why smartphone is important for student?

It is a well-known fact that Android smartphones have become the basic needs of our daily lives. We use 5G smartphones all day long and for different purposes. You can perform all your daily tasks on these phones and stay productive, while staying connected to your friends and family. 

But are phones really important for students too? Well, if you have the same question on your mind then you are not alone. We are going to be talking about why a smartphone is important for a student. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.  

why smartphone is important for student?


If you are a student then you might know that students have to stay connected to their classmates, friends, teachers, and parents all the time. With a smartphone, students can always stay connected and never miss out on any important thing. 5G smartphones give you the freedom to check your emails and notifications even while you are on the go. So, if you get an email from your teacher about the upcoming quiz, then you will be informed about it even while you are out or at a friend’s place. Students are really active on the social media so they can always know what is happening and a phone can help them in this, because your every social media app is available on Android smartphones.  


We all know that 5G smartphones give you the ability to have the whole world of internet on the tips of your fingers. If we talk about education, then phones can play a major role in that. There are a number of great learning apps on phones which can make the learning process more fun. With the help these apps students can get things done easily and more accurately. In addition to this, you don’t need to look for the required information in articles or books. You have all the information you need present on the internet. No matter where you are, you can just go online and browse through thousands of webpages on the internet, thanks to 5G smartphones. This is not all, you can even do your assignments on a phone with ease and while you are traveling somewhere.  

Organizer and Assistant 

The great thing about mobile phones is that they can also act as your personal assistant. You can make a plan or write notes to organize your all day’s tasks. It will definitely take the productivity of students to the next level. You can even set reminders or alerts if you have any class or assignment coming up which you cannot afford to forget. This can help you get things done and manage the time properly.  

Social Learning 

If you are a student, then you will always prefer studying with your mates over studying alone. There are some things which you can get inside your mind clearly, when you are in study sessions with your friends. Mobile phones give students freedom to stay connected with each other while they are in their own homes. With the best video conferencing apps, you can get together and learn new things while doing your school assignments. There are plenty of groups and communities on social media which you can join as per your preferences and needs.  

Audio and Visuals can Help 

There are many students who don’t do well if they are learning through something written. When something is explained to them via audio or video then it makes learning more interesting and indulging. You can find videos on any topic on YouTube or other video streaming sites. This can save time and students can educate themselves more efficiently. If you are one of those who like self-studying, then video learning is the best thing for you. You can even save videos on your favorite topics and watch them when you are offline. E books are also available online so you can just use a headphone and listen to the E book as you do something else, like cleaning your room or ironing your shirts.  

In Emergency 

While children are out in school, the parents are always pretty worried about them, till they get home. If the students have a smartphone with them, parents are less worried because then you can contact them any time you want. Similarly, if kids get into any unwanted trouble or need something, they can use their phone to call their buddies or family. Even if you are a student and you get lost somewhere, you can access the Google maps from your phone and navigate your way to home. You can also see the location of your kids with the help of your own phone and know where they are to keep them out of trouble.  


You cannot always keep studying and doing your homework. Of course, you need a break to keep yourself entertained and to refresh your mind. With the technology advancing day by day, the dynamics of entertainment have also changed. Now you can stream full movies on your phone in lunch break and get back with the help of 5G smartphones. You can also play your online competitive shooting games with your friends on your phone. Students can also scroll through social media and know what their friends are up to. 

Final Word 

Well, this was the article, and we hope it covered everything you needed to know. These were some of the reasons why a smartphone is important for the students. But having said that, if not used carefully and responsibly, these phones can also be the cause of distraction for them. Android smartphones should be used for productive purposes and not just to waste time on them. 

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