OPPO Pad Air - A worthy budget table

Tablets come in handy when one wants to enjoy a truly portable computing experience. Their touchscreens really attract tactile learners. In the present era, we have access to various sorts of tablets from varied brands.  

Being a world leader in technology, OPPO carries a versatile portfolio of top-quality gadgets. The company recently launched its Pad Air - A best budget Android tablet which comes packed with several flagship features.  

Let’s review this top-of-the-line tab in detail to explore its certain tempting features.  


Despite being an affordable Android tablet, OPPO Pad Air features an intuitive high-end design. It presents a body with industry first Sunset Dune 3D Texture. Inspired by the alluring beauty of dunes at sunset, the surface of the OPPO Pad Air tablet has been designed utilising OPPO Glow finishing technique. 

OPPO tablet is a joy to hold with its smooth, curved design, and ultra-slim body, weighing only 440g. While its seamlessly compact nature with a thickness of 6,94 mm provides an exquisite view. To let you relish a truly memorable user experience, every detail on the device has been expertly crafted.  


The cheap Android tablet - Pad Air, carries forward an immersive 60Hz display to deliver you a hypnotic viewing experience. The 10.36-inches large screen of the device presents a resolution of 2000 x 1200 to let you see every minute detail even of the fast-paced videos.  

The 2K Eye-Care Display of OPPO Pad Air relieves stress on the eyes, making it one of best tablets for kids. In addition to that, the support of the screen to 2048 levels of adaptive brightness enables you to see visuals even in the day.  

Camera Quality

OPPO is famous for presenting devices with exceptional camera quality and the same is the case with OPPO Pad Air tablet. To deliver you selfies with sharp details, OPPO’s budgeted tablet carries a 5MP camera on the front side. 

While the back camera of the device delivers quite smooth portraits with its 8MP sensor. Both front and rear side cameras of the Android device are well-tailored to record videos at high resolutions including 720p and 1080p. Additionally, you can also make use of the Pad Air’s excellent camera features including panorama, time-lapse, and text scanner mode. 

Immersive Sound 

If you are a music enthusiast, getting OPPO tablet is going to be one of your best investments ever. The tab features market-best Dolby Atmos Symmetrical Quad Speakers to deliver you out-of-this-world sound output.  

You can find four state-of-the-art speakers on the tablet, two on each side. To deliver you a wholesome and expansive surround sound, the 1W full range speakers carry 0.8 cc sound chambers. Hence, you can see your favourite movies on the device without any hassle.  

Operating System and Productivity Features

OPPO Pad Air runs on Android 12 based ColorOS 12.1 which is a fast and responsive operating system with as little clutter as possible. While OPPO Air tablet makes use of its split screen functionality to help you in multitasking. On the other hand, the split screen feature of the tab can run two apps simultaneously by just swiping down on the screen with two fingers. 

Along with that, another handy feature of the tab is dual windows which can run two instances of an app on the same screen, ensuring convenient working. Wait, the rich features of the tab do not end here. The OPPO tab comes with a multi-screen connect option. It not only casts the phone screen to the tablet but also allows you to take advantage of reverse control and text input for coherent multitasking.  

Memory and Hardware Performance

OPPO Pad Air puts forward a vast memory combination for occupying all your favourite applications, games, and all other multimedia data. The 4GB RAM of this economical gadget comes with OPPO’s innovative RAM expansion technology. Thus, it can borrow up to 3GB of RAM from the free space of 64GB ROM whenever it feels the need for it.  

Coming to the performance, Pad Air comes equipped with a high-end and power-efficient Snapdragon 6nm processor. This octa-core processor utilise it multiple cores to carry out advanced tasks while saving you power. Furthermore, you will not have to wait for apps to load as the steadfast processor of the tab takes care of it and ensures fast loading times, even for heavy-duty applications.  

Battery Life

In the past few years, OPPO has invested a lot in its R&D facilities to produce futuristic technologies, especially in terms of charging, camera, and productivity features. You can see one of the fruitful products out of those experiments in terms of the 18W fast-charge supported 7100mAh battery of this high-class yet budget-friendly tablet.  

The influential battery backup of the OPPO Pad Air permit you to enjoy up to 15 hours of continuous video calls. In another case, you can relish watching movies for up to 18 hours without worrying about the battery draining too fast. 

The Bottom Line

OPPO Pad Air is one of the best-budget Android tablets in the market and presents various competitive features and flagship specs. With its speedy chipset, smart multi-tasking features, and long-lasting battery backup, it is all ready to be a real asset for multitaskers. The icing on the cake is its high-resolution eye care display, making it the best tablet for kids.