OPPO Best Mobile Phones for Partially Sighted People

Mobile phones are not just used for calls and messages, they are so much more. With the increase in technology, there is nothing you cannot do on your phone. The latest 5G Android phones have the perfect ability to be your entertainment hub, your workstation, or your personal secretary. But phones are not only used by kids and young guys. People from all ages use a mobile phone in their daily life. It also includes many people with some sort of disabilities as well. If you have weak eyesight or nay other issue with your vision, then using a phone can be quite difficult for you. But the increase in technology also makes things easy for the partially sighted people. There are many phones in the market, which can be really helpful for people with impaired vision. A best low light camera phone can help you see in the darkness to some extent with ease.  

If you are looking to buy phones for the visually impaired people, then look no further. OPPO has a great range of cool 5G Android phones, which can provide you much needed help. Let us see what these OPPO phones can offer. 


ColorOS is the operating system which you find in the OPPO phones. It gives you smooth operations for all your tasks. In addition to this, ColorOS can offer many great features, which can help you in many ways than one, if you are a visually impaired person.  


TalkBack lets you control the phone with just a command of your voice. You can listen to what is written on the screen, without having to look at the display. By turning on the Select to Speak function, you can get the feedback by just touching on the text. If the reading speed is too fast for you, then no problem you can adjust the speed as you please.  

Gestures & Motion 

As the name suggests, this feature can help you perform certain important tasks, with just your gestures and moving the phone. You can answer the phone or hang up the phone and perform other daily tasks, with just a gesture. It can help you receive a call with just moving the phone near your ear.  

Color Accessibility Mode 

This mode is pretty useful and helpful as well. You can set the colour saturation and sharpness according to your own convenience. You can even adjust the font and the text colour or even improve the contrast ratio. It lets you go through your phone without putting too much stress on your eyes.  

Phones For Partially Sighted People 

There are countless OPPO phones with night vision camera, which can give you the best mobile phone experience, even with the vision impairment you suffer. You can perform all your tasks in a carefree manner. Let us look at some of these great OPPO phones.  

OPPO Find X2 

First up on the list is Find X2 which belongs to the mighty Find series of OPPO phones. It is equipped with a 6.7 inches display, which can give you the resolution of 3168x1440 pixels. It has a refresh rate of 120Hz, which lets you enjoy smooth as silk visuals no matter what you are doing. With the colour depth of 1.07 billion colours along with a 100% colour gamut, you can experience all the colours bright and sharp. AI Adaptive Eye Protection System makes sure the visuals you are getting are smooth and easy on your eyes. It automatically sets the brightness and colour saturation according to your surroundings. With the low blue light feature you can enjoy the viewing pleasures, without too much stress on your eyesight.  

Let us talk a little about the key specs of this phone. It has a Snapdragon 865 chipset along with a memory of 12GB RAM and a storage space of 256GB. It runs on ColorOS 7.1 which is based on Android 10. This operating system makes sure you get the easiest and safest processing for all your tasks.  

There is a 48MP triple rear camera and a 32MP front camera for your beautiful selfies. It gives you great shooting modes to take your photography skills to the next level. It is equipped with Ultra night Mode, which can let you capture clear pictures in the darkness of night. Plus, the Ultra Steady Mode makes sue you can make steady videos, even while you are moving or standing on a shaky surface.  

Reno4 5G 

Next up is a beast of a phone from OPPO reno series which is known as Reno 4 5G. It has so many cool features, which can prove to be really helpful for you if you have some sort of issues with your vision. It gives you voice command, gestures& motions, and colour accessibility features. The Snapdragon 765G chipset works really well, along with 8GB RAM and a 128GB storage space.  

With 6.4 inches display you get the screen to body ratio of 90.7%, to enjoy the viewing pleasure to the fullest. The colours are sharp and vivid but soothing on the eyes at the same time, so you never get too much stress on your eyes. You can even adjust the brightness and contrast to set the display, which is comfortable for you.  

There is a 48MP ultra-wide camera and a 32MP front camera. The night mode of this phone can really do wonders for you. It can take flawless pictures in the darkness of the night or in low light settings. If you are a bit partially sighted, then you can get the most out of this night mode.  

Bottom Line 

Well, these were two of the best OPPO phones, which can help you get the best mobile phone experience, if you are partially sighted or have any kind of problems with your eyesight. Both these phones can give you what you need and that too under your budget. With the great features of ColorOS in OPPO phones, you don’t need to worry about your disabilities, because you will get all the best features, which can help in performing all your tasks with great ease and precision. So, make sure to visit OPPO store and choose from a huge collection of OPPO phones.