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Smartphones are not just a device or gadget. They are an investment that will probably stay in your hands throughout the day. From chatting with friends to capturing your everyday highlights, from setting reminders for important events to audio and video streaming, a smartphone performs so many of our regular tasks that we cannot even count. Aside from that, smartphones are expensive. If you want to purchase a smartphone that is innovative, has a good camera, fast processors, and extra durability, then you will have to pour down at least hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. Thereby, it goes without saying that protecting a smartphone is highly important in order to ensure that it goes through daily wear and tear without getting damaged or cracked, and the best way to do so is to put on a screen protector. 

What is a screen protector? 

A screen protector is usually a wafer-thin film that is installed on the screen of a smartphone to protect it against scratches, cracks, dust, contamination, etc. The main purpose of installing a screen protectoris to provide extra security to your precious mobile phone so you don’t have to worry about accidental shocks, drops, or scratches. These protectors are cut in factories in accordance with the design aspects of the respective smartphone, allowing the user to enjoy a perfect edge-to-edge experience. Just like a phone cover, a protector made for one smartphone should not be used on another. 

Do you need a screen protector? 

The smartphone companies have integrated a lot of innovations into their devices in the last few years. Keeping in mind the price and durability factors, most modern phones already come with "Gorilla Glass," which is highly durable and protects the screen against accidental shocks. However, if you are thinking that you won’t need a protector with such smartphones, you are still wrong. There are many times when you have keys or sand in your pocket and you accidentally keep your phone in the same pocket, resulting in multiple mini-scratches. No matter how carefully you use your smartphone, getting scratches is something that you cannot totally avoid. Moreover, what most people don’t realise is that even though "Gorilla" and "Ceramic" glass are hard to crack, it is still possible for them to break or shatter. If your phone accidentally falls from a height or makes contact with something edgy, the in-built glass of the smartphone will surely break. In such cases, having a screen protector glass on hand will protect your screen from damage by absorbing all shocks and scratches. 

What kind of screen protector is the best? 

Just like smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets, etc., screen protectors also come in different types and kinds. If you open any digital store, you will be amazed to see hundreds and hundreds of screen protectors with different characteristics, features, and specifications. It can become challenging for a layman to choose the best screen protector without any prior information. To make your purchasing decision easier, we have compiled a list of some of the best alternatives for maximum smartphone protection.  

1. PET Protectors 


This is the most basic type of protector, which is made of plastic. It is usually very thin and smooth, so after applying a PET screen protector, you won't feel that you have anything extra attached to your smartphone’s screen. If you have a flagship phone with a stunning display and want to show off the screen without adding any extra layers, a PET protector is the best option. One of the best features of these protectors is their added elasticity. Despite being thin, these plastics have the capacity to absorb any light dents or shocks, which automatically smooth out with time. Pretty cool, right? Moreover, these are usually cheap and easily available at every corner of the market. These protectors can be used for both the front and back screens of your smartphone. However, one of the top disadvantages of using a PET protector is that because it is extremely thin, it doesn’t provide protection against cracks, drops, or major shocks. As per our recommendation, these protectors are more suitable for your back's surface protection. 

2. TPU Protectors 


TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane, protectors are the ones that were introduced in the earliest stages within the screen protector industry. Do you remember getting a screen protector for your phone that was extremely difficult to install? And if you are not efficient enough, there is also the danger of getting bubbles from the air, making the display look uneven and unsmooth. Those were TPU protectors. Many customers also complain that after installing these protectors, their smartphones develop an odd orange peel. TPU protectors are notorious for their smoothness and appearance challenges, but they are not the worst options for your smartphone. If you get a TPU protector installed by a professional, you can save yourself the trouble of distorted smoothness and a hideous appearance. Moreover, their adhesive qualities make them go edge-to-edge with your smartphone. In terms of durability, these are very reliable. Even though they are not elastic like PET protectors, they will protect your smartphone from cracks, breaks, shocks, and damages. For example, if you drop your phone from a great height, your TPU protector will most likely break but your smartphone's screen will remain intact. These protectors are also not very costly. Most of them are pretty averagely priced and can be easily afforded by anyone who owns a smartphone. 

3. The best screen protector for smartphones: Tempered Glass Screen Protector 


This is definitely the show-stopper in the screen protector industry. By far, this is the most advanced protector that you can get for your smartphone, which not only provides extra durability but also helps in making your flagship smartphones appear extremely chic. These glossy-finish protectors add an extra shine and smoothness to your smartphone’s display. Technically, heat-tempered screen protectors are made on the principle of thermal resistance, which not only makes them much stronger but also makes them extremely adaptable to your screen. They can also take a lot of wear and tear before cracking or shattering, which means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of changing your mobile screen protector every other day. 

The feature that makes them stand out among the rest of the screen protectors is that they feel like glass rather than plastic or rubber. With a glass outlook, they don’t attract more scratches and can easily be cleaned with just a cloth (ideally a microfiber cloth). Some of the top benefits of using a tempered screen protector for mobile devices are stated below. 

  • Modern smartphones have a very thin gap between the display glass and the back screen, which makes it impossible to repair or replace the broken or cracked screen without interfering with the back screen, making the repair much more costly and risky. Having a tempered glass skin protector will help you protect the screen from being scuffed out, saving you the extra cost of repair and replacement.  
  • Even if you don’t incur any deep scratches or cracks, you will probably get a lot of mini scratches on your smartphone’s screen if you don’t use an effective protector. A tempered glass protector is not only effective against cracks or breakages, but it also protects your smartphone’s screen against minor scratches, such as the ones incurred from keeping your phone and keys in the same pocket.  
  • Unlike most assumptions, these protectors cost even less than 1% of your smartphone’s total value. Getting a protector worth 15-20 pounds is nothing for providing extra durability to your precious smartphone. 

Where can I get tempered glass protectors? 

It is highly recommended to get a tempered glass protector from the brand store of your smartphone. There are multiple benefits of doing so. Firstly, as the protectors are factory-produced, they have the exact same dimensions as your smartphone. Secondly, they are more effective and durable than the ones you can get from a local mobile shop. If you get a locally manufactured screen protector for your mobile phone, it can disturb your whole smartphone experience. For instance, putting a cheap or local screen protector over an AMOLED screen will not let the user enjoy the highly efficient responsiveness of the smartphone’s screen; instead, it can create 3D touch, digital assistant, and touch reaction challenges for the user. Moreover, having a screen protector that doesn’t go edge-to-edge with your smartphone can put the corners of your smartphone at high risk of shattering or breaking. To avoid all of these challenges, it is highly recommended to get your glass screen protector from a reputable brand. 

If you have an OPPO smartphone, consider yourself extra lucky. OPPO has been an up-and-comer in the technological sector from the beginning. The brand is always working to develop innovative solutions for its consumers by addressing their perceived challenges. As every smartphone owner also needs a customised and effective screen protector, the brand develops and provides exclusive screen protectors for its flagship mobile phones. As these glass protectors are factory-produced, they match the exact aspects of your smartphone. For example, the OPPO Reno8 screen protector is transparent, heat-tempered, and shock-proof, and costs less than 15 pounds. Similarly, the OPPO A77 screen protector is also heat-tempered, transparent, and shock-proof. Some other tempered glass covers that you can get from OPPO store are listed below. 

Final Remarks! 

Purchasing a glass screen protector for 15-20 pounds to protect your smartphone worth hundreds or thousands of pounds certainly seems like a very wise option. By far, the best screen protector that you can get is the tempered glass screen protector, which is highly durable, much smoother, and doesn’t steal anything from the appearance of your smartphone. Getting a suitable screen protector will not only increase the life of your smartphone by keeping it shock-free, but it will also offer you peace of mind, knowing that you don’t have to worry about mini scratches or accidental drops anymore. For individuals with OPPO smartphones, the OPPOStore provide customised protectors for their flagship mobile phones that are heat-tempered, transparent, and shock-proof.