Android 12's Best Features

The much-awaited Android 12 latest version has come with a variety of features and functionalities unlike the previous versions. Gladly, one can say that waiting for the latest android 12 operating system was worth the wait. From wallpaper theming to notification changes and slightest convenience added into the functionalities, there is a lot that changed in the 12.

The beta version of Android 12 that has already been added into the Pixel smartphones is also now coming to the One plus, Samsung and OPPO phones. For those who feel like they have been waiting since forever can take a sigh as it is now being made common. When it comes to the intensity of tweaks and changes that you will come across in the Android 12, there is a plenty of variety.

We have accumulated the finest features that are introduced or renovated in the Android 12 operating system. Most of the hard work has already been done so you won’t have to indulge into any extra research time. Let’s just dive in right away!

Android 12's Best Features


Quick Tap

Finally, the Quick tap feature is here after a long wait of years. Frankl, many people even started wondering when will the feature will be announced and added into the latest android operating system. This feature is a great approach for enabling any of the phone’s functionalities in just an instance. Even though, Apple has already introduced this feature almost a year ago, this one is still worth what it has brought. You can turn it on by double clicking the back of the phone or a point at display for letting your phone performing certain activities. This may include taking screenshots, turning on the flashlight, opening multiple apps or any such digital performatives.

One-handed mode

Another anticipated feature that users have been expecting now since a longer period is the one-handed mode. This mode allows users to utilize gesture navigation and let your phone perform every task that you desire. Its great to have this feature introduced in large screen phone despite the iOS. You can use it while working out, performing gymnastics or when you are involved in physical activities.

Gaming Dashboard

It’s a great news for gaming enthusiasts. If you love playing games on your phone, the new game dashboard is going to be your favourite feature introduced in the Android 12 phones. This mode has a dedicated pop-up menu that automatically put the phone into a Do not Disturb mode. When you enable it, gamers can enjoy gaming without any distractions including upcoming or incoming calls and texts. More such stuff with a lot of changes and tweaks have been added into the game dashboard bar, such as setting frame rate changes and gaming settings.

Verified App Links

Did you ever get tired of an option that always indicates whether to open a certain link through app or URL Windows? Well, with the Android 12 operating system, this irritation is quickly solved without much of a drama. The verified links feature enables the mobile to open the link directly into the app without the permission or popping up menu. But the best thing about it is that you can enable this even with the selective allowance by going to the settings and enabling specific apps. The verified link will open into the application form besides the URL, and this is a great shortcut of surfing for longer hours.

Direct Image/Link Sharing Through Recent Menu

Now you will be able to instantly share the recently used images, links or any app data into another one. The Android 12 OS has an option where you can open the recent image or link and drag it into another section. As soon as you open the recently used apps or links, you will be given an icon of ‘link’ or an ‘image’ icon. By clicking and holding it to the point of dragging, you can drag it to another section where you can use it like a copy/paste thing. This enables the phone to immediately share any link or image just like you copy and pasted it in a second.

Screenshots Scrolling

Taking screenshots is one of the most common activities that one might perform on their phone. Most of the users will already be happy that this feature is finally added into the android latest operating system. To use this feature, all you will need to do it take the screenshot and then from the window that appears and expands, click on the ‘Capture More’. This will enable the screenshot to scroll down and get used on another platform just like that.

Auto-Rotate with Face Control

Are you a video junkie or movie lover who always watches in a landscape mode? This feature is a quick boost to the auto-rotate feature that does not require you to manually enable it from the settings. Your mobile just easily turns into the position your face is. It uses the selfie camera with the accelerometer that lets it monitor which position or stance you are in. So, if you are using your mobile in portrait mode it will transfer into that and vice versa for the landscape position.

Minimum brightness

Usually in the darker lighting conditions such as nighttime or a place with no lights, one might want to use their mobile phone with minimum display brightness. So mostly one has to use the extra dim brightness and manually lower down by opening the cell phone. But with the newest Android 12 operating system, you can quickly use this feature with just one tap. With a single press, your mobile phone will automatically adjust to the extra dim brightness that is most likely to be used in the darkest lighting.

Wallpaper Theme System

One of the many interesting features that have been added into the latest Android 12 operating system in mobile phones is wallpaper-based themes. This enables the display to choose between the already present colours and change the wallpaper according to the colour themes. This feature came in the beta version of the Android 12 operating system and changes wallpaper based on current colour accents. Out of all the colours that are presently active in the wallpaper, it chooses the most dominant one and utilize it in the freshest one.

Privacy Indication and Security Alert

It is always good to have that extra pinch of security in your tech devices and gadgets because leaking of information or personal things can be dangerous. The new privacy indicator and dashboard introduced in the latest Android OS displays all the apps that you are using. It indicated whether if some app is currently using your camera, microphone, or location unnecessarily. It comes with QS toggles that deactivated the sensors automatically of the apps that should not be operated at the current time.

Improved Power Button

Every new android OS update comes with a little tweak in the case of power button. Well, this time it is relatively more different than its previous versions. The new power button in the Android 12 is not like the Android 11 menu button at all. Where previously the power button took to the home screen and also acted like a home screen menu, this one is quite basic. It just includes the options like Restart, Emergency and simple ‘Power off’ button. So, you will directly be shown these options instead of clicking the side buttons for performing these actions.

Nearby Share (Wi-Fi Passwords and More)

This is another favourite that we are getting in the latest Android 12 operating system. It basically adds a quick share option for sharing your Wi-Fi instead of using more settings like hotspot or any other tethering. If you would like to share your Wi-Fi, it will quickly allow you to share the password by just pressing the nearby share button present on the top notification bar or the settings.