Must Have Apps for Walkers and Hikers

A lot of physical activities can enhance adventure to another level, but hiking has to top the favourites list. Most of the athletes, travelers, and vacay-lovers prefer going on a hike or walking the locations thoroughly. If you are one of those and wondering about the best hiking apps, we are here to help you out. 

Even if you have the best 5G phones in your pocket, there is an app requirement for walking trails and hiking mountains. Google maps is great for the basic necessities, but one needs dedicated apps for extensive exploration. These apps cannot only double your overall travel experience but enhance your trip quality. 

Who doesn’t love getting along the trails and mountains with the hiking they have always wanted? While there are many vacation and outdoor spots to wander, one of the most common issues include going in the right direction. If you are new at a place, you never really know whether you are going in the right direction. For that, most of us prefer asking the locals or the already-present people out there. What if we tell you that an app for hikers and walkers can do it much better even when you don’t have the Internet facility? 

We have listed the top-most best apps for walkers and hikers that can prove to be the ultimate support in your hour of need. Even if it is about extravagating your adventure, or enhancing your trip, these apps can do a lot of effort without interruptions.  

Route Buddy 

No matter wherever you are going, route buddy, just like its name suggest, acts like your hiking friend in need. It consists of all the route mapping including topography, aerial, road, and ordinance survey. It also has paid and unpaid versions, but you can work with unpaid one unless you need to buy OS ma. To find routes, this is one of the best apps to come across and use on average basis.  

The Hiking Project 

Choose the right trail and pick the perfect route for yourself with the free hiking app based on community sources. The Hiking Project is a wonderful app for regular to advanced trail guidelines and route mapping. 

As a hiker you might feel like getting the most authentic information and data about the location you are visiting. It may be the most mysterious place that is only known by the people who live there. Fret not because the Hiking project is dedicatedly delivered for places like those that have real reviews and updated information. In fact, you yourself can fill up any information or guide tip for the next traveler who is visiting the spot. This way millions of travelers and wanderers can be easily guided using this app’s content including images and route descriptions. 


Are you an expert or seasoned pro who always has to move around exploring newer place for hike or extensive walk activities? Well, then you must have heard about the AllTrails app. If not, we bet you are missing out a lot. This app is specifically designed for longer trails, evaluating lengthy passages, and providing easy instructions to its users. 

The AllTrails app is a must have, whether you are a beginner or a clear perfectionist. Though, its free version is more than enough for most of the users, the paid version offers wireless routes. So, you can use it offline without having to need any Wi-Fi or Internet. The app does not only focus on the map directions but examining the best route facilities for everyone. You will also be able to follow your friends trail activity or other alternative routes for hiking the best way.  


Looking for safety and the best hiking adventure ever? Cairn is an international app that covers a wide ratio of cities and countries across the Globe. This app makes sure to secure your way and help you stay safe during your escapade.  

Cairn is ideal to share your real-time progress of current route or the precise location data to your friends and family. You can depend on it for the long-due trips, and it also tells the estimated routes information on preliminary basis. It also informs the emergency contacts in case you are late on the route or not following the directions on time. Based on the customised and personalized information collected from the point-out areas, it notifies about each and everything to its users. 


Who is the peak-lover here? We have picked the best apps for you all that you might thank us for. The PeakFinder application works brilliant for most peaks in the world. From identifying the right peaks in your way to getting you every single piece of the information regarding thousands of peaks, it does a lot for its peaky experts. 

No matter if it is the Mount Everest or the smallest hill in the world or nearest corner, the PeakFinder primarily helps locating it. It uses mobile’s location and a camera that you can point at a peak to label it. The panoramic display comes with the labelling features including peak names and topics about it that you can explore additionally.  


For the ultimate outdoor navigation around hills and mountains or biggest tourist spots, the SpyGlass is the best ever app to download. The important notice here is that it is not a free application, but you only have to pay for it just once. This makes it way more functional and still able to capture a lot of information and data about any of the locales.  

With SpyGlass, your phone will be able to turn into GPS receiver, speedometer, coordinator or converter and a lot more. It uses the augmented-reality navigation with its 3D offering featuring the images or location data that you can use.  

Bottom Line 

Downloading the best apps may save you a lot of bucks and a real time effort, but one thing that you need to make sure of is the best value for money. Even though, most of the apps best for hiking and walking are free, but the paid versions are unbeatable for their services. No doubt, hiking is one of the most common doings and the best activity you can perform even when you are on a vacation. So, it is important to note the best apps that can do a lot of happenings and occurrences for you. 

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