5 Interesting Developments in Smartphone Technology

Who does not own a smart phone these days? A good phone has the ability to provide you everything for all your needs. A smartphone can be your workstation, entertainment hub, or even a personal secretary. With the technology constantly getting advanced with every passing day, the smartphones are becoming much more than just phones. In the past few years there have been many developments in the smartphone technology. We are going to look at the 5 interesting developments, which has transformed the dynamics of the smartphone industry.

Battery Technology

Battery is by far the most important thing in a smartphone. If your battery life is not good, then how can you enjoy the fun and sustain it for longer period of time. Back in the days the battery of smartphones didn’t use to be that good. You could only enjoy a few hours of usage with a single charge. But now with the latest powerful batteries on the latest smartphones, you can enjoy the whole day of streaming, gaming, or performing different tasks in a carefree manner. There are also fast charge features like SuperVOOC 2.0 and others, in mobile phones. This technology lets you boost the battery of your mobile phone in a jiffy and never leaves you hanging for long. It can help you travel with ease and without the worry of your battery running out.


The first thing you look for in a smartphone now a days is the camera. Cameras have evolved remarkably in the past few years. The cameras in a smartphone can match the quality of a DSLR camera. The great features and technology in the cameras of any best 5G smartphone, can deliver you everything you need, to take your photography skills to the next level. Any good OPPO 5G phone has a triple or quad camera, with the large sensors to take crisp and clear pictures. The introduction of Night Mode has changed the way cameras in a phone were used. You can take pictures and make videos even in the darkness of night with the Night mode in OPPO Phones. There is also an ultra-steady mode, which can let you shoot videos which are absolutely steady, even while you are moving or standing on a shaky surface. Now any best 5G smartphone has the AI feature in the cameras, which boosts the quality of your picture by managing the colour tone, lights in the background and recognizing faces.


The constant evolution of technology also leads to security threats as well. The more we are connected to security the more prone we are to be hacked, by the nosy hackers who are always trying to invade your privacy. There are fingerprint scanners in most of the latest smartphones, with which you can unlock the phone with just a touch of your finger. It keeps your data safe and also saves time as well. There are also face recognition features in the latest phones too. The wireless tokens which are powered by NFC technology, will also help in keeping your device safe from the attacks of the hackers, especially while you are using the cloud storage.

Augmented Reality and VR

Virtual reality is probably the step in the future. You can enjoy the virtual world of games or steaming, with the ease of lying down on your bed. The VR and augmented reality technology are being used in more ways than one. The best example of augmented reality is definitely the Pokemon Go game. It was the most downloaded and played game of this era, which uses the augmented reality technology the right way.

Pairing Wearable Devices with Phone

There are plenty of wearable smart devices now a days in the tech world. You get smart glasses, smartwatches, fitness bracelets and health monitors. These devices help you in all your major daily tasks. You can connect pair these devices with your smartphone, which gives you the freedom to perform some of the smartphone tasks on your watch. If you have paired your wearable device with your phone, you can simply make or receive phone calls, get notifications, and receive or send text messages right from your wearable device.

Bottom Line

These were five of the best developments in the smartphone technology. But it does not stop here, as the technology is evolving every day. There are plenty of smartphone technologies on the horizon, which can keep you dazed and amazed. So, if you are looking to get yourself a mobile device, then there is nothing great than an OPPO 5G phone. Make sure to visit oppostore.co.uk, and choose from a wide collection of smartphones.