OPPO Band 2

OPPO holds a prominent place in the queue of world’s most promising technology brands. Being a consumer-focused company, OPPO holds a rich portfolio of high-end technology gadgets. In alignment with its core motive “Inspiration Ahead,” OPPO has recently launched its OPPO Band 2. Equipped with a slew of flagship features, this all-in-on band does not massively impact your budget.

Key Features:

  • 14-Day Battery Life
  • 57-inch AMOLED Display
  • All-Scenario Heart Health Care
  • Expert Running Guidance
  • Professional Tennis Mode

OPPO Band 2 - An Affordable Yet Features-Packed Health and Fitness Band

It is exceedingly rare that you come across a budget-friendly band, well-designed to do everything a costly flagship band can do. The good news is that OPPO Band 2 is one of those perfect bands which gives you robust productivity without shaking much your budget range. Let’s review some of the best features of this top-of-the-line band by OPPO.

Design and Sensors

First things first, OPPO Band 2 features a high-in-class 1.57” AMOLED display which delivers excellent viewing experience with its 302ppi pixel density. The on-cell capacitive screen of the band exhibits a maximum brightness of 500 nits. This band's capability comes in handy when you want to use the device in broad daylight.

The main dial of the band looks quite stylish in its Midnight Black colour. Speaking of the straps, the Silicon straps of the bands carry a gentle finish to support your wrist. Moreover, you can also change the straps with the straps of a colour, matching your taste.

One of the enticing features of the band is its AI Outfit Watch Face 2.0. It utilises advanced AI algorithm to create a watch face based on the design pattern and colour of your outfit. Moreover, you can also choose from over 150 watch faces which have been designed for the new large screen.

Coming to the sensors, the vitals sensors are at the back of the band. It includes heart rate and blood oxygen levels sensors which detect and regulate your running routine and fitness regime. You can also find positive and negative charging pin terminals at the backside of the dial.

Exercise Tracking and Health Monitoring

OPPO Band 2 supports over 100 workout modes and is packed with the auto-detection of the 4 workout modes. These include walking, running, rowing machine, and elliptical machine. Moreover, the band can be tailored for monitoring cycling, swimming, bodybuilding, dancing, yoga, and various other exercises. .

In addition to that, you can also make use of the brand’s professional fitness mode. OPPO has designed this mode to provide you with the data of your every stroke. It is aligned to recognise your every stroke such as forehand slice, or a backhand topspin. Furthermore, it can also record various other data including your swing speed to let you better understand your tennis skills.

The band comes with the top-notch feature of around-the-clock heart rate monitoring. Your OPPO Band 2 can alert you whenever it detects your heart rate to be abnormal. On the other hand, heart rate monitoring remains undergoing even when you are running to notify you in terms of high heart rates. The economical band also detects your heart rate recovery after running, providing you with all-day protection of your health.

OPPO Band takes advantage of its OSleep feature to do high-quality sleep monitoring throughout all sorts of sleeping scenarios. Before bedtime, the band sends you a reminder of your scheduled bedtime. Meanwhile, it activates the sleep mode to get you ready for sleep. During sleep, the band analyses your sleep cycle. And after waking up, you can check your sleep quality report.

Battery Life

One of the main problems with most of the affordable brands is their shorter battery life. However, you do not face this irritating issue in OPPO Band 2. As it comes loaded with a powerful battery backup which gives you up to 14 days of usage on full recharge. While you can enjoy the benefit of band’s support for fast charging for using it for a whole full day with just 5-minutes of charge.

The Bottom Line

Having discussed all the key functionalities of the band, you can conclude that there are many convincing reasons which make the purchase of OPPO Band 2 worth every penny. It is very affordable, well-designed, and features-packed and carries every vital function of any good flagship band. If you are in the UK, you can buy it from OPPO Official UK Store at a price of just £59.99.