design, and different corner alignment, so having a factory-made protector that fits all the design aspects is a significant aspect in choosing the best screen protector for a mobile phone.
Keeping in mind the undying importance of screen protectors, some smartphone companies have started to develop highly customised protectors for their products that are efficiently designed, factory produced, and fit all the basic requirements of the user. For instance, the OPPO Reno8 Pro comes with its exclusive Reno8 Pro screen protector which is available at the OPPO store. These OPPO screen protectors are highly durable and extremely cost efficient, making even less than 1% of your smartphone’s total price. They are ideal for protecting against any accidental drops or damages due to the shockproof and heat-tempered glass. Moreover, its sleek design makes your smartphone look even more chic. Similar protectors are also available for other OPPO series. So, if you have an OPPO smartphone, you don’t have to look anywhere else to get your ideal screen protector!
Final Remarks
Every smartphone user must invest in a screen protector. Keeping in mind the potential benefits of a protector, the incurred cost is nothing at all. If you are someone who thinks that having a screen protector is just a way to make consumers spend more, you could not be more wrong. Weather it’s a smartphone, tablet or any other device, protecting the screen will pay you off in both the short and long run. So, what are you waiting for? Get your screen protectors right now, and you will surely thank us later!