Top Smartphone apps for when starting University

How many times have your parents, grandparents, or teachers told you that smartphones are a huge distraction? And, if we're being honest, they're not completely wrong. However, in today's world, there is (nearly) an app for everything, making being a student in the twenty-first century easier, cheaper, and more enjoyable. Also, these 5g phones help you to save time because of their high-speed specs.  

We've got a comprehensive list of applications for your smartphones to help you navigate through your student years, whether it's finding the finest note-taking apps for students, staying focused during study sessions, or even finding discounts to help you stay under budget each month. The most popular and user-friendly apps are listed below: 

Top Smartphone apps for when starting University

Microsoft Office: 

From a technical point of view, it is not just one app. Instead of offering only one app, the whole package is suggested.  

As a student, you might use Microsoft on daily basis to complete your tasks. The frequently used apps are Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, but it gives a sense of relief that you can access OneNote, OneDrive, and outlook.  

This is no longer an issue thanks to the Office apps, and if you save your files to the cloud, you'll be able to access them 24/7. 

  • Best for: Mobility 
  • Platforms: iOS, Android 
  • Cost: FREE 

Oxford dictionary/thesaurus: 

Dictionary is a necessary app for all android phones irrespective of their brand. We have chosen the Oxford English dictionary because it is the most popular one. It is the ultimate guide on spellings, definitions, or even to check if the word exists! 

To help you expand your vocabulary, the app has introduced a new feature. It is called “Word of the day”.   

  • Best for Vocabulary check  
    Platforms: iOS, Android 
  • Cost: FREE 

Any. do: 

Ticking tasks off on a to-do list is the most satisfying thing for the students. This app can help you to break down your bigger tasks into smaller achievable milestones.  

For this purpose, you cannot find any app better than The design of app is very user-friendly and simple. There's no need to search through your apps to discover this one because it comes with a widget that lets you add your to-do list and tasks to your home screen. 

  • Best for: Making a big job feel easier 
  • Platforms: iOS, Android 
  • Cost: FREE 


Downloading Mathway should be your best option if you encounter numbers while you are studying. It is the best app for students who deal with math problems. 

You simply type in your problem, and Mathway will solve it for you. If you'd prefer to know how to acquire the answer than just what it is, Mathway may provide a detailed step-by-step method to obtaining it. 

For mathematically inclined students, this app stands out. It's like having your lecturer on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help explain anything you're having trouble with. 

  • Best for: Solves math problems for you 
  • Platforms: iOS, Android 
  • Cost: FREE 


Uber is a very useful app, and it is essential for every student.  

In the past, affording a taxi was not an easy job due to the high fairs. But thanks to Uber and its game-changing strategies, now students can afford a ride. It offers cash-free payments and hassle-free booking of the rides.  

You can also share the link of the ride with family or friends so that they can track your journey.  

  • Best for Emergency trips  
  • Platforms:  iOS, Android  
  • Cost: Fairs apply 


Nobody wants to get into trouble on night-outs, but in case you encounter such situation, you better have a plan.  

If you are walking home late at night and you feel unsafe, then use UrSafe. Your friends and family can follow you on your map. Also, if you feel threatened, send an SOS signal to emergency services or designated contacts. SOS signal can be sent by pressing a button or saying a key phrase.  

To monitor uncomfortable and unsafe situations, live audio or video can be sent to friends and family.  

  •  Best for: Safety at late hours  
  • Platforms: iOS, Android 
  • Cost: FREE 

Sleep cycle: 

The sleep cycle analyzes and tracks your sleep. It wakes you up at the perfect time so that you feel rested. It can be considered a smart alarm clock. It can also help in improving the sleep quality. 

If you wake up during deep sleep, it causes grumpiness. The app carefully tracks your movement and then decides to wake you up from slumber. To feel well-rested, sleeping for eight hours straight is a good option but the next best thing could be Sleep Cycle.  

Move your phone to snooze the alarm, it’s that easy! 

  • Best for: Helps you wake up in the light mood  
  • Platforms: iOS, Android 
  • Cost: FREE 

Big oven: 

It is the best menu app, grocery list, and recipe organizer.  

BigOven is known for recipes but it’s more popular for leftover options. Every student must have this app on their android phone. It can also suggest a variety of recipes.  

So, stop dreading leftovers. They are delicious and available now. Save your bank balance along with environment and stop wasting food.  

  • Best for: Make a grocery list, Leftover options
  • Platforms:  iOS, Android 
  • Cost: FREE 

High speed 5g smartphones for the apps to work smoothly 

The latest mobiles and their high-speed specs can help you run these apps more smoothly and efficiently. A few of the 5g smartphones are listed below: 

Bottom line: 

Make your life easy with these apps and the latest mobiles. To check out the best available options, you can visit the Oppo store.  Save your time and energy!