What is Wi-Fi Calling and How Does It Work?

Smartphones now days are always connected to the internet in one way or the other. The best thing about internet is that you can get everything done no matter where you are. Wi-Fi or wireless internet has definitely made your everyday web surfing much easier. Wi-Fi calling is something which is pretty popular these days and for all the right reasons.

If you don’t know what Wi-fi calling is or how does it work, then you must be living under a rock all these years. We are going to be talking about everything there is to know about Wi-Fi calling. So let us not waste anymore time and get right to it.

What is Wi-Fi calling?

Making and receiving calls is the primary function of smartphones. Calling someone requires a network or cellular data. But as the technology has advanced in major ways, now you can even make calls without a network or cellular coverage, and that’s where Wi-Fi calling comes to play.

Wi-Fi calling is the process of making calls without the use of cellular data and via wireless internet. You can make audio and video calls with your smartphones by using the internet. It gives you freedom to make calls even if you are not getting any cellular signals. You can also use computers and other computing devices as well for this purpose. It lets you make free calls without paying for the network service or any other charges other than the internet charges. The great thing about this is that you can make calls within your country as well as making international calls to most countries.

How does it work?

Wi-Fi calling is pretty much similar to voice over IP (VoIP) applications like WhatsApp, Skype and others. Cellular data packets as Wi-Fi VoIP are transmitted by the help of Wi-Fi internet connection across the

internet. The data is passed to the cellular networks from internet and then back to the answering party. To make Wi-Fi calling both parties should support internet or Wi-Fi calling in addition to being connected to a wireless internet connection. The call is made and received the same way as you make a regular call. Your phone will show you the notification of call or message which you are receiving. These Wi-Fi calls are much more earphones friendly than a regular call as you can get better audio quality.

You need to go to the settings and set the calling preference to Wi-Fi rather than cellular network or data package. This will automatically use the Wi-Fi whenever you decide to make a call. You need to make sure that your phone supports Wi-Fi calling. If it does not support Wi-Fi calling, then you will have to get another smartphone because you won’t be able to make Wi-Fi calls on that phone.

Advantages of Wi-Fi calling

There are a number of advantages of making Wi-Fi calls or text messages. A few of them are mentioned below.

· It is absolutely free, and you will not need to pay any charges to make or receive calls and text messages.

· You can stay connected to your friends or loved ones even if you are not getting any cellular signals. It can help you out if you are in such areas where it is difficult to get cellular network.

· You will not have to do the setup again and again. Once you have made the required adjustments, it will automatically use Wi-Fi for calling or texting.

How to enable Wi-Fi calling

If you want to enable Wi-Fi calling on your smartphones, then you can follow the instructions written below.

For Android

· Go to the device settings or just pull down the dropdown menu and search for Wi-Fi calling.

· Go to the Wi-Fi settings on your phone and then choose the Advance settings option.

· Then you will be needing to tap on Wi-Fi calling and then turn it on to enable it.

For Apple

· If you are using an Apple device, then go to Settings.

· Once you are in the settings, choose Phone and then tap on Wi-Fi calling.

· Slide it to turn on the Wi-Fi calling.

Is Wi-Fi calling safe?

Security is always the main concern of most people whenever it comes to staying connected to the internet. Making calls on Wi-Fi is absolutely safe because your voice data is encrypted by the mobile carrier which you are using. But as you would be transmitting signals to the unsecured Wi-Fi, it can be a bit risky for some people. Generally, it is safe to make calls using Wi-Fi.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. We tried to explain everything there is to know about Wi-Fi calling. It is a really convenient and also economical way to make and receive calls without even using your cellular network.

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