One of the top-trending OPPO flagship phones, the OPPO A17, comes with a 6.56-inch LED screen and a magnificent resolution of 1612 x 720 pixels. The A17 was introduced with the slogan "worth more than the price," and we totally agree with this statement! Priced at even less than £150, the smartphone comes with a high-quality LED display, a top-notch camera, and multiple mind-blowing characteristics. This OPPO A17 review outlines some of the most important specifications and features available on the smartphone, allowing you to get a complete picture of the product.

Luxury Design

Even though a lot of emphasis is placed on design and display within the smartphone industry, there are only a few mobile phones that have a pleasant-to-touch body configuration. Moreover, as a smartphone is one of those products that is usually used for longer periods of time, having a hard back or extremely sharp corners can cause discomfort for the user. The OPPO A17 addresses all these challenges via internal processing composites and the use of real leather grains within the inner layer of the smartphone. The outer surface of the smartphone is designed to give a real leather feel to the user. The surface of A17 is also UV coated, which makes it scratch free, dust-free, and highly durable.
The ultra-slim retro design of the OPPO A17 comes with a flat-shaped middle part and rounded sides, which makes the user feel extra convenient. The rounded sides are extremely user-friendly, and the flat middle part helps in providing maximum coverage. The smartphone also has an extremely light weight of only 189 g, making the user feel as if they are carrying nothing. In other words, the design and display of A17 are undoubtedly 10/10.

Extraordinary Camera

The OPPO A17 comes with one front and two rear cameras. The rear camera lens is divided into two parts. First is the main camera, and second is the additional camera with a flashlight. The rear camera’s resolution goes up to 50 MP, which is ideal for capturing life’s little moments. With an additional camera and such a high resolution, the camera of the OPPO A17 is the perfect friend for a photo lover. However, this is not the best part. The real magic lies in the front camera of the A17, which has multiple amazing features. Our personal favourites are portrait retouching, portrait fashion, 360-degree fill light, photo filter, and video filter.
With the OPPO A17, you don’t need to ask your friends or colleagues to take your portraits; just open the front camera and take your own pictures in Portrait mode, which automatically blurs out the background perfectly, just like a DSLR portrait. Similarly, the 360-degree fill light helps you capture yourself beautifully even in dim lighting. The feature automatically brightens the subject within dark environments, thus filling in any extra light needed to capture the perfect selfie. The AI technology integrated within the smartphone’s camera automatically beautifies your natural features and eliminates any imperfections such as acne or scars. There are over 15 filters available to help users adapt their photos to different moods. Last but not least, there is also an Auto HDR mode, which captures the depth and dynamic of the given landscape in a very realistic yet breathtaking manner. In other words, every day is a slay day with the A17’s mind-blowing camera!

Efficient Storage

The usual storage characteristics of the OPPO A17 are similar to most Android smartphones. There are 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage built into the phone. But there is an amazing feature called "Ram expansion" available within the settings of the phone. This allows the user to take advantage of an additional 4 GB of RAM from the unused ROM. This helps in getting a smoother smartphone experience with minimal time lags and operational delays.

Mobile Gaming

OPPO A17 emphasises making the mobile gaming experience extremely smooth for its users. When traditional games such as "Subway Surfers" are played on the A17, the top-notch display characteristics provide a fascinating outlook for the gamer. It is also more fun to play these games on the large screen of 6.56", which provides clear attention to every little detail within the surface. Similarly, when fast-paced games such as first-person shooting, racing, or real-time strategy are played, the phone’s fast processing CPU even enables these high-energy consumption games to run without any interruptions. For instance, if you are someone who loves PUBG, then the audio system of the A17 is the best match for you! The smartphone gives perfect audio pitch thanks to its stereo speaker, which makes the game feel like a real-life royale event for the gamer.

Long-lasting Battery

One of the best features of the OPPO A17 is its long-lasting battery. There is a 5000mAh battery pack available in the phone, which can easily last for a whole day. For standard users with no fierce consumption patterns, the battery can even last for two consecutive days. So, once you have charged the phone to 100%, you can avoid all the stress of recharging for the rest of the day, which means enjoying guilt-free YouTube hours, gaming sessions, or simple social media scrolling while you are away from home.


The OPPO A17 is the perfect smartphone for individuals who want to spend less and enjoy more! The phone is a perfect all-in-one device, with almost all the necessities of a standard user embedded into an extremely pocket-friendly solution. By providing efficient storage, mind-blowing double cameras, a top-notch display, and a user-friendly surface body, the A17 has already proven its worth in the smartphone industry. For further details, you can visit the OPPO store at any time. We hope that this OPPO A17 review was helpful to you. Happy shopping!