What’s the Difference Between Optical and Digital Zoom

Zoom is a process which means bringing the object closer while you are standing at a far away place. If you are a photographer or a picture enthusiast, then you must be familiar with this term. Back in the days, photographers would change the lens and put on zoom lens to capture the picture even from a distance.  

But as the technology has advanced, zooming is not that simple now. There are two major types of zooms in the latest flagship smartphones or cameras, which are optical zoom and digital zoom. We are going to be talking about the difference between optical and digital zoom. So, take out your pens and notepads because we are going to just dive right in.  

What is Optical Zoom? 

Optical zoom is used to bring the image closer, but the camera uses its components and lens parts by moving them. This can easily be explained if you see old cameras where you needed to attach a zoom lens and as you zoom, the lens will also move ahead. This can give you zoomed image and without any loss in the quality. But this cannot be done with every lens. In some lenses you might see lens errors which are contrast reduction and blur.  

What is Digital Zoom? 

Digital zoom brings a certain part of the image closer to view. This means a certain part is zoomed and then increased to the total number of megapixels which are present in your camera. You can also see this as simply cropping a part of the picture and then bringing it to the correct size. If you have a good digital camera or if you are using one of the best camera phones, then you can zoom in without compromising on the quality. But it can get out of focus sometimes if you zoom in too far for the size of sensor.  

What is the difference? 

If we put it in simple words then in an optical zoom, the subject is brought closer first and then the picture is taken. On the other hand, in a digital zoom, the image is taken first of a certain part then it is zoomed to the correct size. This is like cropping an image and then enlarging it, as we mentioned earlier. There is less chance of image quality degrading in an optical zoom than in digital zoom. But you will get lens errors in an optical zoom if you are not using the correct lens for it.  

Which are the best camera phones for optical and digital zoom? 

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Bottom Line 

Well, there you have it, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. Next time you need to differentiate between digital and optical zoom just keep the above-mentioned things in mind and you will be good to go.  

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