latest OPPO watch free

OPPO watch free is an entry-level affordable smartwatch. This smartwatch leans towards fitness and health tracking. It comes with the SPO2 and snores tracking feature. It doesn’t have GPS or NFC functionality. It also doesn’t support third-party apps. These missing features, on the other hand, are likely to contribute to its impressive battery life of up to 2 weeks, based on your usage. 

It comes in black and vanilla color. The AMOLED screen is rectangular. It gives the vibes of a typical fitness tracker.  The display is responsive, bright, and sharp. The watch feels light and comfortable. It only weighs 33g, you can wear it while sleeping. Therefore, it has “Free” in the title. The lightweight design gives the wrist a "free" feeling and can realize the OSleep full-scene sleep monitoring function. It is used to protect the user's healthy sleep: health functions and professional sports, as well as a diverse interconnection and intelligent experience. 


OPPO Watch Free maintains the OPPO family's stylish appearance. The dial features a 1.64-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 280456 and a 2.5D curved glass front. The screen's edge is slightly curved, and the dial's rim is also avoided. Come to cut the hand's feel. 

The benefit of using an AMOLED screen is that the color display effect is good, it saves more power in everyday life, and the operation is also very smooth. The dial on the OPPO Watch Free can be changed using the mobile App. You can choose from a variety of styles, whether they are pleasant, calm, or fashionable. The magnetic charging ports are placed above the chassis. There are multiple sensors in the middle, and they monitor the data related to the user’s health in real-time. There is a single microphone on the left side of the dial. The watch itself has no physical buttons. 

Sleep experience: 

The “sleep full-scene sleep monitoring” function that this watch is equipped with covers the whole scene before going to bed, during sleep, and after sleep. Let’s look at the performance of this watch. 

The function “sleep full-scene sleep monitoring” monitors all the activities before you go to the bed. Even during sleep and after sleep, your activities are being monitored continuously.  

You need to enable the screen reminder function. Set the rest and work time on the app “Huantai Health”. Then, before bedtime users will receive gentle reminders like stay up less etc.  To sleep better, the phone should be connected in parallel. This will help as the user will get into the gray-tone mode of sleep. 

When the watch sensors detect that you are falling asleep, it will automatically turn off the music so that users can have a good night's sleep.  As long as the rest and work times are set on the mobile phone App, users can check their sleep level directly on the watch after they wake up. For each stage of sleep, the various aspects of light sleep, deep sleep, rapid eye movement, sleep disruption, and so on are provided—more intuitive data. 

OPPO Watch Free can assess sleep breathing and provide a sleep report after waking up by combining heart rate, blood oxygen, and snoring sound. Users can also use this to solve problems. It is possible to wear a small sleep monitor on one's wrist. However, if the data is not encouraging, it is advised to go to the hospital immediately. 

Blood oxygen monitoring: 

OPPO Watch Free also helps and supports blood oxygen monitoring.  Blood oxygen saturation is one of them, and it has an impact on the oxygen supply status of different organs. Headache, Dizziness, inattention, and memory loss may occur if the content is too low. 

Snoring monitoring: 

Snoring is a serious issue that must be addressed. Many people believe that snoring is a sign of good sleep. Long-term snorers may have sleep apnea syndrome; however, the severity of the problem has not been sufficiently addressed. In severe cases, it may also result in respiratory arrest and other complications. For example, if your snoring frequency is excessive and your blood oxygen level is low, you should stay up all night, sipping less, and exercise more. 

Sedentary reminder: 

This allows users to focus on physical health issues caused by inactive sitting and provides a five-minute physically inactive relaxation video tutorial; a drinking water reminder reminds users to drink water on time. Drink water to rehydrate your body. 

Workout modes:

Oppo Watch Free also has a sporting soul, and in this regard, Oppo outperforms many competitors: there are over 100 pre-installed workouts to choose from, ranging from daily activities (sport walking, and leisure activities) to real sports, not to mention various types of Pilates and yoga. 

Final verdict 

For snoring monitoring, sleep monitoring and blood oxygen monitoring, etc., it is the lightest watch available. It will look good on your wrist, and you can also choose between black and vanilla colour. The weight is less, the screen is big. In short, it has the best of both worlds. For a smartwatch, you possibly can’t ask for more. If you have made up your mind to buy this watch, visit the OPPO store online and buy OPPO watch free