OPPO X Wimbledon

OPPO is a market-leading smartphone brand with the most versatile specs and premium features in its range. Its collaboration with Wimbledon is exciting as ever, along with the brand-new smartphones launched in its Find X series. The upcoming Wimbledon finale match is supposed to take place on 27th June 2022. According to the authentic sources, the Championship will go through until 10th July 2022.  OPPO is contributing to the event through its partnership i.e., OPPO X Wimbledon. OPPO is the first-ever Asian partner and first official mobile partner of Wimbledon Championship. 

Since 2019, OPPO has been partnering up with Wimbledon AELTC and is now sponsoring its upcoming sports event. The good news of the time is that viewers can win free tickets to the finale matches just by participating in the OPPO 4-step contest. OPPO is providing a pair of free tickets and Find X5 Pro to its users. There are other prizes added for the lucky winners who will participate in OPPO’s summer activity. 

OPPO will cover the entire event with its classic high-quality cameras. The latest OPPO mobile phones from the Find X series, A series and Reno series are all set to capture the beauty of Wimbledon. The aim is to also enhance the exposure of both brands including Wimbledon and OPPO in regions across the Globe. OPPO Find X5 Pro, being the latest flagship smartphone will play a significant role in capturing every little detail. Of course, the quality has to be exceptional with the advanced laser imaging technology and MariSilicon Chip included in X5 Pro. The Find X5 Pro also uses Ultra-Night 4k video mode and SuperVOOC Flash charging for excellent usability. 

With OPPO welcoming users to celebrate Summer, it has announced 4 key steps for the participants to win free gifts. There is a first prize, a second price and the remaining six prizes will be given to the runner ups. The first prize will include exclusive tickets to the Wimbledon Finals along with the OPPO Find X5 Pro, 1-night hotel stay and a merch pack. The merch pack consists of premium goods including a hat, towel, bag, bottle, and a travel mug. 

The second prize will have the ground tickets for the 8th of July event along with the merch pack. The runner-up winners will be able to get the exclusive OPPO X Wimbledon merch packs with all the goodies.  

To participate, users will need to majorly follow these 4 steps: 

Step 1: First, the participants will need to follow OPPO’s official Facebook group with the name ‘OPPO Connect’. 

Step 2: The second step will need the participants to subscribe OPPO newsletter from its store. 

Step 3: Third is to follow the official Instagram account of OPPO 

Step 4: Use hashtag “#OPPOSummer” with the best captured summer photo. Participants would have to share the photo at OPPO Connect group on Facebook and OPPO Instagram. 

Bottom Line 

This is all you can do to participate in OPPO’s recent activity for winning the Wimbledon tournament tickets and much more. Nonetheless, the thrilling experience is brought together by the two brands to facilitate users to the max. If you love sports or are a fan of OPPO, this isn’t a chance to miss.