5 Best ways to Protect Phone Screen

The size of smartphones screens is getting bigger day by day. The display size has expanded from 4 inches to above 6 inches over the past few years. The possibility of a 7-inch or 10-inch phone is not a weird thought thing now. Modern Android phones are challenging the authority of tablets and we may see a Phabloid anytime soon.

However, the expansion of smartphone screens also increased the chances of damage. And the popularity of bezzle-less smartphone design has made the phone screen more prone to damage.

Although the best 5G smartphones come with Gorilla Glass protection, the smartphone screens are delicate. This means you must take proactive steps to protect your phone screen. This article covers information on how you can minimize the chance of screen damage. We have enlisted the 5 best ways that smartphone users can employ to protect phone screens.

Tempered Glass Protection

Plastic screen protectors are common, but we recommend using tempered glass protectors. This will give your smartphone screen an extra layer of protection against accidental drops.

A plastic screen protector can only prevent the phone display from minor scratches. It does not offer shock support and thus fails to absorb shock. So, when your smartphone falls from a significant height, there is no guarantee that its screen will remain intact and undamaged.

A tempered glass protector is like having an extra layer of glass. It can absorb shock and works as the first line of defence. Even if your smartphone drops from a substantial height, the tempered glass will bear the shock and protect the phone screen. You can easily replace the glass protector after a drop which will cost you less than replacing your phone screen.

Protect with a Bumper Case

A bumper case is the most utilized safeguard that consumers use to protect their smartphone screens. Bumper cases come in two different types: the light, stylish ones and the robust, Aramid cases.

Silicon cases come in plenty of designs and make your phone look funky. However, they offer little protection against drops, as the main purpose of these cases is to add style. Aramid cases, on the other hand, are not that good looking but these are more vigorous. The heavy-duty ridges of these cases absorb most of the shock after the drop.

Attach Pop Sockets

A pop socket is a modern invention that gets attached to the backside of your phone. This is a great tool that provides users with more grip over their phones. You get to hold your smartphone firmly whether you are taking selfies or texting.

The best part of having a pop socket on your smartphone is that you only need one hand to operate. Whether you have a large display phone or often find it tricky to hold the device in one hand, use a pop socket. These round gadgets get attached to your phone and prevent accidental drops by offering a strong grip.

Use Phone Holders

A phone holder is the best device for vehicle owners. There are a lot of reasons why you must get a phone holder. The most beneficial one is that it saves you from dropping the phone and breaking the law.

The use of smartphones inside the car is dangerous and against the law. So, whether you are utilizing it for navigation and reading the map or attending a call, it is still unlawful. Phone holders provide you with the liberty of using smartphones without holding them. Thus, you can read the map while driving and your hands will be free to drive efficiently.

Add a Phone Skin

Android smartphones now feature glass panels on the rear side. This offers more stability and strengths but also make the phone slippery. This in return increase the chances of phone dropping and screen damage. Adding a skin on your phone is the best way to prevent such an unpleasant event from happening.

Phone skins not only add extra grip but also make your smartphone look more stylish. This is a more cost-effective way to protect your phone. The best part is that you can customise the skin to give your phone a personal touch.

The Bottom Line

Modern Android smartphones, especially 5G smartphones are built keeping in mind the user needs. They are robust, strong, and can withstand casual drops without damaging the hardware. Still, there is always a little chance that your phone screen might get damaged. By following these ways, you can protect your phone screen from shattering.