The Best Mobile Apps for Exploring New Places

Many people prefer travelling with the local guides or through the travelling groups so they can enjoy the most. On the other hand, singular or all-by-self travelers may consider traveling as a side fun and don’t take exploring very seriously. If you know you can multiply your experience just by exploring newer placer in a particular area, you must also know the importance of travel apps.

There are applications designed for everything and every activity these days. Be it daily assessment, medical knowledge or keeping up to the latest updates, there is an app for every hobby and daily chores.  If you are travelling to abroad or a country that is totally out of your region, you must gain some knowledge about few best exploring apps.

Having the best traveling apps in your smartphones will not only make your experience wholesome but enhance the exploration. Whether it is about knowing the routes, visiting the most recommended or hidden spots, or figuring out which location to go first, these apps can be a supporting hand.

We have listed down the must-have downloaded apps that you should consider downloading before exploring. If you are a beginner who is traveling for one of your first times, or even an experienced traveler, these apps can be your traveling partner.

The Best Mobile Apps for Exploring New Places


Available on both android and iOS, Moovit is one of the famous apps that is known for its precise services. It covers 70 countries and 1200 cities that makes it widely popular and used across several places. This app basically finds its users the best routes from one place to other, but not just based on ordinary maps. It configures your schedules, preferences, arrivals, and schedules. Based on that, it recommends the best routes and vehicles as well that will help you explore major locations.

Using this application, you can also find out which vehicles such as bikes are available for the rent in the city. It also has a transit mode that lets you reach exactly where you need to with its live directions.


SideKix might be your favourite one when you try it. It is the best to walk around unpopular routes and map directions that you never know. It navigates you to the best and suggested routes for your way whenever you decide to explore an area. If you are all into the urban exploring, this app has the perfect get-away for all your wandering wishes. Tailored just according to its users’ needs and suitability, this app build routes just how one needs and also save it for sharing to friends.

Let’s suppose you want to travel from point A to B and have a directed route, you can save it like that and then share it with your relatives or friends. It also shows up multiple destinations once you mention your interests and likings.


Maps is a traditional way to follow directions and routes but with Walc, you can enjoy directions with landmarks. It is easier to go to a selected destination with a better click-through and instructions. While you will come across North-South and 1km left sound instructions through typical maps, this one tells directions based on what is in front of you. It also has categories listed that you can tap and then find the desirable sites.


Are you always up for the nearest events and what’s been happening around your city or area? The Nearify app makes sure to list down all the event occurrences happening around, with up to 20 million search specifications. Whatever interest or passion you have, you can specify in this app and then find out the event based on it. This app also puts up alert notifications, so the users never miss out any outing or happy opportunity.

Spotted by Locals

If you are scared of getting trapped in local cities and unknown areas where you haven’t explored yet, this app is best to install. Covering almost 70 cities, ‘spotted by locals’ app has customised guideline for its users to go through and follow. You will find hand-picked recommendations from the local citizens of a particular region which is amazing because you don’t have to ask about it personally. Whether you are looking for city favourites or real-good spots to visit, it provides detailed insights.


The best-rated application for transit services and knowledge has to be CityMapper. This web app offers multiple transit modes such as Subway, uber, car or bike sharing, ferry, rail and more. In addition, you can compare all the transit search options. You can also use this app for step-to-step directions and various route options depending on your desires or preferences. This app mostly covers all the major international countries and cities including US, UK and more.

 Bottom Line

We have tried covering the major applications that will help vivid tourists to a larger extent. If you haven’t tried any of the above-mentioned apps yet, now is the time to test and try each one of them. You can even try downloading these apps in your own city first and checkout for yourself whether they provide accurate results or not.

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