how to keep your phone cool

Mobile gaming has been incredibly booming since the launch of PBG mobile. And after that, games like Call of Duty Mobile and Fortnite have come into the fray, too.

Hone your skills with the best gaming experience this year but Oh! Is your phone overheating while gaming?
Well—we got you!

A lot of people unfamiliar with the best phones for gamers and potential ways to keep their device cool often face this issue. If you are a long-term player, it is essential to keep your hands out of hot gaming phones. There are several techniques for swiftly cooling smartphones - so they can be used to play graphically intense fun games and live streams titles frequently.

If your phone gets extremely hot most of the time, it's because of some benign reasons. Just give this a thought! It's probably because you have connected it to a charger, or the game you are playing is putting a heavy load on the phone's processor.

The battle of processing powers and battery is everlasting. Its extended heat can make the battery’s life very short. If you are giving the battery high stress from such extensive shooting games continuously, there is high probability of overheating. As a outcome, the apps will eventually start to misbehave.

Wondering how you can overcome this exhaustive issue? Just fold your sleeves and dive into the cost-effective and valuable tips to keep your best budget gaming phones unheated while gaming;

Keeping the Phone Cool While Gaming - 7 Effective Ways

1. Change phone settings

Every mobile user is different. Some people are comfortable with a bright screen display. A few users prefer the dark mode as well. Similarly, some will demand the most exceptional graphics, while others are fine with even sacrificing some quality in gaming performance.

This reveals that your phone has limitless personalization options. Agree? Not just this, but its settings also have a great impact on the performance, temperature, and operation of the device.

Try to lower the display brightness and adjust the graphics settings while playing heavy games like COD Mobile and PUBG on your cell phone. This way, not only your achievements in the last minute will improve, but your mobile will also be less likely to heat.

2. Avoid pushing the phone to its limits

Your device isn't designed to run different video games for hours at the highest settings. So, if you notice that the device is getting hot rapidly, turn down the graphics settings. Want to know why? Well, it highly helps in reducing the strain on gaming phones for all ages & keeps them super energetic for a longer time span.

Hold on—there's more! You can even close the background apps that you are not using at the moment. These applications may contribute a lot to overheating by using up some resources. And you'll never want that, right?

In the end, just make sure that the phone is updated to the advanced software version. Old versions of iOS and Android aren't as efficient as the latest ones. And yes, this older software can lead to increased heat generation and battery drain.

3. Remove the phone case

Due to the thick covers, there might be some phone heating issues. There are so many fancy and protective cases on the market that sell like hotcakes. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, these cases provide great protection and make your smartphones look pretty.

But remember, things don't end here! Imagine someone is asking you to run the marathon wearing winter clothes. Sounds weird? That's exactly what your device feels when you put thick covers around it.

Cases on phones block ventilation and trap heat. Some thicker cases may provide more protection, but still, they also block your cheapest gaming phones' antenna. Ultimately, it will make the device struggle so much for the network, which is obviously bad for both gaming and your device.

4. Avoid playing games while charging

It is one of the most common reasons for overheating. The phone's battery will warm up while it charges. Multitasking while playing a video game will devastatingly increase the temperature.

If you want to prevent this, you should play games while your phone isn't connected to a power source. Use a quality charger that'll not cause your smartphone to overheat if you have to play while charging.

In addition, if your phone is becoming extremely hot, like a burning machine, do not play further and take a break unless it returns to normal condition.

5. Avoid direct sunlight

Nowadays, people spend maximum time outside, especially when there is fresh breeze and the weather is cloudless. If you want to kill two birds with one stone by enjoying fun-filled gaming and pleasing weather, make sure that you avoid direct light as much as possible.

Direct sunlight heats the devices even more. It's pretty natural that more heat will exacerbate the heating effects of gaming. It can cause the phone to be overheated quickly, which eventually lowers the gaming performance & harm the smartphone & its components.

But there's no need to worry at all! Simply seek some shade if you are playing on the gaming OPPO Android phones for a prolonged time. Easy and simple!

6. Turn off sensors

Always make sure that the unnecessary sensors are turned off when not in use. In general, these sensors constantly run in the background & drain the battery. This eventually makes the phone to generate more heat. Whenever you download or play the game, it needs just Wi-Fi and nothing else.

So, you can turn the sensors off, including GPS location, Bluetooth, and Mobile Data, to see magical effects. It will not just save your battery juice considerably but also lower the temperature of the device. Surprising, isn't it?

Now your instant action should be turning off these background running sensors to avoid stress and make your phone run smoothly. Take this effective step and face no more heat problems.

7. Take breaks in between prolonged sessions

Prolonged usage is the most common reason for a gaming phone to become heated and lose performance. There is a famous proverb that "Excess of everything is bad." The same is the case with gaming. Like any other thing, gaming must be done in moderation.

Intense heat will build up on your device if you play without halting for an extended period of time. Minimize the negative effects of playing games like BGMI, Clash Royale, etc., by taking frequent short pauses.

This way, your best affordable gaming phones will have enough time to release heat to maintain a safe temperature. The next time you play any game, just make sure to take little water and food gaps in between.

Our Takeaway

These tips and tricks will definitely give you remarkable results while gaming. We recommend sitting in a moderate environment & keeping the phone at rest for a while after every gaming session. Other than that, there are some external fans in the market that you can attach to the phone’s backside. These help a lot in keeping the tech devices frosty.

And most importantly, go for the best OPPO phones for gamers, as they are specially made to offer a pleasing gaming experience.

Happy gaming, folks!