What is 5G? And What Consumers Expect from 5G Entertainment? 

5G is the new technology in phones that has become a hot topicThe smartphone industry has embraced it warmly and 5G phones are already hitting the market. The anticipation is that 5G technology is going to revolutionise mobile technology. However, only a few consumers are aware of the true benefits of 5G. 

What is 5G technology? 

This is the fifth-generation mobile network that is set to take over 4G LTE. The new 5G technology promises higher multi-Gbps data speed with consistency. With ultra-low latency, 5G can connect a vast network of users with increased availability. So, consumers can enjoy fast data transfer with a more uniform speed. 

How Fast is 5G? 

5G is blazing-fast, almost 100 times quicker than 4G in theory. It is capable of delivering download speed of up to 10 GbpsHere is a speed comparison between 4G at 100 Mbps and 5G at 3 Gbps. 

Download Comparison of 5G with 4G 

Download Activity 

5G Download Time (at 3 Gbps) 

4G Download Time (at 100Mbps) 

5-mins. YouTube video (30MB/480p) 

80 sec. 

40 min. 

100 MB app 

<1 sec. 

8 sec. 

3.5 MB song 

<1 sec. 

<1 sec. 

50GB game 

2 min. 13 sec. 

1 hr. 6 min. 

100GB 4K movie 

4 min. 26 sec. 

2 hr. 13 

3GB HD movie 

8 sec. 

4 min 

Types of 5G Technology 

The speed of 5G may vary depending on your 5G connection. There are three different types of 5G that you must know about. 

Low-Band 5G 

The low-band 5G consists of long waves that have high obstacle penetration. It offers broad availability of the network in an area but with relatively lower speed. Still, you will experience a 6x faster connection speed than 4G LTE. 

Mid-Band 5G 

The mid-band 5G does not offer the highest speed but delivers a significantly increased speed. It consists of mid-range waves that can reach several miles. This can provide up to 2 Gbps download speed which is 10x faster than 4G LTE. 

High-Band 5G 

The high-band 5G has very low latency and obstacle penetration with less signal reach. It consists of a millimetre wave with a 20 to 100 GHz frequency range. This 5G type can offer up to 3 Gbps download speed but covers less than 1500ft signal distance. 

Comparison of Different 5G Technology Types 

5G Type 

Obstacle Penetration 

Current Download Speeds 

Signal Distance 

Frequency Range 

Low-band 5G 


Up to 225 Mbps 

100+ miles 

Under 5 GHZ 

Mid-band 5G 


Up to 2 Gbps 

Several miles 

2-10 GHz 

High-band 5G (mmWave) 


Up to 3 Gbps 

<1,500 ft. 

20-100 GHz 


What consumers can expect from 5G? 

Though 5G is the new technology in phone, its impacts are vital. There are many benefits of 5G technology, but the mobile industry is emphasising five key points. These include efficient energy usage, low latency communication, ultra-reliable availability, machine-type communications, and blazing-fast broadband speed. The main areas where 5G technology is going to play a crucial role are Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the IoT. 

Best Uses of 5G Technology 

The latest 5G technology is the main reason behind the creation of 5G phones. This new technology in phone industry is going to affect the three major connected services. 

Faster Broadband 

With 5G technology, we are going to witness much faster broadband speeds. This is no less than a transformation that is going to revolutionise mobile technology. High data speeds, lower latency, and reliable performance will ensure both Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). 


The most valuable impact of 5G technology will be on mobile communication. Speedy 5G phones are a reality now which means you can stay connected with the digital world. You can attend a meeting while commuting and professionals can communicate across the globe in real-time. 

Massive IoT 

Massive IoT and 5G technology are interlinked with each other. The new technology in phones offers incredibly lean connectivity solutions and can operate at mmWave from 24GHz to 100GHz. This will enable the massive IoT to work with a lower frequency spectrum at high speed. 

Influence of 5G on Everyday Life 

The influence of this new technology in phones on day-to-day life cannot be overlooked. Higher bandwidth and Gbps mean wider coverage and super-speedy data transfer. 

5G phones will enable the consumers to stream without distortions. The 5G technology will offer instant access to cloud services and enable the user to shop through augmented reality. Online collaboration, real-time video translation multiplayer cloud gaming will also see a boost.