Turn a Camera into a Night Vision Camera

You might have seen a night vision camera a thousand times in your life. Most of the security cameras now a days support the night vision as well. You can easily see what is going on even in the darkness of night. But buying a night vision camera is not as cheap as it sounds. A good night vision camera is quite expensive and not that easy on your wallet. Although a best camera phone can give you a little taste of the night vision, with Night mode feature in their camera. But it is possible to convert your phone’s camera into a night vision camera. So, if you want to transform your camera, then you have come to the right place. Because we are going to tell you some easy steps, in which you can turn your regular phone’s camera into a night vision camera. So, stick around.

Step 1

First you need to get a screwdriver and open the camera cover from the back. But make sure that you are very careful with it, because with even a slight mistake you can damage the connector cables or the main board. If you damage the main board then you would need to replace the whole board or cables.

Step 2

Once you open the camera back cover you will find an un-screwable lid on it. Unscrew it so you can remove the plastic cover from the top of the camera. But as you do this step, be very careful and don’t let the dust or moisture get into it.

Step 3

Once the cover is removed a transparent plastic disk will appear before your eyes. This transparent disk is the infrared filter of the camera. It is not screwed near the camera but glued to the board. Carefully apply the pressure on the sides of it. The disk will start to loosen up once the pressure is applied. When it is completely loose you can take it off. After removing the infrared filter, you can place the camera back in the position and close the cover.

Step 4

For this next step you will be needing IR LEDs. These IR LEDs are very easy to find, and you can buy them from any electric store near you. If you fail to find them, you can also pull it out of the remote of your TV or LCD monitor. Once you get the LEDs you need to connect that bulb with a 3 to 5 volts battery. If you want much better result, then you can also attach more than one battery with it as well. Attach the IR LED bulb to the back of your phone and near the camera with glue or tape. Then just turn on the bulb and turn off the lights, and you will have your very own homemade night vision camera.

Night Vision Apps for Android

Well, there are plenty of apps for Android in the market as well, which can give you the results you would get from a night vision camera. Let us take a look at some of those apps.

Night Vision Video Recorder

This is a great video recorder app, which can give you professional level results and the proper feel of looking through the night vision camera. It has a lot of great features and can use both front and back camera. It can adjust the brightness in the low light environment and provide strong flash and zoom abilities.

Night Vision Flashlight Thermo

Night vision flashlight thermo is a great app for the 5G Android phones, which is pretty easy to install and use. When you install this app, an icon will appear on the top of the screen. Click on the app and turn on the flash-light. It will let you take clear pictures in the darkness.

Night Vision Cam

This app is equipped with all the great features and can give you proper results, you would expect from an expensive night vision camera. It gives you four colour modes. These modes are green, blue, red and full colour.

Which Phones can Give you Night Vision?

Any good latest best camera phone now a days comes equipped with a night mode in it, which lets you take pictures in the night with great precision. And what better than an OPPO phone. There are plenty of OPPO phones with night vision camera which can do wonders. Let us take a look at some of these smartphones.

OPPO Reno 5G

Reno 5G is probably the best OPPO phone you can find on the face of this planet. It is equipped with a rear 48 MP camera, which helps you to take stunning pictures and shoot 4K videos with ease. There is also a 16MP front camera which makes your already beautiful selfies more beautiful. With Ultra Night Mode 2.0, you can capture the night life the right way.


This best camera phone has a powerful 13MP rear camera, which takes surprisingly clear and detailed pictures. The AI beautification manages the light and tone of the image, without compromising on the quality for even once. A53 also supports night mode so you can take your photography to the next level.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it. We hope that this article was helpful for you guys. If you just want to buy OPPO phones with night vision camera, then make sure to visit OPPO store, and choose from a huge collection of OPPO A series and Reno series phones.