7 Best and Most useful Android Widgets

Widgets are the tiny applets which you can place on your home screen to get some quick information about anything. These are one of the most used and unique features of Android phones. This is what sets Android apart from iOS operating systems. You can set a widget for weather, clock, or even to change and control the music.  

But now days there are a number of widget apps which you can find on App store that are also free. With such abundance of widgets, you never know which one is useful and which one is not. But have no fear while we are here. We are going to be sharing with you guys our top picks for the 7 best and most useful widgets for any Android phone. So let us not waste any more time and get right to it.  

Google At a Glance 

First up on the list is Google at a Glance. This is basically a today app which means you can see everything that needs to be done in the whole day. It can help you organize your daily tasks and also acts as a reminder. You have a list of all the tasks with priority as well as traffic and your next appointment. But this is not all, if you don’t have any tasks for the day then it turns into a single strip which shows you time and date, while looking good on the home screen. It is a pretty simple yet useful widget which does not cover too much space on your phone.  

Overdrop Weather 

Who does not like to get information about weather and how it is changing? A weather widget gives you the freedom to keep yourself updated with the current weather and how it will be the next day as well. Overdrop Weather is a great weather app on Android, and it can tell you everything you need to know about the weather. It offers a number of skins and widgets so you can choose one according to your style and preference.  


The most important thing you need on your home screen is a good-looking clock. Chronus features a number of different analog and digital clocks to choose from, which can style up your home screen. It provides you a number of other information like weather and your daily tasks along with time and date. It is also compatible with Google Fit so you can see the step count on your home screen with ease.  

Google Keep 

You never know when you need to take notes on something, so it is always useful to keep a note taking widget on your home screen. There are many different note taking apps on Play Store but none of them can beat Google Keep. It lets you pin notes on the home screen, and you can also make quick notes, voice memos, and photo notes. This is a really cool thing to have especially for making grocery or shopping list.  


Month is a calendar widget which fits on your home screen perfectly and can gel in really well with the background. You can choose from a number of different colors, or you can also go for transparent. It features up to 80 themes which is pretty remarkable. You can set the daily agenda on this widget to stay productive all day long.  

Tick Tick 

Tick Tick is a checklist widget which helps you get things done while staying one step ahead. It shows you a daily task list on which you can simply tick the tasks which have been completed. If you are a busy individual, then it is really useful for you to keep it in your Android phones.  

Battery Widget Reborn 

Battery Widget Reborn shows you all the stats related to your battery and helps you prolong its life too. You see a small circle on the screen which shows you a number. That number can be the percentage of battery, or how much time it has left, and other useful things. You can also see a graph as well which will look good on the home screen.  

Bottom Line 

Well, there you have it, this was our list for the 7 best and useful widgets for your Android phones. All of these widgets can surely help to boost your performance and productivity. If you are looking to buy a new phone to store your favorite widgets, then we recommend you visit OPPO Store and choose from a wide collection of Android phones or great deals.