walkie Talkie Smartphones

The world has become all about "smart operations." With considerations for cost, quality, time, integration, and accessibility, everyone wants to keep a single tab on different arrangements instead of managing different devices. The same goes for smartphones and walkie-talkies. Gone are the days when people used to purchase different devices for different purposes. Now everyone wants to have a single optimal yet innovative solution.
Walkie-talkies are small, portable radios that help in intercommunication via altered-frequency transmission. They are a traditional yet beneficial gadget that is mostly used in workspaces, or in regions where internet or cellular connections are not available. Let us tell you how to avoid the hassle of carrying another device with you, by simply turning your android smartphones into a walkie-talkie.

How do you do it?

Contrary to what you must be thinking, turning an ordinary android smartphone into a walkie-talkie smartphone is not very difficult or time-consuming. You can use multiple apps, technologies, and mediums, which are explained below;

Via Wi-Fi

This method is applicable only when you have two android smartphones available. The "Wi-Fi Direct Walkie Talkie" App available on "The Play Store" needs to be downloaded on both phones. After installation, both phones are connected and can be used as walkie-talkie

  • Turn on the "Wifi" on both devices.
  • When a list of available devices appears, select the other mobile.
  • Mobile phones are connected! Now, you can easily have voice communication.

Via Bluetooth

As is evident from the name, this method uses Bluetooth for connecting the devices. Bluetooth is available on all android smartphones.

  • Download "Intercom" from the Google Play store.
  • Turn on "Bluetooth" on your device and connect to the other phone.

This method doesn’t require mobile data or Wi-Fi connectivity, which makes it ideal to be used at locations where the cellular network is not that effective.

Push-to-Talk Apps

There are different push-to-talk apps available for Android smartphones that help make communication effective as well as streamlined. One such application is "CrossCall." You can create discussion groups in the app, enabling communication between groups instead of just two smartphones. These apps work on 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, which gives them an unlimited range along with faster connectivity. Some apps also come with a PTT button, so you don’t have to hold your phone while talking. This makes them extra efficient and time-saving.

Where do I use it?

There are many situations where a push-to-talk strategy is needed rather than relying on cellular connections. For example, you might have seen construction workers, project teams, and other field workers communicating via a walkie-talkie, as smartphone connections are usually more time-consuming. People tend to exchange pleasantries, and then discuss the matter at hand, after which the call is ended. On the other hand, walkie-talkies are highly focused, which makes them an ideal communication medium in work mode. However, traditional walkie-talkie devices are not that efficient either. As radio frequency transmission has slowly become obsolete, the range of these devices is quite limited. Thus, changing a smartphone into a walkie-talkie has become the most optimal solution, which integrates the strengths of both devices. Moreover, carrying a single device instead of two is also handier and more cost-efficient.

Some Additional Guidelines

Even though turning a smartphone into a walkie-talkie is pretty simple and highly rewarding, some factors should be considered to ensure maximum efficiency.
battery that goes all day long!
The first and most significant is the battery timing. It is neither feasible nor recommended to recharge your smartphone between work or projects. The walkie-talkie smartphone must be equipped with a larger battery pack. Based on customer reviews and our professional expertise, some top recommendations are stated below:

Durability is what matters!
The walkie-talkie smartphone must be durable enough to survive the hard days of constant communication and working. It is more important in field work, as there is a higher probability of a smartphone slipping from your hands when you are in between tasks. No one wants to break their screen and change their phone every other day. Thus, to combat this issue, you can install stronger cases and screen protectors on your smartphone. For instance, the OPPO Store provides exclusive screen protectors for their smartphones. OPPO Reno 8 Pro 5G can be equipped with a Pro Screen Protector, which is heat-proof, shock-proof, and transparent.


A smartphone Walkie Talkie is an amazing innovation that integrates the strengths of both, smartphones and Walkie-Talkie in a single device. It is smarter, more affordable, and more efficient, making it ideal for use in workplaces and project teams. Turning a smartphone into a walkie-talkie doesn't only provide increased connectivity and range, but also avoids the unnecessary chit-chat of typical phone calls. There are multiple smartphones available on the market that can be deemed fit to be used as a walkie-talkie, i.e., the ones with a long-lasting battery and higher durability. Without any external assistance or training, the user can easily set up their connection. So, try any of the methods mentioned above and enjoy your smart phone as a walkie-talkie without any further delay.
Future Goals!
OPPO is a front-runner in the technological innovation industry. The brand is renowned for constantly integrating novel features into its devices. In 2019, the brand declared the launch of a technology named "Mesh Talk," which will enable individuals to text or call within a distance of 3000 m without Bluetooth or any other cellular connection. In other words, it will turn a simple smartphone into a walkie-talkie smartphone. Keeping in mind the basic features of a walkie-talkie, the technology consumes minimum power, is decentralised, and has a fast speed. Having MeshTalk will imply that you no longer need to turn your smartphone into a walkie-talkie. Just turn on "Mesh Talk," and you are ready to go!