Is OPPO A53 good for Gaming?

As the technology is enhancing every day, the mobile devices are becoming more and more futuristic and powerful. A good smartphone now a days has all the power, to let you perform any of your tasks with ease. Gaming is one such task, which many people are now doing on their mobile phones. Now which phones are great for you to game on? We are here to tell you this and what better than a good OPPO phone. We are going to review OPPO A53 for you guys, and we’ll try to find out is it good for your gaming lifestyle.

But before we see what this best gaming mobile is all about, let us find out what makes a mobile phone good for gaming.  

What makes a Phone Good for Gaming? 

There are plenty of factors, which can affect the overall performance of your phone, and ultimately giving you the best gaming experience, you could ever ask for. The first and most important thing is the processor and GPU of your phone. It makes sure the processing of your tasks is done in a fast-paced manner, so you can enjoy the games without any kind of lag or interruption. The memory and storage space also matter a lot in your gaming sessions. The size and type of display, which you are getting also has affects on your gaming experience. Now a days even a best smartphone for simple use can provide you great display. The refresh rate and touch sampling rate of your display should be quite high as well. There are some other factors which can affect your gameplay, which include a good battery life and an adequate cooling system. 

OPPO A53 Specs

This majestic mobile phone is powered by Snapdragon 460 and a 1.8GHz processor. It has a GPU of Adreno 610. You get the memory of 4GB RAM and a 64GB storage space. These powerful specs alone are enough, to provide you the best and lightning-fast experience for all your tasks, whether gaming or any thing else. These powerful specs let you enjoy all your gaming sessions, in a carefree manner and without a single lag. The gameplay experience on this phone is just remarkable. You can play PUB-G and Call of Duty on this phone easily with smooth as silk graphics. Even the most-high graphics open world games can be played on this phone, with great precision. The graphics are always realistic and the games never slow down or get crashed.


OPPO A53 is equipped with a 6.5 inches display, which gives you the resolution of 1600x720 pixels. This display just mesmerising when it comes to gaming. The screen ratio of 89.2% lets you concentrate on your game rather than the body. It has a refresh rate of 90Hz and sampling rate of 120Hz. This gives you smooth gaming sessions every single time, without even a single lag or motion blur. The colours are sharp and vivid, whereas the overall picture quality is just great. This LCD display seems great for all your viewing pleasures, whether gaming or streaming your favourite HD videos. Every single detail on the screen is easily visible. Exploring new areas in the open world games seem like a treat on this display.


One of the most important factors which affect your gaming sessions, is the battery time. Nothing is more frustrating than your battery running out, while you are in the middle of an intense battle in your game. Longer the battery is the longer your gaming fun will sustain. OPPO A53 is equipped with a 5000mAh battery, which lasts you the whole day and never dies on you, especially while you are in the middle of a hardcore gaming session. It charges quickly as well and never leaves you hanging for long. With the long battery life your gaming sessions will go uninterrupted.


Well, this phone has Wi-Fi 5 which lets you connect with the internet in a jiffy, and it keeps you connected even while the signals are weak or spotty. You can easily enjoy your online gaming sessions, without any type of interruption of lags due to the internet. In addition to this, with the Bluetooth connectivity you can easily attach the Bluetooth compatible devices. Connect the wireless headsets with the Bluetooth and enjoy your gaming sessions, the right way and free from the tangling of wires.


A good audio always creates the perfect aura, which you need to indulge more in your gameplay. This OPPO phone is equipped with the best speakers you could ever ask for. The dual stereo speakers give you immersive and 3D audio, for all your gaming and steaming needs. The audio in your games will feel to move up and around you. The audio while listening to your favourite songs will leave you amazed and mesmerised. The perfect balance of bass and treble gives you bombastic sound you deserve.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) 

There are some frequently asked questions which people are constantly asking. Let us try to answer these questions so you can get the answer to your queries. 

Is 90hz good for gaming? 

Refresh rate is the most important thing which can affect the in-game graphics you see. The higher refresh rate is the smoother your gameplay will be. Most of the devices now a days even give you the refresh rate of up to 240Hz or 120Hz. But it does not mean that you cannot enjoy your gaming, without the display which gives you such high refresh rate. Having said that, the difference a 90Hz or 120Hz display makes on your gameplay is pretty great. A 90Hz refresh rate is a pretty decent refresh rate, which can help you enjoy all your mobile gaming the right way. Playing your high end competitive shooting games can feel like a cool breeze on a hot summer day. So, it is safe to say that a 90Hz display is definitely good for gaming.  

Is 4gb ram good for gaming? 

Well, it depends on what type of game you are playing. If you are playing an ultra HD game which requires high settings and specs, then you might need higher memory. But a 4GB RAM is pretty decent to have in a gaming phone. It can give you enough power to boost your gaming experience and let you enjoy the silky smooth gameplay. Some of the high-end games like PUBG and Call of Duty can run perfectly on a phone which has 4G RAM. 

Which is the best mobile phone for gaming under 200? 

If you guys want to get the power of gaming on the palm of your hands, without spending too much money, then there are many of budget smartphones out there, which can give you everything you need. Following is a list of few of the best mobile phones for gaming under £200.  

Game On!!

This was the review of one of the best OPPO mobiles present on the face of this planet. Is it good for gaming? Well, the simple answer will be yes. A53 is quite a decent phone with the powerful specs and features, which allow you to game on it in a carefree manner. The octa-core processor and wide Ram, along with huge storage space provide lightning-fast interface for gaming. Plus, the display is just breath-taking. So, if you guys are thinking about buying this phone then think no more. Go to and buy OPPO A53, or choose from a wide range of cool OPPO phones.